Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 28 – January 3

Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 28 – January 3


by Heather Roan Robbins


2007 ends in a quiet, thoughtful mood, while 2008 begins with a blast of fresh energy. The weekend’s milieu may be as warm and cozy as hot buttered rum in most daily interactions, with deeper changes simmering underneath.


Serious tones offer a chance to straighten things out with one another; it’s a healing time as long as we don’t make the mistake of thinking we know what’s good for others as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Review the year gone by but let go of what went wrong; Focus instead on what can be healed and fixed in the year ahead. Engage in analytical conversations with a quirky sense of humor.  Keep them solution oriented, health activities, healthy foods and exercise.


Political critique may scintillate, but let’s keep it off our beloveds It help to have something to do with one’s hands, to build, make or create,  put together the holiday presents as a project with the kids.


We’ve been in an intimate, introspective streak for the last few weeks as Venus in introverted Scorpio and Mars in more domestic Cancer, good for family depth and deep connections with family and old friends, though hard to be around people for too long. But the mood shifts early next week, the energy revs up and community comes alive. People drop their grudges given half a chance (though brand-new ones may brew soon) as Venus enters Sagittarius and Mars retrogrades into Gemini under a friendly Libra Moon.


New friendships spring up easily, though not all will last; enjoy the contacts and flirt away.  New Year’s Eve could be a blast.


But willful Mars, full of fresh energy and direction as an adolescent male, wanting decisive action whether it’s wise or not, opposes magnifying Jupiter and intense Pluto this week. Some argument, power juggling, or other crisis of will that percolated at the end of September reactivates now. Whatever we don’t resolve now will come back for the next chapter of work the first week of March. 


This aspect offers high energy with a short attention span. Just watch the safely factor. If there’re differing opinions as to where to go, make two short stops rather than argue, because new arguments erupt with surprising vigor if not much long-term rancor as Mars opposes Pluto. Engage in any wresting over power or territory with great care. But if we break the momentum, the fire goes out easily.


Mars –Pluto also asks us to contemplate what we truly want or feel called to do in the New Year, and asks us to put that resolution into action now.


Friday, Dec 28 brings a magnanimous if serious morning as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn, trines Sun and Jupiter. Big issues can subsume more personal news. We move efficiently and kindly in the morning, but exercise discipline and boundaries midday; focus on personal behavior and leave theirs alone. Good for planning and journey-making, if subdued for holidaymaking.


Saturday, Dec 29 listen to a spontaneous streak this morning, but avoid long-term changes as Mercury sextiles unexpected Uranus. Conversation bubbles with possibilities and a bittersweet review as Venus semi-sextiles Pluto. If recent losses linger in our hearts, instead of bitterness, let it dedicate us to a better future.


Sunday, Dec 30 morning impatience clears with a whiff of fresh air as the Moon enters friendly Libra and Venus enters sociable, restless Sagittarius as Sun trines constructive Saturn. Cheerfully tactless evening could enliven any party.


Monday, Dec 31, get out and dance this New Year’s Eve as Mars retrogrades back into Gemini; good with the quick comebacks, though easily ticked off by being held emotionally responsible. Restlessness adds circus-like festivity to any celebration, but watch for undercurrents of old animosities or inattention accidents.  Be wild but be cool.


Tuesday, Jan 1 fuzzy thinking with or without a hangover as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune can make our judgment questionable this morning. An urge to purge can make us clear out the closet for the New Year, just watch what’s thrown away as the Moon enters Scorpio. A serious streak needs careful direction; act rather than react.


Wednesday, Jan 2 decisive action as Mars opposes Pluto; potential for military maneuvers that will be regretted later, let’s not make the same mistake personally. Watch a mechanical problems or accidents prone in a hurry or under distraction. We feel rebellious about obligations or any oppressive-like behavior, but are capable of great concentration towards our goals. Be safe and be dynamic.


Thursday, Dec 3 is strategic; stay involved with ongoing decisions. Cheerful discontent can disjoint the day unless we pour it into longer-range plans. Later, our thinking narrows or focuses, depending upon our heart, as Mercury sesqui-squares Saturn.


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