Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 4 – 10, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 4 – 10, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Want to start something? Start it this weekend on the first New Moon of the astrological year. This Aries New Moon is fueled with extra fire as Venus joins the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries on Sunday, just as the Sun activating, with some good-sized solar flares exciting our atmosphere and turning up the volume on history.

Aries likes to take risks and be the first, it craves intensity and a cause to believe in. After all the recent thoughtful Pisces complexity, it’s easy to long for a clear case of good guy versus bad guy, and so start to simplify any conflict in black and white terms. So much for political subtlety and profound rhetoric for the moment, we’re back to sound bites and snappy comebacks.

On a good day Aries encourages us to have gumption, to start over like a spring bulb cutting through mucky mulch to reach for the pale spring sunlight no matter how cold was its personal winter. This brash enthusiasm helps us face our own challenges with new fervor, helps us sort out what’s important to us and what is not, thought makes it harder to patiently finish what we’re supposed to do if we cannot see an urgent reason. Paperwork is much easier if we see a clear and desirable end result and attack it in short spurts.

The Aries season is known for its directness: a simple laugh or honest love. It’s now easier to express any thought or emotion except vulnerability or need, and this can have its awkward moments, like a kid who tells their mother off and then has to sheepishly ask for a ride to the ball park. We really want the people we love to make it easer to need them and keep our pride intact, so need them to read our clues and not make us spell it out or beg, or have them do anything which they’d hold over our head as a debt. We’d rather go it alone, thank you very much. Aries energy is openhearted but competitive and impatient. We don’t mind the other person winning, as long as we don’t loose.

But Aries doesn’t mind a fight; in fact, it’s the time of year when we see it out, from mating bulls to competing school teams. This fight can be as simple as a good pillow fight to clear the air or as belligerent as a barroom brawl. Or as serious and uncompromising as a political revolution from a people who just won’t take it anymore. This rebellious energy sparks just as those with entrenched Aries power, the military or other macho power nexus, don’t want their strength questioned.

Aries is a fire signs, ideas catch fire and so do tempers. More literally, so do abandoned property and incendiary devices. Aries can inspire us to rush into things without looking where we’re going, to shoot first and aim second. And to long for, reach for, whatever is just beyond our reach. As the weekend ends and this longing aches as Venus squares Pluto.

Early next week as the waxing Moon enters fertile Taurus is an optimal time to start seeds, indoors if the climate insists, and to plant seeds of any idea or project we’d like to grow like a weed. Lets all be careful what combustible fuel we leave lying around and thoughtfully choose where to let the fires dance, where to pour oil on the fire of enthusiasm and where to douse the flickers of contention.

Friday April 4 begins thoughtful and sweet, if emotional as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Venus, but ramps up towards a wild night wrestling with the soul as the Moon enters Aries and squares Pluto. We do not want the ordinary, crave intensity; the fire flows well without obstacles, potentially wild and joyful, but we’re willful and even small disagreements can conflagrate. Keep it simple and direct, and most of all, alive.

Saturday, April 5, keep expectation and agenda light. We speak our minds; want to do what we want to do, when we want to do it. Will tend to start many projects or wander restlessly, but not have the patience to finish. Keep activities quick and intense, and watch the sharp tools in the process. Best to break routine and find a once in a year opportunity. Brainstorm about the future and start something wonderful as the Moon hits new at 9:54 pm as Venus enters Aries tonight.

Sunday, April 6 has a difficult spin as the Sun challenges Saturn; our least convenient feelings press to be heard and can wrestle for control within and between ourselves. We may want to formalize a new beginning, but watch for an authoritative crackdown on rebellious energy. A desire to prove the point can supersede actual intelligence, but our muscles can feel so good if we tackle a more concrete challenge, like wrestling the boxes in the basement or mud in the field. Evening softens, grows stubborn and sensual as the Moon enters Taurus.

Monday, April 7 is a great day to start seeds or plant other pragmatic beginnings;
Hardworking and impatient, great for physical progress. But watch a tendency to lean into the wind, to run ahead of oneself and so get off balance, make mistakes as Mercury semi-squares Neptune. Communication could be off, accidents more likely under difficult weather or misleading circumstances. Check in with what one really needs, underneath the bustle, tonight.

Tuesday, April 8 use a wave of optimism to move forward this energized morning. Repair recently tested relationships and catch up on personal business while people are in a relatively good mood, if not exactly cooperative. Midday our stubborn streaks can duke it out, but wit quickens this afternoon and gives us more room. Listen for important messages as the Moon enters Gemini around dinnertime; the wires buzz tonight.

Wednesday, April 9 offers a chance to fix old wrongs as the Sun sextiles Chiron, if we keep talking, and listen as much as we talk. A good day for cold calls and quick new contacts. Keep it short and a dialogue; people have a short attention span. Tell as story to illustrate a point, work around the defenses rather than take them on. Let the quirks show.

Thursday, April 10 make all contacts early while people are feeling generous and cooperative. Watch expenditures under an urge to expand to excess, to give into the desire of the moment as the Sun squares Jupiter. Legal decisions and philosophical issues are on the table to debate as Mercury squares Mars later on. Edges sharpen, reflexes can twitch; let’s pay extra attention to how we move if irritated. Our self-protected walls come up, we need to nest and regroup tonight as the Moon enters Cancer tonight.

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