Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 17 – 23, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 17 – 23, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week may come in on a gentle breeze but soon gets stormy, the astrological winds pick up and our sails head towards the fall by the end of the week. As Mercury and the Sun trine Pluto, conjunct serious Saturn, and then enter industrious Virgo.

The weekend dawns in true Leo style, sociable and warm, generous but slightly insensitive; four planets in Leo can warm our hearts but make it difficult to get out of our own perspective and truly walk in another’s shoes.

As the weekend progresses, stubbornness increases and we’re tugged between a lighter, friendly side of ourselves that want to see and be seen, versus a more introverted side, prone to brooding, which overloads if we spend too much time around others. We may care about others and still long to temporarily disconnect from being responsible for the emotional welfare of other to reconnect with ourselves as the Moon enters Scorpio and Mercury and the Sun trines Pluto.

All week long the evening news will help us keep our priorities straight, as it reminds us that being alive is a miracle we cannot take for granted. Some tweak of fate brings our thought to questions of mortality, not to make us feel bad, but to help us evaluate what we’re doing to make our life worth living.

Self-doubts percolate later in the week, but don’t let them stop momentum. The shift to Virgo encourages us to improve, to step up to the plate as both the Sun and Mercury enter industrious Virgo. And makes school supplies suddenly attractive; go ahead, buy that shiny notebook and a new set of pens.

It’s time to work the details, but don’t get caught there. The natural world feels very present, rock and air, fire and water, our human relationship to the element laces the headlines this week and keeps us humble. We can wrestle with our own human power issue, but they will tend to pale in comparison to the power of nature, which reminds us who’s boss, and calls on us to be our best with one another as Mars opposes Jupiter towards the end of the week.

Mars likes us to push ourselves, and enjoys an argument, whether it’s a simple athletic competition or jockeying for power at the office, an international conflict or storm surge. Conflict, whether human or meteorological, will tend to inflate given half the chance. Don’t pour oil on the flames. Team rivalries or personal competition can turn ordinary conversation into debate, and debate into an argument unless we keep our hearts connected. We don’t have to buy into this tension; we can choose to make this a contest with our personal best instead. Though a good pillow fight might help us redirect.

Friday, Aug 17, Mercury trines Pluto asking us to look under the rocks, not just skim the surface; integrate difficult information and look for root causes. The day expands; lovely, thoughtful, some exquisite beauty, or our awareness that such is possible, can add a bittersweet note. The Sun conjuncts Venus in Leo, opening our heart and encouraging us to love peace, beauty, and appreciation But to get what we want, we need to appreciate others. Warm and sociable evening; weave connection as the Libra Moon sextiles Sun and Venus.

Saturday, Aug 18, hit the farmer’s market early while people are still in a generous mood. The Moon enters broody Scorpio this afternoon and encourages more solitary or intimate pursuits. Our energy sweeps inward to reclaim ourselves or to concentrate on a specific challenge. It helps us complete a project, but don’t take another person’s solitude or distraction personally. Watch the scorpion tail, the sharp tip of a wounded ego as our personality differences are highlighted. Intense evening, an itch to look for trouble.

Sunday, Aug 19 thoughtful, ready to learn out way out of a problem as Mercury enters Virgo, don’t jut worry, which is a tough Virgoan side effect, use the Virgoan gift for planning and strategy. Organize and wing it from there. Digestion needs attention, health and organization of surroundings needs attention. Clear the decks, we’re gearing up for action.

Monday, Aug 20 is potentially grumpy or slow off the mark; we’re catching up with our dream world this morning, minds putter along digesting, not quite ready for the new week. Put one foot in front of the other and keep expectation low, slow and steady wins. Serious concern this afternoon, humor may be threadbare as Moon square Saturn and Sun. Planning is serious, stay involved in the process. Look for a breath of fresh air and curiosity as the Moon enters Sagittarius; meander tonight.

Tuesday, Aug 21 is action-oriented; new plans go into play, authority structures rearrange with an air of impatience but a need to do it right the first time. Check in, stay involved wherever the decision matter, those present and willing to take responsibility will rise. Potentially serious situations need a quick, compassionate touch, and humor that facilitates rather than diminishes. Work with the natural world rather than resist.

Wednesday, Aug 22 catch up, adjust, and remember it’s still summer; let the soul rest between stretches like pizza dough. Encourage compassionate honesty, ideas and detail burble on, trust the helpful soul. Give us room to process and everyone eventually get on the same page; try to force the issues and get mutiny. Tonight, catch up with intimates and allies, offer encouragement and get the real story.

Thursday, Aug 23, feel the wind shift and the season begin to change as the Sun enters industrious Virgo as the Moon enters strategic Capricorn. Autumn come early; notice a map or syllabus of the karmic and economic work ahead. As Mars opposes vast Jupiter can turn tension into debate, and debate into battle if we don’t acknowledge the excitement and redirect. It’s good to get down to business but we can take our selves way too seriously, think our concern is the end of the world, and will not thank anyone who says otherwise. Let’s get real, keep our eyes open and the world in proportion.

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