Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 24 – 30, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 24 – 30, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Creative discontent; it’s an intelligent but contentions week. Let’s make sure our debate actually gets somewhere and our words don’t just whip around like the spiral arms of a storm while verbal Mercury in Virgo squares brave and argumentative Mars in Gemini opposed Jupiter in truth-seeking Sagittarius.

Because our minds are wide open and working fast, it’s unusually easy to meet new people or break out of an old habit or a belief that has held us back. We gather information and can learn a new skill quickly, get a lot done in a short period of time if we stay focused and don’t get sidetracked by an ambient belligerence. We can dream it different and make it better, rather than just be impatient or escape into a dream. Though that can be tempting as a few lovely, imaginative Neptune aspects call us to another, more magical, world.

Our contentious side is fed by this square between Mercury and Mars, we always see the counterpoint. Humor can be sharp and witty, but maybe too pointed, almost a neurological itch; we know a provocative comment will spark off a response, but it’s so hard not to start the ball rolling. Sibling rivalry may start with a joke but have trouble letting go. A good critical voice can be a healthy thing; political humor can get to the point better than long commentary. And under the Virgo Sun, who we’ll be hardest upon is ourselves; an internal critical, teasing voice can list off problems left to solve.

Mercury square Mars is impatient; we’ll tend to drive too fast, say too much. Cut the bagel with such impatient panache that we slice our finger. Our snap decisions may be more reactive than wise. Some conflict comes out in the open stripped of its diplomacy. Fights and storms pick up speed easily, but the momentum changes quickly if the storm goes over land; it helps to distract a fight, to keep them guessing rather than hammer it out. And if necessary, stomp off to neutral corners and think, because our whole soul has much more wisdom than our fast intellects, and our fast-moving mind can settle for short-term victory and loose sight of long-term progress.

Mercury moves on to oppose Uranus as the week progresses and keeps up this nervous, impulsive, but not necessarily wise pacing. Expect exciting plot twists and unexpected moves. Watch out for mechanical breakdowns. Believe the car if it says “check engine”. Most interpersonal problems dissolve if we get enough rest. Wind and water damage can be problem, so keep an eye on the weather reports and keep the coffee away from the computer.

Underneath this nervous energy is a sweet, creative if unrealistic romantic energy as Venus in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. This aspect helps feed our imagination, helps us come up with really creative solutions, if we engage rather than escape. But if our imaginary world or escapist habits look awfully inviting, it helps to feel the earth underneath; solve the problem of the day, let the future be. Do not make major emotional decisions, take a break if needed, but do not move out for the illusion of romance elsewhere.

Creative puttering, whether in the garden, with art supplies or words, creates room in our souls for new opportunities. Give the muse room to work.

Friday, Aug 24 we get a clear picture of what needs to be done, but expect blustery emotional winds underneath businesslike ambition. Watch for accidents of words, wind, or motion early on as Mercury squares Mars. Don’t take the bait; most arguments stem from our need to be recognized. Evening softens as the Moon enters communal Aquarius, with a whiff of existential loneliness in the crowd.

Saturday, Aug 25 heal relationship with family or community as the Aquarian Moon trines Chiron and Mars. Individual relationships are back-burnered, but are filaments of the web. Impatience and contentiousness still vibrates the line; choose to relax, prioritize compassion over righteousness.

Sunday, Aug 26 the less pressure the better; let the mind hit neutral, listen to the muse. Late afternoon a wave of doubt or sadness needs processing as the Moon opposes Saturn, pay attention to the feelings more than the worries, give room to vulnerability as the Moon enters Pisces tonight.

Monday, Aug 27 tread gently and prioritize compassion under this morning’s Full Moon in hypersensitive Pisces as Mercury opposes Uranus. Smooth and easy does it; hold steady under a volatile, reactive energy. Don’t trust sudden decisions. Kindness is everything tonight.

Tuesday, Aug 28 the terrain changes after unsettled dreams. Check in with one another before proceeding. Just don’t jettison something or someone important now, give it time. If feeling overwhelmed or underwater, slow down and deal with only the issues at hand. Emotional torque picks up tonight as Moon enters Aries.

Wednesday, Aug 29 expect action under a restless, decisive Aries Moon, but a challenge between Mercury and Neptune confuses the signals. Watch for thunderstorms and tempers that act like one, find creative, non-damaging ways to blow off steam. Laughter and clear air remain when the storms have passed.

Thursday, Aug 30 fresh determination builds momentum as the Aries Moon trines Venus, Saturn, and Pluto; tackle the serious issues with compassion and directness. Business, organization sketched out, papers signed. Pose challenges rather than give orders.

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