Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 3 – 9, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 3 – 9, 2007

by Heather Roan Robins

Summer spirit comes on with a bang after a fairly private, introspective season as expressive Mercury enters extroverted and sociable Leo this week, just as the two symbolic rulers of our emotional life, Venus and Mars leave inward-turning, pragmatic Virgo and Taurus and enter extroverted, sociable Leo and Gemini.

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all together in extroverted Leo herald the peak of arts-festival season. They also help us present ourselves anew, to enter an old world with a fresh approach or a new world to make entirely new acquaintances. Itís a great month to meet a new love or greet new neighborhood. Itís time to participate in anything that weaves our social fabric together.

By the end of the week the social-emotional realm will tend to be more dramatic and expressive, though maybe less profound; like a quiet deep river that now heads over wide and rocky rapids. The energy will be less about reconnecting with dearly beloveds, and more about creating new context.

But first, with Venus retrograding back into Leo, backing up to square Mars at the beginning of the week, we do get to go over old social or emotional hot spots again and either relive the past or make different choices this time. Expect some Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn style romantic arguments, sparky and vehement; just make sure not to hit the sore spots and remember compassion matters as much as wit. Leo is a fixed sign; so watch the tendency to get stubborn just for the heck of it. Remember we win when we understand more, and when all benefit, not just when weíre right. We need to give each other lots of room to be eccentric, and stay connected with one another even if our world (but hopefully not our fights) gathers a crowd.

From celebrity news to parties to military gestures weíll have quite a show to watch over the next few weeks. We just have to be careful not to get caught up in the play, to continue to say what we mean and mean what we say even if we do so with extra flourish; our words and gestures will have consequence.

Because we are seeding the future as Saturn perfects a trine to Pluto, encouraging us to build new foundations where we felt old ones fall in 2001 as Saturn opposed Pluto. Think back, beyond our collective shock as the twin towers fell, look for what was challenged, tested, broken down, or what temporary, recently-ended cycle was set into motion that year. This month the stars encourage us to begin to build upon that cleared ground, and to support this new growth by creating a new social-professional network.

This new growth has every chance to better reflect our deeply felt needs. We have an opportunity to really appreciate, and be appreciated for, our hard-earned wisdom and whatever graces of competence weíve garnered. And to see where we still have to grow up, or where our foundations are shaky and need an overhaul before we can build.

The stock market tends to respond most closely to the emotional planets. As they square off this week, we can expect a rather volatile response to any news. The stock market may continue to be volatile and dramatic. But the Saturn-Pluto trine also speaks of a correction, a chance to get onto more solid ground and build from there.

Friday, Aug 3 is an important and dramatic day, but donít count on long-term consequences as the Aries Moon forms a quick-moving grand trine in fire signs with the Sun and Jupiter. The energy is independent and up beat but easily flammable as Mercury sextiles Uranus, decisive with a tendency to bite off more than we can chew. Watch the snappy comments that may be funny, but accidentally wound. Morning sings; wade through a frustrating patch this afternoon, donít cramp their style. Evening buzzes late into the night.

Saturday, Aug 4 a strong emotional torque channels well into labor-intensive efforts as the Aries Moon trines Saturn and Pluto. Our actions reveal our assumption and deeper motivations; consequences come home to roost for better or worse, but offer realistic clues about new foundations. Learn what is before trying to make it what is wanted. It takes more effort to change the mood as Moon enters stubborn and sensual Taurus this evening, problems entrench if we persevere, but the evening can be luscious once we let go and be in our senses.

Sunday, Aug 5Üslow down; this is a day to spend in a hammock or picnicking with friendly souls. Focus on process rather than results; do it slow and right. Rest and build strength rather than push through opposition. Evening grows restless as Mercury challenges Uranus, the mood grows more tense or anticipatory, edgy. Check in with nervous people or those in transitions. Donít waste time worrying, but do listen for news that could demand change of plans, and be ready to adjust.

Monday, Aug 6 promotes new beginnings as Saturn trines Pluto exactly (felt all summer, but perfected now) as Jupiter leaves retrograde and turns direct. Good, solid progress is possible this morning. Watch for irritable impatience this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Mars; best to work at oneís own pace as otherís priorities can be infuriating, but essential to them. Moon enters Gemini tonight, our thoughts and words burble into the wee hours.

Tuesday, Aug 7 has a cheerful, silly, social if a bit nervous tone as Mars joins the Moon in Gemini, lightens the mood and opens lines of communication. Unsettled energy helps explore possibilities, makes it easier to talk over recent tension, encourages internet work, negotiations, and interviews. But we may now need to talk out some previously unspoken differences as Venus squares Mars. We can square off over gender differences, unless we appreciate our differences rather than disparage. Keep heart engaged with mouth and watch that otherís secrets are not given away in the flow.

Wednesday, Aug 8 moods and opportunities flicker through a series of differing aspects, check in with one another, take the temperature in the room regularly. Early morning we could chew on worries as the Moon squares Uranus, may change our minds; energy softens as the Moon trines Neptune mid-morning, we want to share a vision, but may not feels realistic. Afternoon is more haunted, serious undertones, unsettled about home and home-people as the Moon opposes Pluto. Yet the mood stabilizes around a solid dinner conversation and expands this evening as Venus enters Leo.

Thursday, Aug 9 we could see a collision of needs as the Moon enters watery Cancer, our feelings deepen, and insecurities and domestic abilities float to the surface. We can grow territorial about home and domestic decisions both personal and political. If there is a competition as to whose needs are paramount, a generous Mercury trines Jupiter helps us find room to take care of all if we open our hearts.

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