Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 5 – 11, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 5 – 11, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The  mood is fresh, nervous, reactive, highly-competitive and impatient with low impulse-control as the Sun and Mars and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius and all square Uranus and Saturn, this week and next. The energy motivates and encourages us to solve problems but is reactive rather than wise; it leaves us with a strong urge to take action and make things happen, but not necessarily the information or understanding to know what to do. And many of us are facing a tough challenge or restriction that needs discipline, logic and competence versus the wild action we may now crave. We need to fix the barn, not burn it down.

Sagittarius hates to feel trapped, and any situation that makes us feel trapped can raise our tension level, make us reactive instead of proactive. Sagittarius is also the sign that rules the thighs, so one of the best ways to handle nerves, or to get the mental room to solve a problem, it to walk, run, dance, and travel; move those thighs and the tension decrease. Decrease tension and creativity returns so forward motion can proceed.

This impulsive impatience can add spark to a Christmas party, determination to a diet or volatility to any simmering conflict. On the national level, expect news and a demand for action on the economic crisis, though the proceedings may look like ants scurrying around a kicked anthill, not an orderly and focused approach. It’s time for action, but not time to jump to conclusions. Stimulus packages are brokered left and right. Same goes for our own economic restraints, we need to address the roots of the problem before we pour efforts into a leaky pail.

Anger is sharp where people feel their concerns were betrayed or ignored, which adds fuel to simmering political unrest around the globe. Old arguments can flare up and retaliation is quick. These flares can pass over quickly where we do no real damage in the process, but could build up to  some major denouement or accidental conditions toward the end of the week as Mars perfects its square to Uranus. It is up to us to move and express responsibly, and leave no craters behind.

Under this impulsive energy flirtations and household projects begin without real forethought, and with a wide variety of outcomes; put papers down before fling paint around. Christmas bargain hunting can get ruthless, and we need to watch the impulse buys. But if we just breathe through it, we can add more wisdom and forethought to this impetus and use it wisely. This impulsiveness can also get us going where we felt stuck before and add determination to all we do.

Luckily, and just in time for the holiday party season, Venus enters communal Aquarius. Here she helps us warm our hearts through collective action and communal gatherings. Venus in Aquarius helps us feel connected to our co-workers, family, country, or any other group we cal our own; we feel good when the tribe feels good.  It also helps us really know, in a new and visceral way, that we’re in this together; to help others may be the best way to help ourselves, and this attitude may feature prominently in any temporary charity or real solutions to our current economic crisis.

While Venus in Aquarius helps us tend to the collective needs and get emotional juice out of a party or meeting, our more intimate relationships can feel abstracted. So don’t worry if a beloved feels distracted by the impetus to work, party, or honor their family, but do hold hands and see what can be done together.

Friday, Dec 5, is sensitive and nervous, appreciative but emotionally volatile and defensive about feeling vulnerable as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus. We may be running more nerves than strength, so it is important to pace ourselves. Once we get going we can be decisive and imaginative, but need to watch accidents from sudden or jerky moves. Let spontaneous serendipity bring unexpected light, but use caution around sudden decisions or radical emotional shifts tonight as Mars conjuncts Sun exactly. Be nice first and foremost. While it’s great for unusual gatherings, know when to take a break before someone storms out or says something unforgivable. And be careful about who is kissed under the mistletoe.

Saturday, Dec 6, tired morning, let people sleep in while Mercury squares Saturn. We may face delays or need to wrestle with some tough realities this morning and may feel easily discouraged or just need to process; if we can decide less and do more, one foot in front of the other, we make progress. Action picks up as the Moon enters Aries this afternoon and brings a more can-do attitude, but watch the manic or belligerent edge where people displace their frustrations. If problems sprout up, consider more, move slower. Tempers spike easily, and most everyone thinks they have an answer, or know who is to blame. We do best where we take on the responsibility ourselves-not the blame-and do what we can.

Sunday, Dec 7
is busy and collective, more inspiring ideas than efficient action, use a silly streak to heal recent rifts. Don’t push anyone into projects; make connection the project itself, because we are enthusiastic but really resistance to outside structure. Honor each person’s unique voice and plethora of opinions. President-elect Obama’s website, will get an earful today. Keep obligations to a minimum; refresh through spontaneity.

Monday, Dec 8 hit the ground running; keep demands low this morning but get curious, update on all the changing scenarios and get involved in this active and decisive day. Energy wobbles from lazy to aggressive in minutes, depending on how emotionally involved we are. Look for a chance to fix previous mistake midday. Watch for a temptation to over spend or over extend mid- afternoon as the Moon squares Jupiter, slow down tonight, take care of pragmatic issues to get grounded, then cuddle up tonight as the Moon enters Taurus.

Tuesday, Dec 9, relationships expectations can set off missed signals as Venus semi-squares Mars, unsettling our feelings and making us a bit twitchy early in the day; manage anxiety gently and don’t take it out on one another.  Back off the territoriality, and interpret recent comments in light of long-term patterns and not with short fuses. It is tempting to handle nerves by spending money we don’t have or eating what we don’t need; indulge wisely.

Wednesday, Dec 10 is an unsettled day where anything could happen, the energy shifts minute to minute, the Sun and Venus challenge Uranus.  We may be confronted with an unpalatable fact. The future feels uncertain as some dénouement or final exam is pressing on our psyche over the next week, deal with it rather than waste time worrying. Solve the problems of the day while waiting for the bigger plans to sort out. We may want intensity and connection out of our relationships, but the timing can be off, leaving us frustrated; we need to believe in one another rather than judge each move.  Tonight, a change of heart is temporary, our aesthetic taste questionable.

Thursday, Dec 11 strongly conflicting energy as Mars squares Uranus, but luckily the Moon in verbal Gemini can help us talk it through instead of react. We talk, joke nervously, but stretch our nerves tightly. An erratic accidental and irritable energy peaks; it can help us kick into gear and take action, but can also spark off a volatile situation.  We may just feel it as a fight between the part of us that was secure and familiar, and the part of us that wants to try anything. Look to allies, work with friendly resources rather than confront directly for the moment. If feeling wound up, rather than take it out on dear ones, take a walk.

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