Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 10 – 16, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 10 – 16, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Summer peaks this week astrologically, on the New Moon in Leo. Hazy thinking and some confusing circumstances remind us to stay in the present, to enjoy the summer, take in its healing balm rather than rush into fall, even though there is already an air of anticipation. It’s time to nurture, and prepare to harvest, what is already planted, whether ideas, vegetables, or relationships as the Sun and Mercury opposes intuitive Neptune.

These lovely fast moving summer aspects skim the surface and work over this summer’s deeper astrological challenges. As Saturn opposes Neptune, and trines Pluto it dissolves old foundations that are either past their purpose or on shaky ground, and encourages us to build on solid ground, though it may take a while to do so. Particularly around projects, places, commitments we began in 1989- 1990 (when Saturn last conjunct Neptune) took through a turning point in 2001 but now may need to revise. Saturn offers us a chance to begin anew, to start on firm ground.

Astrology literalizes; we often get clear metaphors for the process we’re going through in the evening news headlines. For example; a report came in on the Minneapolis I-35 bridge in 1990 that the bridge was “structurally deficient,” with significant corrosion in its bearings, minor repairs were performed, inspections increased, but the core weakness were not addressed, and as Mars squares both Saturn and Neptune, this structure (Saturn) over water (symbolized by Neptune) crashed down.

So- we need to ask, is there anywhere in our life or work that is structurally deficient? Do our bearings suffer from a core weakness that needs to be addressed? Shall we take this metaphor to heart and inspect all our bridges, all the ways we connect, communicate, bring our gifts to the world, and see if we need to rebuild on a more solid foundation?

We’ll feel the shaking continue wherever we’ve built on an illusion, taken shortcuts because it was cheaper, or misinterpreted information unconsciously because is supports what we want to believe, not what is real. With no planet in an earth sign for the moment, we can feel ungrounded, feel the tremors where we have not gotten down to bedrock, not taken care of our basic safely issues on a physical, spiritual or emotional issues. Even the weather chimes in; expect a few examples of dramatic weather-induced water damage. But where we have already got the lesson, or where we are already down to bedrock, a beautiful trine between Saturn and Pluto strengthens our honest efforts to build with solidness and integrity.

With the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus all now in Leo, we’ll tend to take everything we hear, make it dramatic, and wonder what it means to and about us personally. With a line up like this in Leo, life tends to be all about us, or about how we are so noble when we focus on them. Leo is the heart of generosity, it is a giving and social time, it is just not so good at really walking a mile in another person’s shoes.

The fictional character Harry Potter is a Leo, both the author, JK Rowling and Dan Radcliffe the Harry Potter actor are Leos; the character saves his world, but is not for a second out of the spotlight, whether loved or reviled, even when he’s in hiding. But he uses this attention for the betterment of his world, and really does love and honor the contributions of others. This week we all may need a little extra attention, hate to be ignored or taken for granted, and will have an extra soft spot for anyone who really seems to appreciate what we are.

Leo brings out our leadership abilities, but could instigate tension between leaders, both on the small scale and large this week. Our visions may not be that far apart, but each can take their responsibility so seriously that it is hard to share the driving seat.

Mars in Gemini, opposes Jupiter helps us keep talking, and introduces a flexible note; Leo is a fixed and stubborn sign. Words are most seductive. But it can leave the winds floating with apparently contradictory stories; just consider them different facets of one whole. Every story has multiple sides, so look for the bigger picture rather than take sides.

Friday, Aug 10 emotions shimmer between moods as the Moon in empathic Cancer trines Uranus this morning. A minor Mercury-Pluto challenge can keep us focused on our worries, which is great if we can talk them out or get a chance to do something about them, but can waste our energy if not; keep a balanced view. Watch for glitches in transportation or communications technology. Paradoxically we can both feel overexposed but want to be seen. Need privacy and intimacy; what we don’t want is a bunch of small talk. Look for an unexpected twist this afternoon as the Sun quincunx Uranus, adapt but don’t overcorrect the steering. Think cozy and reassuring this evening.

Saturday, Aug 11 let’s catch up with ourselves. The Moon joins the Leo pile-up, the line between self-indulgence and self-care blurs. With this line up in Leo anything can get blown out of proportion, take on an operatic quality, which can be delightful for ceremony or performances but hard if one feels caught in a tragedy; all incoming information needs to be filtered for facts. Enjoy an expansive, cross-cultural night as the Moon trines Jupiter; bountiful excess.

Sunday, Aug 12 brings a New Moon in Leo, lets the heart fill up to overflowing, formalized expression can heal the soul of a community. Events are magnified, nothing small scale; it’s easy to make mountains out of molehills. But the simple truth is more effective, a clean taste after clutter. Romance, poetry, we want to see the beauty in life and be found beautiful, ignore us at peril.

Monday, Aug 13, we tend to be slow off the mark or second-guess as conflicting information this morning. Confusing circumstances can raise tension unless we acknowledge and move steadily as the Sun opposes Neptune and the Moon enters Virgo. Weather or water damage can affect transportation or change plans. Extraneous emotions need expression rather than action; plans in motion need to be put into form, details made manifest. Trust tradition, what is tried and true, and tested friendships, but don’t add to the tests as Venus conjuncts Saturn.

Tuesday, Aug 14 expect hazy, cross-current conditions as Mercury opposes Neptune, but what a wonderful time to dream, to float, to enjoy a sybaritic summer day. We understand more with our hearts and sympathies than we do with our brains and words, which run on nervously. Listen below the surface. Watch for unintentional misinformation or blatant lies, be aware of the boundary between daydream and intuition; we can believe our own stories and embroider from there. Tend to health issues and clear out that which drains our energy.

Wednesday, Aug 15 there’s a real potential for new understanding of how we truly feel, what we truly want, not what we’ve talked ourselves into, as Venus trines Pluto stimulates us to be honest and open our hearts, admit we care. Emotional volume is cranked up; it’s easy to bond together for humanitarian cause or for a simple act of kindness. Watch the self doubts or sulks that can creep in if we feel under appreciated, the antidote is to get out of ourselves for a minute and look through their eyes. See evening potential as the Moon enters Libra tonight.

Thursday, Aug 16 except for a slightly rocky patch around noon, it’s a sweet day to just be in relationship with the world. Decisions around personnel or design become clear this morning as the Libra Moon trines Mars. People really don’t want to deal with points of conflict; build on points of agreement first. Mild static midday makes it easier to tend to own projects, clear up legal issues. Evening is a time to deepen our human connections.

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