Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug. 22 – 28, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Aug. 22 – 28, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The harvest begins as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in industrious Virgo; we see the worth of what we planted, whether it was a solid business proposal, new curriculum or an old grudge. Efforts bear fruit and friendships sustain us.

Virgo season kicked in early this year, Mercury and Venus are already conjunct in Virgo nudging us to take a solid personal inventory and get busy. Maybe we’ve been avoiding what needs to be done, but we probably already know what that is. If someone complains at work, make them leader of the problem-solving committee.

Virgo is thoughtful, it asks us to weed, harvest, sift the wheat from the chaff as we critique our world, diagnose its ills and fertilize its strengths. Because Virgo asks us to understand with both empathy and intellect, and not just skim the surface, it’s a great time to start school or instigate the fall work season. Industriousness nags at us, so it can itch us to sit still. We’ll want to work on something solid, but its best if is our self, or our projects, but not on someone else.

The strength of our personality matters, not its dazzle, as the Sun trines Pluto this weekend. It’s not time to power trip, though some will try, it’s time to channel the mountains, feel the strength in our backbone and operate from the generosity this strength provides. An earthy Taurus Moon encourages us to still enjoy summer’s ripening fruit and lazy afternoons. Partners that have been too busy to cuddle may now find each other once again, and all of us will appreciate beautiful food for the senses as Mercury conjuncts Venus.

Taurus encourages us to not abandon summer yet, but to enjoy the ripening fruit and lazy afternoon. Partners that have been too busy to cuddle may now find each other once again, and all of us will appreciate food for the senses as Mercury conjuncts Venus.

Rest when possible, because changes are afoot. Information and ideas, some of them shocking, pour in to change our minds; swirling winds can kick up a ruckus or blow in new possibilities as Mercury opposes Uranus, questioning a political or social assumption we held dearly. Our whole sense of aesthetics is in metamorphosis, we’re ready to buy the fall wardrobe or flirt with a newcomer as Venus opposes Uranus. The longing for change will feed the political debate, but watch what it feeds on the home front.

This is exciting but can make for some peculiar and unstable thinking. And wiring, electrical surprises around equipment can cause accidents, so take the sparks seriously. If conversation thought is interrupted, let it go and come back later. If the train or plane is running late, prioritize safety. And back up delicate computer work now. If a wild idea occurs that tempts one to join the circus or cut off all hair; put in the hopper and let it brew. If it’s real, it’ll still be next week, if it seems too good to be true, it is under these erratic, brilliant, but not always realistic aspects.

Mid-week, security needs reassurance both in national security and our own personal variety. Political hot spots are tweaked to try and force countries to declare their allegiances, but our allegiance needs to be to truth and the golden rule. People can get a touchy if they have not had enough strokes lately, so be generous with praise.

We all have to carefully ask for what we want, avoid passive aggressive-tactics, or aggressive-aggressive, don’t argue or withdraw when we really want a hug, as Mercury and Venus squares Pluto under a Cancer Moon. Some public image or private trigger of loss or sorrow can stir the heart strings and need a considered, not reactive, response. It’s ok to le the feelings flow, and may be a time to process some old experience. Our homes need tending until our nest feels right; our worries need fresh air and sunlight. It helps if we can be there, first and foremost, for ourselves because this gives us the security to support and bargain with others. Those who have suffered loss lately, had a house foreclose or left family to go to school may be feeling insecure and potentially desperate unless they feel safety net of support. Reach out and reassure someone today, but as pride is an issue, let them know it is empathy, not pity. Respect makes all the difference. The end of the week finished in a social high note, diplomatic effort show progress as Mercury enters Libra.

Friday, Aug 22 brings an optimistic and practical morning as the Sun enters Virgo under an earthy Taurus Moon. Make contacts early because new information effects substantive decisions now in the works. Momentum builds, whether we like it or not. A tough realization can fray moods midday. Worries about unsettle decisions keep the conversation going; slow down the tendency to polarize. Odd minor stress complaints, especially around digestion and respiratory system just need gentleness. Evening is earthy, sensuous; enjoy song and strawberries in the twilight.

Saturday, Aug 23, we’re looking for solid benefit and stable growth but get dealt wild cards as Venus and Mercury oppose chaotic Uranus. Real quality abounds but can be misplaced; swirling winds and mistaken identity can confuse; check twice, measure thrice. Stay alert for unexpected opportunities as the Moon enters versatile Gemini this afternoon, some impulse buys are worth it. Moods shimmer; relationships shimmy, weave the web but keep emotional decisions short term. Tonight, seek intelligent entertainment, boredom is the only danger.

Sunday, Aug 24, brings a nervy and indecisive morning; we can get caught in our illusion or share the dream. Spirit can feel so close, the birds sing to the Creator on the morning wind, so inhale the summer’s beauty. Find the other person’s perspective and talk it out as Venus and Mercury in conjunct Neptune. All is potentially beautiful, but aesthetic projects need extra pragmatism to work.

Monday, Aug 25 socially gruff moments test us early on, a low-level nerviness can read as anxiety under a talkative Gemini Moon. Plans have changed over the weekend so check in with one another and survey the landscape. Investigate gently, we get defensive easily. Later, listen to the grapevine; answer the emails, strike up that conversation, look for doors opening. This evening a moody wind sweeps across the prairie as the Moon opposes Pluto, let it flow by rather than listen to its dark advice. As the Moon enters Cancer tonight, take care of one another.

Tuesday, Aug 26 morning sharpens edges as the Moon opposes Mars, don’t poke the sleeping tigers. Midday, we’re feeling generous but self-protective and painfully aware of our faults, no need for others to list them. Help us find the good and release the guilt instead. Don’t ask for creative risks. Take seriously questions about what nurtures us.

Wednesday, Aug 27 we’re distracted by family issues or local changes, working out what is our nerves and what’s real; if we’re not paying attention, it’s not personal. Mid-afternoon slows down; people are more compassionate, willing to connect and receive feedback as the Moon sextiles Mercury and Venus, but are still investigating and assessing as Mercury squares Pluto. Notice ambient sadness. Travel with eyes open. This evening some bottled-up aspect needs expression as the Moon enters Leo.

Thursday, Aug 28 what we know and what we feel may be at odds, and this is magnified by events. We need to act out and say what’s on our mind; but if we keep it clean and self-responsible we can have a break through in understand and fairness as Mercury enters Libra tonight.

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