Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 1 – 7, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of August 1 – 7, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome to the peak of Leo season, as the Moon joins the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo. It brims with generosity and spectacle, but we truly are the center of our worlds, immersed in our own experience, and may find hard to get out of it to walk in another’s shoes. So how can we make this useful?

Leo helps us understand through expression; whether we see an opera and so come to understand, in a grand and symbolic form, something true about ourselves or our family dynamics, or listen to a blues rift that soothes the soul as it expresses some ineffable sadness of our own. Or watch the sunrise and so can feel the sun rising in our life, a return of hope, of possibilities.

Leo’s shadow is “Well, enough about you, let’s talk about me…” and just about every one of us has a corner of their soul whispering this, demanding more time. We cannot insist that others pay attention or be our audience, but we can give this to ourselves, and honor what part of us wants to be acknowledged.

This line up in Leo can help us shine, extend ourselves and be willing to be seen, the trick is can we appreciate our own self-reflections, let it be enough that we think we’re cool, even if the press isn’t writing enough about us this week. And to stay self-responsible; we got ourselves into this joy or sorrow, and we’re responsible for the process. Leo at its best can bring out our inner teacher or leader, someone who focuses the collective attention for the benefit of all.

Whatever we feed with attention will grow. If we don’t like what is going down, it doesn’t work to withhold emotionally, because that in itself is a form of attention, and the craving is for attention, not necessarily good attention, bad attention will do. Certainly a big fight will only feed the problem. But let’s redirect our attention away from behavior we truly do not want, and shine our light on what we do.

If we get lonely and don’t have a big enough audience, instead of demanding attention, it helps to figure out how to offer it. Be a great listener, extend a helping hand, and be loved back in return.

Today’s New Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo feeds our extroverted capacities; which can be a relief for those who run naturally shy and entertaining, or obnoxious, in those who are already a diva. It can hurt to feel underappreciated or taken for granted. The secret is to take turns and share the love.

As the weekend begins, communication glitches can intensify the drama as Mercury sesqui-squares Pluto. We can be as narcissistic in our self-criticism as we are in our enthusiasm. People can make mountains out of molehill because they love the excitement, but not the work, of the really mountainous issues. This is a time to make the most out of life, fill up with the balm of sunshine both inside and out.

Leo energy is social as all get out but also remarkably stubborn, people are as agreeable as pie, until crossed, and then watch the heels dig in. Sometimes a blatant play to their ego comes in handy, but all that’s really needed is to respect their position, and give them honor even as we disagree.

Next week Venus in Leo makes a few intense challenges which ups the volume on emotional extremes; great for the arts if tough on the heartstrings, but some loss, or loss potential, can also call us into a deep corner of our heart and let us feel what truly matters. We can make anything a party if we decide to take it with grace, if not we can get irritated with anything that is not a party, like work, health and responsibilities. Or spend way too much. Our sense of beauty needs to be fed, but we don’t have to overindulge; though a few flowers on the table will help.

Venus joins Mars and Saturn in Virgo on Tuesday and the first signs of fall’s agenda drifts in. We calm down the hyperbole, but have to make sure we don’t loose our humor in the process. Compassion comes easier but so does a certain nervous analysis. As Mercury opposes Neptune towards the end of the week, we can’t see to o clearly anyway, and should take notes, ask questions, but leave our minds open.

While the week is mostly sociable, some tension that sparks early on can entrench and set off fireworks later in the week as Mars opposes Uranus. While we are mostly safe, watch the weird accidents increase, and play it safe around equipment. The tension may be between people, or between conflicting desires in our own life, or tension towards a fighting a good fight. We may crave a break in routine, a break to freedom, shaking up the status quo, shifting the foundations. Bottled energy expands; let’s find a way to do it safely.

Friday, Aug 1 we want what we want, when we want it under this New Leo Moon. If we’re hard on ourselves, we don’t want to be contradicted, we want sympathy; play out the scene or refuse to participate, don’t bother being the voice of reason. Live fully, let everyone shine in their own way, and ignore another at a peril. Later, watch for manipulative language, but respond to the truth underneath the hyperbole. Be wild and live on the grand scale tonight.

Saturday, Aug 2 generosity opens up possibilities, give and we will receive as the Moon conjunct Venus in Leo and Mercury challenges Jupiter. Be stingy and be lonely. But real generosity tends to what they want, not just what we want to give. Evening, our tastes refine and our nerves get edgy as the Moon enters thoughtful Virgo; if some small complaint cramps our style, let’s slow down and look at what calls our attention rather than resist.

Sunday, Aug 3 brings serious note, a whiff of concerns to come as the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Virgo. Attend to loose ends and dangling responsibilities; plant seeds or ideas to sprout after Labor Day. Just watch a bustling officiousness with others, our pace has to be personal. Evening is collaborative and generous, good times mingle with social responsibility.

Monday, Aug 4 brings a tough morning as the Moon conjuncts Mars and opposes Uranus, and hints of conflicts to come. Notice the illusion of opposition, and look to the common ground underneath. Tension that springs now may simmer later in the week. Watch for a chance to heal a misunderstanding midday; heal, don’t hit them over the head with it. Later afternoon can leave us wondering if our situation will ever improve. But by evening the solution, or at least companionship in the process, seems closer. If we reach out tonight we’ll be well received as the Moon enters social Libra and Venus trines Pluto.

Tuesday, Aug 5 Venus joins Mars and Saturn in Virgo. A generally pleasant, cooperative and productive day. Feelings flow, some, but not all, of us want to understand the emotion; analysis it and define it, and find unique ways to express it, but more is understood by watching behavior than dissecting words.

Wednesday, Aug 6 the Libra Moon helps keep us cool and friendly under trying circumstances. Bad weather can cause collisions, whether this is actual or metaphorical. If the visibility in the air or in the heart is limited, move with consciousness as Mars oppose Uranus and Mercury opposes Neptune. Keep track of the car keys. Some impulse or tension demands action. Rhetoric can inspire us or lead us astray; listen and check the facts. Exercise, but play it safe. And don’t ignore tornado warnings. Soothe tonight as Moon makes supportive aspects to Neptune and Mercury.

Thursday, Aug 7 watch the retribution for yesterday’s sparks; let it go and get back to a more personal agenda. Honor a longing for introspection, a breathe of solitude after a busy week; keep the social schedule light and do something of substance as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus and Saturn. Make surgical decision, what to cut off, weed, and what to keep, but keep it to essentials.

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