Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 1 – 7, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 1 – 7, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Ground Hog Day stems from an old European tradition of taking auspices from all animal behavior at midwinter. It’s a great year to revive this practice; who tarot needs card when Mental Mercury conjuncts intuitive Neptune on Ground Hog Day. Go take a walk and see who flies by, who scurries around, or watch who shows up in midnight’s dream; think about what special gifts they offer, what they might symbolize if they come into consciousness just now. Remember that taking omens works as much through what we choose to notice as it does though the events around us; it is a way for our wise self to send us messages.With this intuitive, imaginative Mercury-Neptune conjunction, and an optimistic Venus- Jupiter conjunction in practical and ambitious Capricorn February begins friendly, intuitive, hopeful, but very confusing, and occasionally overwhelming.

If we can get over the passive, just dream-the–day-away feeling of this Mercury-Neptune transit; it can be a highly creative time. Mercury-Neptune visions, while Venus in Capricorn wants to build on that vision. It also wants to fix everything to match our image. This is lovely in a theoretical sense; it can be visionary for design, home improvement or political adjustments. IF we get off on a wrong foot, we can get lost in our dreams or fears and want to take action, launch entirely in the wrong direction. A bit of common sense and sanity will help us sort the difference. We may have cause for happiness; our world can seem a step larger, more opportunity filled with Venus conjunct Jupiter, though slower, longer-term aspects are mumbling of deeper adjustments that can feel unstable.

This can be a romantic time, but let’s keep an eye on Capricorn’s controlling aspect, the feeling that our live would be better if only they’d follow our good ideas. Because our relationships will actually be better if only we focus our great ideas toward our own work and keep our non-requested good advice to ourselves. Watch for a controlling or resentful response to feeling misunderstood (as good advice can often make us feel); if it begins to stir, take a deep breath and feed the love underneath the misunderstanding.

Because Mercury is not only conjunct fuzzy-making Neptune, which may open up or perceptions to the subtleties as it helps our imagination wander through foreign realms, it’s also retrograde. This combo can fog our brains so we don’t pick up on the basics, like where we put the tickets or which exit we take. We need to live for the journey, not for the destination, because who knows when we’ll get there. But oh, the people we can meet along the way, or great ideas we can come up with while waiting in line. Driving conditions may change quickly, so enjoy the journey but drive defensively.

It is a great time to envision the world can indeed be different, and this feeds the political changes wafting in the winds. But we also can use this capacity in a more local way; imagine where to move the piano before we move it. Venus in earthy Capricorn conjunct Jupiter is both creative and tactile, we want artwork we can touch, clay squished through fingers, music we can dance to.

Mercury retrograde does send us back to the past to review, research, heal old wrongs, straighten the record or finish unfinished business. Many of us will just want to take time off and let the mind rest in possibilities, read a good book or tell tall tales. If we feed a child’s imagination, we can watch our own grow. But let’s also practice our usual Mercury retrograde survival skills, (Mercury retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year).

We know the drill; for the next few weeks, confirm the time and place all appointments, check for misunderstandings first whenever there is tension, read the fine print twice, measure thrice, make sure paid bills actually get to the mailbox, keep a careful eye all essential flotsam, like flash drives and cell phones, and keep a good book around to make the most of delays. If wild ideas flash through our minds, let’s take note, but also take a wait and see attitude and make sure we have our facts straight and sanity in gear. When life gets strange, look around for the unique opportunities of the journey.

Read body language carefully early next week; our unconscious moods will affect us more than we admit and our posture and actions will give off more clues than our words as Sun semi-squares Pluto. We hope that the imaginative aspects help us find better solution this week, but this aspect pumps up the volume in ongoing power-wrestles. Sibling rivalry can be seen between dogs or between and rival factions, though the real issues are matters of self-worth.

Midweek, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all conjunct in Aquarius while Venus sextiles Uranus. We can get so excited at the collective level, but may not have all the facts. We can make deeply subjective decisions, which are wonderful when we’re tuned into our intuition, but tough when we’re lost in our projections. Only time will tell the difference. We’re so farsighted right now, intimate with the world, but can miss clues nearby unless we choose to be astute. But what a moment to change the collective vision!

Friday, Feb 1 many opportunities cloud the picture. While generally optimistic and enthusiastic under a Sagittarius Moon as Venus conjunct expansive Jupiter, the volume on emotions can crank up and increase our longing for a freer, more emotionally-fulfilled life. We may know what we want more clearly than usual but find technical delays or odd timing gets in our way. Moon square Uranus late tonight can bring a case of happy feet, it helps to be on the move; keep an eye out for serendipitous meetings in familiar places.

Saturday, Feb 2 take the auspices and listen carefully on this sweet, intuitive day. Even after a drifting morning where we may be enthusiastic, but resist a schedule, our timing can be way off; keep alternate plans in mind. Lazy but restless, our words may trip over our tongue but our hearts still get the meaning. Be cautious during an irritable or accidental moment late afternoon as Moon opposes Mars, but open up the portals tonight for loving connection as Mercury conjunct Neptune.

Sunday, Feb 3 a moody Moon-Pluto conjunct overnight may surface issues that need to be dealt with, whisper to us our inferiorities, or expose a practical concern to be honored. Midday sweetness with a few control issues and technical snafus. Mid-afternoon smoothes with a patch of serious competence as the Moon trines Saturn then relaxes into an expansive Moon-Jupiter conjunction tonight. Big plans are afoot.

Monday, Feb 4 brings interesting power plays with dubious outcomes, but a chance to get real and get to the root of a problem or mystery. Good consultations as long as there isn’t a jealousy overlay while the Sun challenges Pluto. Tonight a moment to heal our sense of identity, to accept ourselves and be accepted, if we take the chance, as Sun conjuncts Chiron.

Tuesday, Feb 5 check in with allies and like minds on this not-so-organized day. Confusion about outcomes can fog elections and efforts, but the connections warmed now will prove important later. Reconnect with old groups and stir the coals of community, see if there are any old debts to pay off. The best way to get others to listen is to be truly interested in what excites them.

Wednesday, Feb 6 the quiet beginning of a change as Moon, Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune conjunct, seeding societal and political vision. It feels objective, but it’s not; let’s choose to be around people who share our hopes, not our fears. We can get lost in a hopefully pleasant fog, or start new beginnings. The circle lives, the individual does not; don’t take distraction personally.

Thursday, Feb 7 make tangible those steps towards a dream so it doesn’t stay ephemeral. Unrealistic goals show their glitches; adjust rather than abandon. Midday lessons in how to communicate what we really mean, and hear what’s really said, as Chiron conjuncts Mercury. Emotional tides rise tonight; unprocessed feelings and intimate relationships need their turn as the Moon enters Pisces.

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