Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 14 – 20, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 14 – 20, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

This externally sociable and busy week glows with a contemplative warmth in more intimate circumstances. With the two emotional planets in internet signs, Venus in very private Scorpio and Mars in domestic Cancer, we may find ourselves with a packed schedule but longing for a few quiet moments to putter at home instead, or longing for a home that once was, never was but should have been, or we hope will be one day.  If we can turn that longing into appreciation for what is, savor the quiet moments of connection and see the spark of potential family in the eyes of strangers, this will be a much warmer holiday season.

Venus and Mars in water signs can make all of us a bit more self-protective and sentimental; which is great for crying over a holiday special but tough on the little glitches of the holiday. We can feel paradoxically private, yet lonely, and may be usually sensitive to sentimentality or rejection.  It helps to reach out and bring the strays in by the fire, or offer a moment of real connection to those that might be far from home.

The vibe is imaginative and visionary this weekend, but not the least bit practical; great for holiday parties and gatherings if a bit dense in more intimate realms as Mercury sextile Neptune. Idealism and festive lights can throw glamour over everyday events; stop and sing seasonal carols with stranger on the street corner. Charity events prosper, favors are granted, just be careful how this good will is treated, we won’t forgive having our kindness abused for personal gain.

We can drift in to a dreamy cloud; if we feel overwhelmed, it helps to look for the benefit of the moments and take one step at a time as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces while the Sun conjuncts communicative Mercury.  If we keep our touch light we can share dream and concerns and take the conversation deeper, but give people room to breathe and don’t say everything that’s on the mind, just what needs to be said.  The energy is magical; children and adults alike can dissolve into the story. It’s a great time for a creative personal journey, but hard to keep to schedule.

Early next week we get the packages wrapped and mailed, the seasonal urgency is upon us, but in the busy crosscurrents it’s easy to let something valuable drop through the cracks unless we track carefully. Our own personal lives could overflow with deadlines competing with bubbling interpersonal opportunities. In the process some uncomfortable truths flow out in tactless moments, but it may save us time and energy later.

Look for an important shift in power, whether political or through natural forces, excitement buzzes with potential for major action on the world screen as the Sun, Mercury and Pluto all conjunct in outspoken, organic and freedom-loving Sagittarius  and under a feisty Aries Moon.

A minor but tough sesqui-square between Mars and Neptune can soften the edges, make us more relaxed and less decisive than these otherwise revolutionary aspects imply. They hint that our situation will take more finesse than power, because it’s more complex than it looks. Simple answers will bring even more complex problems. Enjoy the exhilaration, but neither push others nor be pushed around. Look instead for the positive intensity, be the counterpoint to the world’s weariness.

Midweek, Saturn retrogrades and ordinary work is put on hold; as the holiday agendas take over, we may be no less tired at the end of the day, but the pacing and content is different for the next few weeks, let the long-term projects rest until the new year.

A series of Jupiter-Pluto aspects can bring extraordinary events for some, or just turn up the volume on ordinary events. But we are grounded by a sensuous Taurus Moon, notice people are less flexible, but the hugs are unusually warm, eggnog may be extra tempting and the cashmere sweater too inviting. Watch the resources and pace the goodies, let the moment refresh for the bigger work ahead.

Friday, Dec 14 is great for the company party and good for any encouraging meeting, but if we want to change minds or confront, let’s hold it until next year. Warmth with confusion midday as the Aquarian Moon conjuncts Neptune, good communications mid-afternoon but watch a sharper edge near dinnertime, though it softens into a potentially magical evening. Love is in the community, but may be abstract or distracted in the one-on-one.

Saturday, Dec 15 socialize this morning and let the afternoon be more private. Take the opportunity midday to heal rather than repeat an old rift or sore point; make no promises, but drop the tension as Venus Squares Chiron.  Decisive afternoon, it helps to move the body as the Moon trines Mars. Energy may dissipate quickly this evening, we may feel our age or older, take a mature or traditional look at our situation or feel inhibited by circumstances as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Sunday, Dec 16 is warm with a sentimental streak. Our hearts are tender, treat expressions of emotions with great respects as the Pisces Moon trines Venus. We may long for what’s missing, or for times past; where possible, turn it in to gratitude for the opportunities to create those memories rather than mourning the water that’s flowed under the bridge as Venus semi-squares Pluto. Forgive a sad or sentimental feeling, don’t bother to analyze its roots, we just feel the melancholia in the sweet today. Energy is low but steady, don’t push the systems, be nice tonight; most of us are vibrating with internal processing and carry an extra emotional charge.

Monday, Dec 17 anything can happen this crazy day, fun with a few wild cards along the way. Keep checking in with one another, the weather report and other variables for a change in plans or a change in mood as the Moon forms nine different aspects and enters Aries, while Sun conjuncts Mercury and Venus trines Uranus. Don’t try to corral others or exercise control issues, it won’t go over well.   Enthusiastic morning, impatient afternoon, and experimental evening; the unexpected events or impulse presents may be the best.

Tuesday, Dec 18 brings high energy with a short attention span. We’d like thing simple to day and revel wherever they truly are, but many-layered events are percolating, nothing may seem to go as planned, and people’s needs to be balanced as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune.  There’s a lot on our minds, forgive us our distractions and make the most of each moment.  Avoid a clash of ideologies unless it is truly time to take a stand; be truthful , bear witness and move on to something that creates more connection.

Wednesday, Dec 19 Saturn retrogrades and our work takes on a different quality. Mercury conjuncts Pluto and deepens the conversation, we may feel inadequate to a challenge at hand or want to make our point even if it means hammering their heads with it; it is much more effective to create curiosity. Some tough news or communication frustration early in the day can sort our priorities and add power to our connections later as the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury.

Thursday, Dec 20 brings a day of extremes, potentially the best and the worst of moods. We’re willing to work hard but may loose our sense of humor as Mercury enters Capricorn as the Sun conjuncts Pluto. If the weight of what still needs to be done suddenly becomes painfully obvious, it helps to review recent accomplishments before proceeding. We’re ambiguous about company, may not feel truly sociable but are also deeply aware of how our choices may have contributed to any loneliness we feel. The paths we choose not to take whisper at us and ask us to consider alternatives in the future. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter later and opens up possibilities.

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