Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 6 – 12, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 6 – 12, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

This weekend is magical, full of ripening potential. It’s hard to stay in doors when the open roads and sprouting crocus call to us and nascent green shoots coat parklands like first whiskers on an adolescent boy. Nature wants us to come out and admire its handiwork. Or maybe it’s just the Sagittarius Moon whispering its call to the wild.

Reach out and connect this weekend while communication is unusually good, if not intimate and private. Connect with a strange thought, a new person or experience, a different species in this adventurous moment as the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn form a grand trine. Plan big, it may take longer to reach the top of the mountain than we think, but now it a great time to see possibilities and get started. Action happens quickly, so let’s be proactive and make sure it’s action we want to occur.

Hope floats under this Sagittarius Moon, and as energizing Mars sextiles Pluto, then enters Pisces. It helps us let down our swords, or fight for a cause, to protect some vulnerable place, person or character trait, rather than just get stubborn. It gives us a quiet but steadier energy source, softens some of our resistance and temper, makes it easier to work together. Problems seem unusually surmountable, situations subtle, but more possible. And we’ll tend to feel more attractive in the process.

The mood changes sharply on Tuesday, becoming more determined, less humorous; enough with the spring frivolity, efficiency matters and serous decisions need to be made as Mercury squares Pluto then enters Aries. We may get some final answers on plans begun at the end of February but put on hold mid-March. It may be time to make a surgical move and cut losses, but think it through first. Our minds can investigate dark corners while Mercury squares Pluto, so honor any sadness or concerns, awareness of what has been lost, but don’t believe the worst thoughts our minds can dredge up. Do use this excellent research time to prepare and investigate. Solve mysteries but watch what’s said in the head of an argument.

Venus enters Gemini midweek and lightens the mood as it makes conversation easier along the way. The end of the week has a more flirtatious quality, which encourages networking, negotiations, and humorous repartee even as it can make us nervous. We’re encouraged to see the beauty in potential.

Friday, April 6 our attention wanders; we’re ready to learn, but we want a field trip, want to let go of the project we’ve been holding and do something completely different as Mars enters sensitive Pisces while the Moon enters freewheeling Sagittarius. We’ll tend to drag our feet and resist our tasks and outside authority midday, but do it with a fresh and cheerful attitude as the Moon squares Mars. This afternoon, intriguing ideas abound, but paper work gather s dust and the timetable dissolves. Evening is adventurous, but undirected; coordinating plans can be like herding cats, unfocused but potentially fun.

Saturday, April 7 is friendly, sociable and sunny with big ambitious, it’s hard to be indoors. We’ll speak up frankly in the name of honesty and can be accidentally antagonistic as the Moon squares Mars midday. Listen to the siren-song of far away places; the outdoors, foreign people, intriguing new ideas, we want to stretch horizons. Our distraction can make us klutzy with what’s boringly familiar. It’s easier to\ push for short-term results if we see how they contribute to long-term efforts. Meet with old allies and new contacts tonight, build community as the Moon trines Sun and Saturn.

Sunday, April 8 is solid and enthusiastic, if scattered; strengthen connection and enjoy a spontaneous twist on old traditions as the Sun trines Saturn. It’s a great time to get family stories or learn from elders, while at the same time utilizing any chance to talk about fate, future work, and healthy responsibilities. Let any melancholy wash through mid-afternoon and avoid giving advice unless requested as the Moon squares Mercury. We notice who’s not here, and what still needs to be done as the Moon conjuncts Pluto; this can stimulate new plans later as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Monday April 9 brings a competent and ambitious, potentially cutthroat morning; hit the ground running and take advantage of opportunities. They will not wait around. We’re ready to think big as the Sun trines Jupiter, but want to see concrete information and solid results. Have the details but present the essentials. Remember to be fair along the way as this is an intensely karmic grand trine; what goes around, comes around, and with amazing speed. Tonight, watch where the mind wanders, exercise it on something worthy and avoid an obsessive streak. Pose a question, take some down time and let the subconscious work tonight as Mercury squares Pluto in the week hours.

Tuesday, April 10, we may be painfully aware of what’s missing this morning, which will make some sad, some mad, and others more determined; how we respond is our choice. Results of tough decisions become visible, cut out waste, cut loses, but do not cut off that which just needs a little attention to heal. Watch a depressive streak, stay in the moment, this feeling may be authentic now, but it tells you nothing about tomorrow. Mysteries are posed and other solved by dint of effort, but don’t waste time on conspiracy theory. Although a few more Machiavellian people are withholding information for their own nefarious purposes, many of us just can’t talk about what’s percolating at a deep level, it doesn’t mean we’re hiding anything.

Communication opens up again tonight as Mercury enters Aries, but will tend to skim over the inner motivation and go straight to action. Watch for minor explosions as we clear the channels.

Wednesday, April 11 we may need to put personal needs on the back burner for the next few days and tend to our place in the pack. We need to ask what do we owe the group, how do we live up to family, community and global responsibilities while still being true to ourselves as the Moon enters Aquarius and the Sun sextiles idealistic Neptune. We’re asked to do what we said we would, and act according to our philosophy. Tonight, our sense of humor return, irreverent and impatient Venus enters Gemini, sparking up new conversations, we flirt with words and a glance, though may feel less in our bodies and more in our minds. Attention flits from place to place, time to cross-pollinate ideas.

Thursday, April 12 brings potentially crank awkward moments; if we begin to butt heads against regulations or calcifications as the Moon and Mercury challenge Saturn midday, it will help to slow down and deepen. Use this Saturn energy to buckle down to a tough job, wrestle logistics, or bring a piece of work to completion. We may work better in intense spurts, then take a break. Skip calls that require cuddliness and generosity. The world may feel heavy midday but lightens this evening, as imagination and shared vision returns when Moon conjuncts intuitive Neptune. Realism and the reality police melt away.

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