Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Labor Day weekend, the Virgo holiday when we supposedly honor workers of the world by taking a break from our usual labors to enjoy summer’s end, but usually spend it on home or self improvement. This year, an industrious Virgo New Moon over Labor Day weekend, truly is great for any fix-it task or personal retreat.

The Virgo New Moon tends to stimulate a tough personal inventory, we look at our self, our house, our work, our world, and list all that needs to be done, whether as a conscious assessment, or as an unconscious feeling of overwhelm or litany of complaint, forms of low-level anxiety. We’ll feel better if we feel we’re getting somewhere and celebrate any step in the right direction.

We may feel low energy, but have endurance where we least expect it, it’s a wonderful time to choose a corner of our life and clear the space for a more harmonious future. Clean a closest for a fresh fall wardrobe, clear our system out so it can feel healthier in the future, or clean out a bad habit for more creative joy.

But there’s also a bittersweet tone in the air. It may be as simple as seeing the first sprig of fall leaves or sadness set off by something that seems like a loss (though it may be actually creating room for the next level of growth) or an impending situation that makes us wonder if we are enough or can love enough. Or accomplish what we’ve set out to do. We may feel haunted by memories, a longing may tug at our heart, or a challenge to or passing of some Venusian public figure can lance our own personal pool of sadness and let the feelings flow.

These feelings are bigger than the experience; it is the sadness, the beauty and sadness of the harvest. Every flower has to fade in order to create a seed, but this rightness may be hard to see when the petal first withers. It may helps to watch a sad movie and get it out of our system rather than look for the reason around us. Or we can start imagining ghosts in our relationship or disasters on the horizon where there aren’t any. Honor the past and let any heart-tugging open the heart rather than thicken its guarding.

Our hearts continue to stretch, and can learn to love more as Venus joins Mercury in more forgiving and creative (if a bit self-involved) Libra, and hovers beautifully together in the evening’s sky. Venus and Mercury conjunct in Libra nurture our relationships. If we’re feeling lonely it can bug us to get out of our social rut and connect. We’re nicer to strangers and want people to just be nice. But it may leave us in a socially delicate situation around work or duty that needs gentle finesse.

Midweek Mercury grows closer to conjunct Mars in Libra (exact next week), and brings new urgency to our ongoing projects. It makes some negotiations and campaigns more urgent because we want to press our point, but really don’t like conflict at the same time; gratuitous meanness will loose the audience. We need to be outspoken in a firm but diplomatic way in order to make progress.

Towards the end of the week, the industrious Virgo Sun conjunct serious Saturn and the fall work schedule begins in earnest. We’ll feel older, which may feel great to a second grader but less exciting to an elder with creaky bones. A serious, subdued, intensity strengthens under a Scorpio Moon and allows us to really concentrate on what is of core importance to us, but can make us really impatient with foolish concerns.

Watch the control issues where someone feels jealous, disrespected or not in control of their future. Do not tick off the bureaucrats, ex-mates or anyone else who can jerk a chain and make life complicated; wait until next week to take on that challenge.

It’s time to take responsibility and know that this is the only way to grow our personal authority, a satisfying aspect if we can dive into our work, a frustrating aspect if we’re not sure what that is. If we feel blocked, any progress will lighten out mood, so put one foot in front of the other.

Friday, August 29 a surplus of excess feeling may not be relevant to the task at hand, the store clerk is crying because of their dying grandmother, not because we handed them the wrong change. Campaigns rouse strong feelings in all directions. Be compassionate without taking things personally. An obsession may not be because we love the person, but because we’re feeling lonely; it pays to identify and work with the real feelings under this Leo Moon as Venus squares Pluto. We are aware of artistic costs and can find a creative outlet; let feelings flow rather than act out. Midday, we notice what we’re missing, but this can bring new-found appreciation for what we have as the Moon trines Pluto tonight.

Saturday, Aug 30 a clean sweep brings a fresh start under a New Moon in Virgo at 2: PM MDT. Clear the thoughts, habits, weeds in the way; invest in new disciplines that work. Celebrate each item checked off the list rather than be overwhelmed by its length, and let’s pace ourselves in this low but steady energy. Organize a work party to raise a barn or clean the river, but make it an invitation not a nag. Beauty in all forms heals as Venus enters aesthetic Libra. Evening is subdued, healing, with serious or formal undertones early on as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn but with enthusiasm later as Moon trines Jupiter.

Sunday, Aug 31 we make changes and adjust life to make it better as Moon opposes restless Uranus on this introspective day. Wandering, experimental quality midday readies us to make some internal shift, to let go. If the energy scatters, breathe deep and find the calm underneath before making long-term decisions.

Monday, Sept 1 is artistic and ingenious, sociable; we can make new connections, deepen old ones, and enjoy one another’s company as the Moon conjuncts Venus and Mercury in friendly Libra. . It’s a good time to hang out together, talk tangentially and agreeably about problems, grow mutual understanding without pushing the point, as we’ll tend to avoid confrontation and anyone with a chip on their shoulder.

Tuesday, Sept 2 still feels like a holiday, but the week picks up soon. Work the community and keep business expectations low on this wandering, disjointed day. It’s all about balance, composition and equal opportunity. Healing any rifts; getting everyone on the same page will save time later in the week. Summer’s hard work begins bear fruit.

Wednesday, Sept 3 sociable morning, afternoon broods into a serious, stormy evening; get personal early then get to work. Deadlines intensify as the Moon enters Scorpio, mutual authority and autonomy is tested and needs respect. Independent study or short-term, relevant projects further. Do not interrupt a busy person. Watch for misleading information midday as Mercury challenges Neptune; later, take concerns seriously or leave as the Sun conjuncts Saturn and requests that we take an honest personal inventory. We’ll feel younger in a day or two.

Thursday, Sept 4 restless morning; last night’s seriousness feeds today’s hopeful tools as the Sun trines expansive Jupiter. The energy is curious, we’re getting serious, getting ready to grow horizons and see the other guy’s perspective, though still deeply competitive. Midday is productive if we focus on one thing at a time. Evening is moody and internal; beauty and the natural world feed our soul. Take a hand and watch the sunset.

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