Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Enjoy a burst of freedom as the Labor Day weekend begins, then get ready to get down to business, both for this fall, and for the next few years as Saturn enters Virgo.

Saturn symbolizes our work ethic, what we learn over time, and what we think of as our limits. As it spends two and a half years in a sign it teaches us through tough love; we get lessons of consequences and discipline which mature us through the nature of that sign. Eventually, like any good teacher, Saturn rewards and empowers us equal to the effort and responsibility we put in.

Saturn has been in Leo these last few years, the celebrity sign; celebrity behavior shot over the top and gave us some lovely examples of the tough consequences of self-absorption, Leo’s shadow side. A Leonine gift is the ability to lead. We have see the whole field of leadership shaken up in this country, and we’ve been reminded that being appointed and acting the part is not enough, we need to know how to work the part and to walk our talk.

On the positive side, Saturn has also strengthened Leonine generosity and responsible charitable behavior. It has supported acting as a disciplined and powerful craft. And we have new hope for responsible, responsive leadership, if we follow through on recent lessons. We have refined our forms of self expression, learned discipline in our self-promotion, and may have learned how to give generously in a more efficient and successful way.

As Saturn enters Virgo we’re headed into a few years’ growth spurt around issues of work, labor situations, health care, education and personal responsibility. The Sun and Mercurial are presently in Virgo, the symbol of harvest, reminding us to make hay while the sunlight shines, and to focus on the wheat, not the chaff.

We need to weed and prune, to remove what’s in the way of our life’s garden. But let’s not develop an obsession about weeds. That could be a challenge this week, our critical capacity runs deep as feisty Mars squares revolutionary Uranus. It’s a dynamic, even revolutionary aspect; a wild card, anything can happen.

We can use it to catalyze any change we want to make, if we just move with caution, and give everyone room to express their bountiful will. We can get pretty feisty, Mars is air-sign Gemini keeps the winds and the words stirred up and can make driving tricky. This square adds a wild note to the last weekend of the summer season. Expect a molten spike in action in the world’s trouble spots. But with reasonable patience and an eye on basic safety, we can harness this discontent into creative change. It’s a great time to quit smoking or take on another decisive resolution. Make it a productive revolution, play it for the long haul.

Mercury squares Pluto early next week, so this excitement may require us to let go of an element of the past, let go of summer to get on with autumn’s agenda. Tough news can tug our heartstrings and catalyze action.

Early next week we get the ball rolling, but expect some creative disagreements while we align our goals. It’s normal, so don’t get in a huff. We may agree on the problem, but not on a vision for improvement, or goals for the outcome. Or we agree on the outcome and not on the steps needed to get there. But our differing visions will actually create a more cohesive solution in the long run. The collaborative song sounds sweetest.

Friday, Aug 31 impatience can make us efficient if we can move at our own pace, but this very impatience can take us out of coincidence with others and cause delays. Pacing helps. We tend to be hot under the collar, easily set off but easily forgiving under an Aries Moon. Don’t get caught in a bottle neck nor feel pressured by arbitrary schedules; stick to what matters. Feel the energy shift this evening as the Moon shifts to more relaxed and comfort-seeking Taurus.

Saturday, Sept 1, keep it easy and steady; note the stubborn, willful undertone to a sensuous and productive day, don’t push. If a situation gets frustrating, take a break and vent in private, the energy runs mainly positive vibes but with flammable pools collecting nearby, so be careful what sparks fly. Engineering genius as well as the mechanical troubles to practice upon. Pleasant afternoon, watch for a review of old emotional scenarios tonight.

Sunday, Sept 2 changes begin as Saturn enters into Virgo and gives us hints about our next few years’ work; consider healthy resolutions. Later, moody longing for a time past, missing person or place as Mercury squares Pluto tonight. Existential discontent can be converted into curiosity as long as we don’t project it onto others. Avoid brutal words; ask if it’s both truthful and useful. Speak with loving honesty, as if it is the last chance to do so.

Monday, Sept 3 the Moon enters nervous and verbal Gemini breeding crosswinds with a streak of wild luck. Notice an excited, explosive, revolutionary, accident-prone energy; well directed, and with an eye for safety, it can take us far. Enjoy the day but please drive carefully. Our guardian angels are active but tired, give them some help and pay attention as Mars squares Uranus while Venus sextiles Mars. Winds pick up, evolutionary changes and storm clouds add torque, an electrical sizzle flares temper and romance. While there’s too much static for clear decisions, we do know when we’ve had enough. Stay in the moment, but make decisions for the long term.

Tuesday, Sept 4 is a day to cross-pollinate and network; check in with all the players and listen for what’s changed. Morning is impatient, risky as the Moon conjuncts Mars, avoid snap decisions. So much information comes out in tangential conversations. Get people talking until our ideas coordinate, make offers, plans, discuss possibilities this afternoon.

Wednesday, Sept 5 now we seek home, home turf, beloveds. Time to clean up recent messes or miss-alignments; mend bridges and human connections. Appeal to their sense of fairness rather than get defensive as Moon enters domestic, self-protective Cancer while Mercury enters egalitarian Libra. And feed them gently, our guts may be resonating from recent stress. Let people process their anxieties without trying to fix. Be liberal with reassurance and comfort, we’re more creative when secure.

Thursday, Sept 6 people may be emotionally needy; unsure about shifting sands, but new diplomatic abilities help we find balance between conflicting needs. Praise, use the carrot rather than a stick to get progress. Tend real needs that work their way to the surface. Thinking is foggy if open and compassionate, track details carefully.

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