Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 15 – 21, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 15 – 21, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Responsibilities to the larger community and how we can blend that with responsibility to our selves is an underlying theme of this week. Complex layered aspects make just about any situation or mood possible this week. It’s up to us to choose which layer we respond to.

An emotionally-abundant Venus trine Jupiter encourages us to work together on a big scale act of compassion or join in a fun social gathering under a friendly and communal Full Aquarius Moon. Just as Mars perfects a square to Pluto, bringing some conflict or tension to a head, and Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn in Virgo to urge us to take things seriously.

This Mercury-Saturn conjunction helps anyone working on their fall schedule or contract negotiations; though it can make bureaucratic snafus worse at first, we can resolve them if we take them seriously. It helps us to get real, do the research and read the fine print, but we can feel the burden, or get a bit neurotic with the self-analysis. It sharpens our critical edge, but we can be too enthusiastic with negative campaigning or office gossip. What we say now will be taken seriously, so let’s not exaggerate, nor use our words to pour oil on the fire. Let’s not avoid disputes around policy, rules or how we use authority, but keep them constructive, and use a shared goal or vision to move beyond the egos involved.

Incidents in our life will question us about our personal responsibility to our family, to our job and the team at work. How do we participate in community events, or direct them, or celebrate with our friends, and balance that with our need for solitude and personal accomplishments; do we hang with the homies or get stuff done. What’s our responsibility for the national energy crisis and the Russian invasion of Georgia, and how do we balance that with our personal rights and needs.

Just watch this philosophical mudslinging as the week progresses, but know that our responsibility is the real issue, not theirs. We respond particularly poorly to guilt trips, so don’t lecture anyone about their responsibilities. If needed, hold someone’s feet to the fire, it is time to face consequences and be held accountable. It is time to plan and map out the next few months, so warm the coals under ongoing projects and check in with jobs or contracts in the decision phase.

This weekend, group events may be easier than intimate friendships. We want to feel that communal safety net, but also may feel a bit tender in our personal lives, not wanting to be poked. Don’t mind a few days of uncertainty, but watch this foggy quality around issues of power, or of depression; when uncertain, go take a swim rather than act on faulty data.

Sunday and on into next week, moods oscillate as the Moon enters Pisces and opposes that Virgo line up, just as Mars squares Pluto. Some old tension may erupt or recent friction come to a head, but whether this is through explosion or through a surprise resolution is our human choice. Watch the headlines. We may vibrate emotionally in response to necessary decisions that ended one possibility in order to step forward with another. We’re concerned for those who are some how victimized, willing to go to bat to change the situation. Our whole system may feel unusually reactive to allergens, to kindness, to a minor irritation or a moment of joy.

Later in the week, things get both better and worse; the conflicts are laid out on the table and confrontation is open, not machinations behind the scenes. But we’re less attached, more ready to speak up and say our pieces as the Moon enters feisty and direct Aries while Mars enters justice-seeking, romantic Libra. Legal battles for good causes increase. Households argue about chores and other ways to measure fairness into the home, yet there is a new desire for peace, a new willingness to cooperate.

Friday, Aug 15 enjoy a dreamy quality, time by the river or at artistic offerings can glow with a special magic as the Sun opposes Neptune. We may wallow in the illusion of our own creation, lovely if we are drifting in a consciously imaginary world, dangerous if drifting in denial and projections when a more sobering Mercury-Saturn conjunction crashes us into reality if we’re lost in the fog, or gives from to our consciously creative endeavors. Tonight, gather under the waxing Aquarius Moon and find a shared voice for a dream.

Saturday, Aug 16 dive into the heart life, find a balance between personal needs and those of the collective under this lunar-eclipse full Aquarius Moon. We may long for an ideal form of love as Venus trine Jupiter, and some are angry because their life doesn’t compare to their dreams, but, actually, can get more out of our collective efforts than personal loves right now. Expect tension and generosity, big promises and collective arguments.

Sunday, Aug 17 feelings all over the place as Mars squares Pluto; some confrontation, within or without, comes to a head. What scares us or hurts may provoke our desire to control and provoke territorial fights. A need to vent some stuffed emotions can be taken as an attack unless we approached with compassion. We may just be resisting the end of summer’s dream. But the hope and imagination is there to see the silver lining as Mercury trines Jupiter. Tonight brings a more serious approach as the sensitive Pisces Moon opposes Saturn.

Monday, Aug 18 expect awkward or off moments, but with an underlying supportive, helpful energy underneath as the Pisces Moon opposes Mercury and Venus. Sometimes we can’t help but put our foot in our mouth. Unsettled feelings may leave us wondering about a recent decision but can help us explore possibilities as the Moon conjunct Uranus tonight. We need to be able to express the full range of emotions without needing to take action until the dust settles within.

Tuesday, Aug 19 although the Moon enters dynamic Aries, Mars enters friendly, justice-seeking Libra. After an early morning showdown as they opposes, some ongoing debate relaxes. People drop a defensive twitch and try to find a win-win solution as long as the goal seems fair. Or at least take the argument out of the shadows and put it squarely on the table. Sometimes it is wise to change our minds.

Wednesday, Aug 20 it’s tempting to get busy just to feel efficient and dynamic, but it may be a waste of energy if we’re missing some important fact. Don’t push an unripe decision, take action elsewhere. Choose what to pursue carefully, it’s so easily to over do and overload as the Sun challenges Jupiter. But do expand the horizon, think bigger rather than fight over small battlefields as the Sun trines Pluto asks us to explore potential.

Thursday, Aug 21 the energy is soothing, healing, and can help us grow self-confidence as Mercury conjuncts Venus, even though an old debate comfortably simmers along. We need beauty, and well-crafted creativity, like we need water and air. Some recent splinter has been removed and we can get on with a new cooperative effort as long as no one pushes the pace under a stable if stubborn Taurus Moon.

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