Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 15 – 21, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 15 – 21, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Last week marked a turning point, we had the chance to release images of the past and hatch new ideas both personally and collectively as the Aquarian New Moon eclipse conjunct Mercury and Neptune. This week we get the opportunity to get these new ideas cooking, but first have to take care of personal business and work through emotional and environmental cross currents. These new directions are shaken down over the next few weeks; which of these new ideas and directions are worth running with and which are misconceptions will become clear.

But first we have this weekend to wade through as Mercury appears to slowdown, preparing to turn direct next week after three weeks retrograde. It helps to just hold still right now, hold still and tend to what’s on our plate, take care of ourselves and finish what we’re doing as the Moon wanders through domestic, self-protective Cancer and Venus enters Aquarius. This can be a time of swirling emotions and conflicting feedback, frayed nervous systems and crazy ideas working their way to the surface. And of plans, watches or motors that suddenly stop, necessitating an unexpected time out.

Let’s make the best of it. Instead of pushing through, let’s say “no” to social expectations which can pull us away from our center, from what we know we need to do; it will be much more efficient in the long run to wait until next week to catch up and dive into the next phase.

While most of us are in a cozy mood, keep an eye out for sharp edges under pressure; because of the questionable judgment and self-protective nature, if any person or country feels attacked it’s tempting to retaliate in an unproductive way. The headline reeks of bad examples right now. If we feel insecure, its best retreat and take few days to let the dust settle, get a clearer picture and respond from our wisdom, not our prickles.

Early next week Mercury resumes forward motion, but the retrograde confusion and emotional volatility swirls for a few more days under the nearly-full Leo Moon as the Sun enters intuitive Pisces. There is zip objectivity but loads of political bravado and dramatic circumstances with some outrageous technical glitches along the way. Wait a few days to place orders or to introduce new ideas at a meeting. For these few days, it really is all about us, so let’s take turns, listen to one another and build understanding.

Midweek, the dust clears, facts are exposed and a Full Moon in Virgo lets us see all the work we have to do. Don’t be overwhelmed by it; break it down into doable chunks and take one step. It can be so much more fun being a critic, unless we turn that critical lazar beam inwards, but diagnosis is the easy part. Spare others the impatient improving ideas and just do what needs to be done. Pre-spring clean the desk, the soul, the immune system. If we feel irritated by other’s ineptness, it is time to sort our priorities and remember healing is the most efficient way to move forwards.

Friday, Feb 15 we really want to get our point across, want to do it quickly and in sound bites, but need to avoid over-simplifying, or monologue instead of dialoguing; it will just create confusion. Watch upsetting information or confrontation midday as the Moon squares Uranus. Later, our intuition and sense of connection flows as the Gemini Moon trines Neptune. Nerves and out of synch circumstances can make us edgy late tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars, think safety and know when to turn in.

Saturday, Feb 16 moody early morning gives us information about what needs must be honored as the Moon enters domestic Cancer and opposes Pluto. Words may not convey our meaning, so look for more subtle signals. We can feel like we are not enough, our home or homeland is not enough, but all respond quickly to comfort, reassurance, and the room to take care of ourselves. Keep expectations low and connect rather than accomplish; think comfort and cozy this evening.

Sunday, Feb 17 is generous, but asks us how we care for both ourselves and for the collective (family, work, country); the Moon in Caner speaks of intimacy as Venus in Aquarius asks us to reach out to our larger circle, to live up to an ideal we have about love. If we feel tugged between our needs and theirs, let’s look beyond that illusion to find what works for both.

Monday, Feb. 18, life turns up the volume under Leo Moon, but Mercury is stationary, turning direct tonight. Lamaze breathing or other patience-inducing techniques helps us not to push until the way is clear. let’s not say to much, but express our generosity through action, through listening, as so many of us need to express our feelings with vigor, even if we know were;’ not making any sense. Dramatic irrational feelings, emotional obsessions, and wild technical snafus run undercurrents over thing which should be simple and logical. The winds shift tonight as the Sun enters Pisces and Mercury turns direct.

Tuesday Feb 19, let’s lay our cars on the table, see our own misconceptions, and begin to straighten things out. Back log of issues, formerly masked problems come into the open, some act out wildly. We still read personality more than facts. Creative expression, emotional restlessness as Venus semi-squares Uranus, we have little patience for the details today, want excitement, to be part of something bigger. Plans begin to hatch. Laugh, Love express now, and work out how tomorrow.

Wednesday Feb 20, brain fog in the morning clears up soon, work around egos to activate. Refine the work and focus on how to implement this afternoon as the Moon enters Virgo, and then peaks full tonight. Scintillating diagnoses and pointed critique be witty, or can make us edgy, self critical, or rip into one another unless we can keep our hearts and sense of humor engaged. Be kind to stomach, support health; rather than focus on what’s wrong, focus on how to increase what’s right.

Thursday, Feb 21 our body resonates with our life and magnifies our experience, let’s listen carefully so it can whisper and not shout at us. Responsibilities settle in, work requires our attention and competence; our efforts now fertilize our dreams but can be hard on our relationships if they mind our focus. Work helps if we feel depressed or doubtful; get hands dirty with some project that improves our world. This serious day softens into a more expansive and generous evening as the Moon trines Jupiter.

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