Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 7 – 13, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 7 – 13, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Don’t even try to sit still this weekend as the New Moon conjuncts Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Pluto, all now in active, outspoken Sagittarius. It brings an exploratory energy, a cheerful time to laugh with kids, go to an international holiday fair, or try snowshoeing; whatever excites. The energy and humor can be delightful as long as we don’t feel trapped in any way, shape or form. Just keep moving, and move with awareness.

This freedom-loving New Moon can help us let go of a tense or oppressive situation, let go of old relationships or arguments that formerly tied us up in knots, a process also supported by a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, an aspect that pushes all of us to take our work to the next level. This Jupiter-Pluto aspect is a big one, it’s been cooing for a while, but peaks this week, resonates all month, and sets an agenda for the year ahead. Jupiter, the largest planet, speaks of freedom, abundance and overflow; Pluto speaks of depth, transformation and power. Their conjunction is a double-edged gift, promoting either freedom from, or and abundance of, Plutonian transformation, power issues and environmental or political drama.

As Jupiter conjunct Pluto, it pushes all of us to take our work to the next level. In 1994, the last time these two came together, Bill Clinton was inaugurated and began an expansion of US liberalism and its economy (his turning point came as Jupiter opposed Pluto early in 2000). That year the North American free trade accord went into effect with all its gifts and difficulties, freedom for one group can be oppressive to another. Yahoo and Netscape came on line in 1994 as the internet boom exploded. Let’s keep our eyes open this month for new trends, notice what’s about to expand. May it be our evolution, and not our waistline.

Jupiter adds volume to whatever it touches and it’s been warming up for the last few months. Notice how many people are reaching for power, whether with hope or to control, like the many candidates running for the American presidency or the plethora of returning prime ministers in Pakistan. This aspect does stir up the temptation to grab power as much as it does to be empowered, and the two can collide. Any nexus of power-jockeying, large or small, could hit a crisis point near the turn of the year as Mars opposes Pluto, with potential for resolution in March 2008 on the third pass of this aspect.

Jupiter and Pluto come together at 28 degrees, the tail end of Sagittarius, if we know what house holds that degree in our chart, or what planet in our chart might be activated at that degree, we get a hit as to where in our life we are shedding the old and sprouting anew, where we can look for an opening in the year ahead. Some people will need to leave on the next stage of their journey. Jupiter transits don’t insist we grow, they only open the door, and we have to figure out how to use the opportunity.

With both emotional-realm planets in introspective water signs, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer, we may feel seasonably sentimental, but less like the life of the party than other years, preferring more intimate circumstance or lone wolf action to crowded seasonal glitz. These two are moody, but the moods are stabilized as Mars and Venus both sextile competent Saturn. Sometimes we need to talk and talk, and others deeply value a moment of companionable silence with familiar people. Emotions deepen where we feel safe, and armor up quickly if we feel stung even if the barb is benign Sagittarian honesty.

Sagittarius can be delightfully outspoken. Shoot from the hip honesty can cut to the chase but can also cut through people’s insulation and wound unless we humbly remember this moment’s truth is only a sliver of the real, ineffable, multifaceted truth. It’s easier to focus on the far horizon, or philosophies or the international scene, but we may be nervous and nearsighted at home. People want to get somewhere, and so will cooperate if we’re looking for solutions, but are seriously not interested if we just state the problem over and over again.

Our reflexes are good, but common sense and impulse control can be threadbare; watch for speed-related accidents or the effect of some strange glitch of thinking as first the Sun, then Mercury squares Uranus this week. If we get shocking news, whether delightful or worrisome, let’s take a long moment to consider all possibilities, and listening to our deepest guidance, before responding. Be careful wiring holiday lights and consider waiting until the end of the week to buy gadgets. But do have as much fun as possible; it’s a great time to laugh at our foibles.

Midweek, we have extra oomph to achieve short-term goals as the Moon enters determined Capricorn while Jupiter conjuncts Pluto. It is a remarkably competent time if we don’t get caught in an argument about whose authority is ascendant. The energy is cranky, deep-feeling but not softhearted, secure, meaningful, good for setting boundaries. We can move mountains. Venus trines Mars to add and extra spark to our interactions and muskiness with a possessive streak to intimate relationships. Keep eyes open for new contacts found in ordinary interactions.

Friday, Dec 7 brings an unsettled morning as the Sun squares Uranus; existential discontent can bring an arbitrary change in plans as either an outcropping of our eccentricity or as a result of external shock or challenge. Polls swing towards fresh candidates as we seek different for difference sake. Moods can switch between extremes, but the truth is somewhere in the mid-range. We confronting tough concepts midday as the Scorpio Moon, irritated by Mars, gives us a pointed, sarcastic edge. Early evening feels off, but the mood, energy pickup towards midnight as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Saturday, Dec 8 got holiday shopping to do, children’s events to attend, an international market to explore? Anything out of the ordinary that does not leave one in a cramped confined space will do. Just watch the overly frank comments. It may be time to step away from some difficult situation, but reconsider any snap decisions or sudden change in plans, give it a day or two and take temporary space if needed. Enjoy a sane, yet celebratory evening.

Sunday, Dec 9 get real. The New Moon in Sagittarius as 10:39 am MST marks a chance for a fresh beginning in some self-conception or authenticity. But do so tactfully, just because we understand something new does not mean they are ready to hear it. Expect some outspoken decision to break from the past and step forward. We need time in the natural world or with people with whom we can be natural.

Monday, Dec 10 gear up for an exciting and hardworking week as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. Expect business wheeling and dealing, final exams a-brewing, ducking and weaving over potentially shocking news, but let’s hold steady and responsive instead of anxious and reactive as Mercury squares Uranus. Some worries or concerns can pressure us; big issues loom on the horizon and need our considered approach.

Tuesday, Dec 11 power brokering, on the big screen, healthy planning and reorganization on the small screen. Don’t let bullies win, but choose carefully where to fight, and where to redirect. Be empowered to improve the world, and avoid any temptation to manipulate, or be manipulated, unless by a chiropractor (backs and bones may need a little TLC). Look for a real opportunity to further life-long goals, and to deepen important relationships.

Wednesday, Dec 12 renews a deep appreciation old friends or people we can trust, people we don’t have to explain ourselves to. We really need to know whose in our corner, want to work with people we have history. If we’ve recently begun new venture or relationship we can steer an even course and get the show on the road as Venus sextiles Saturn lends us strength, tradition, endurance.

Thursday, Dec 13 party with collaborators, class, or coworkers, frolic with strangers at the snow park; make it communal. Employ a democratic process for even small decisions even if it slows us down. Political buzz, theoretical answers, great craft projects, magical storytelling abilities, though common sense is missing as Mercury sextiles Neptune. ‘Tis the season to be idealistic; a cynic is merely a disappointed optimist, just ask Mr. Scrooge.

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