Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 27 – May 3

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 27 – May 3

by Heather Roan Robbins

Calmer seas lie ahead; we can feel the shift in the wind by the end of the week. But throughout the month of April and through the first week of May we’re immersed in the power of unsettling planetary patterns.

Unsettling, transformative, exciting; these enlivening Uranian aspects do not make this process positive or negative, just challenge us with creative discontent. We are asked not to stay where life is only ok; do something about it. These patterns energize those already in a creative process and can help us rock out of our familiar ruts boldly go where we have not gone before. But for those who feel stuck and do not know they have options, the discontent can be anxiety producing, even explosive.

This week we overflow with a full range of emotions, we can expect all four seasons of the heart in any one day as energizing Mars conjuncts erratic Uranus and forms a T-square with expansive Jupiter opposed heart-centered Venus. Luckily thoughtful Mercury leaves reactive Aries, enters solid Taurus and slows down our reaction time, we’re no less stubborn and persistent once we get going, but this can give people better impulse control than they’ve had these last few volatile weeks.

Sensuality and romance, and all the primal emotions those can bring up; the air it thick with pollen and pollinating energy. Spring reminds us that are can feel good to be embodied. With Venus and Mars square these last few weeks, relationships are under renovation, we can feel the restlessness of spring fever, but an emotional discontent or irritability can get in the way. Some of us will feel this as an internal pull, as if our inner anima and animus, our creative spirit and practical capacities need mediation to work together. Others will feel it in our relationships, and wonder if our needs are operating at cross purposes. It can also enliven our relationships if we can find our differences intriguing rather than irritating.

This weekend starts out on a tense, exciting note, trouble brewing for a few weeks come to a head as Mars conjuncts Uranus, creating an internal tension that has made nerves and wires threadbare. This symbol is electrified (Mars-Uranus) water (Pisces). The Mars-Uranus-Jupiter aspect activates the ghost in the system, any electrical equipment may act as if it has poltergeist, but it also graces us with technical and engineering intelligence to help us solve those mechanical problems, invent new technical marvels, and learn anything to which we set our minds.

This line-up brings an experimental energy which helps us reach for new answers across the board; it encourages changes big and small, from the recent interest in ecological causes to a more personal curiosity about the end of the school year and what the summer could bring. It energizes us, can help us accomplish any physical challenge if we can just get started, which helps clean up after the flood or start our spring workout. If we can decide on what to do in this scattered squaring energy-field. But let’s make sure to warm up, and pace ourselves, as this aspect also makes us more prone to accidents and muscle strains, especially around the foot and leg (Pisces rules the feet.).

On the big screen, Now through Wednesday, watch for escalation of ongoing wars and a more subtle indirect form of anger, subterfuge versus direct assault. Or for anger turned inwards against ourselves. Let’s vote for a better alternative with our thoughts and prayers, and work towards a more positive change.

We have to make wise choices. It’s too easy to over-generalize; if a relationship or work situation is difficult, it’s now tempting to jettison the whole package rather than work on the specific incident. But that will not help in the long run.

Whenever Uranus is activated we can crave excitement; it’s easy to focus on or magnify emergencies a thousand miles away, rather than tend to the more mundane problem close to home. But the power of these experimental, alternative-seeking aspects can help us enliven. If we’re bored, let’s take a completely new approach.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction can bring help to real victims, but also make some feel like a victim who is just in an awkward place. If we don’t own our contribution the process, we won’t be able to kick it into gear. We may feel something’s stopping us, but that could be a product of our own mixed feelings and conflicting desires. Because we feel four planets, and as least as many interests or concern, gifts and possibilities tugging us in opposite directions, life can feel complicated. If we can focus on a farther-ranging goal, whether it’s the benefit of all sentient beings or a move to Brooklyn, we can harness all this disparate energy and work it together.

Saturday and Sunday, the Libra Moon wants to be sweet and cuddly, but that volatile Mars-Uranus, Venus-Jupiter square can keep us stirred up. Volatile energy inspires us to fight for a cause whether we just fight or get passive-aggressive in our resistance; it makes us fully able to say “enough”. Supportive aspects to Venus from both Saturn and Neptune help stabilize our feelings, if we’re clear about our goals this can be a creatively dynamic time, great for sculpture, musical collaboration, potlucks and other visceral form of expression. But we may want to sculpt our beloved or knock the block off our politicians.

Enjoy the sweetness on Sunday and Monday; weave connection during this sociable window. Midweek, a Full Moon in Scorpio pumps up the emotional volume again and adds storm clouds. It sharpens the lazar of our intention, so let’s aim our focus with care. It’s archaeological, time to dig in the garden, overturn rocks, compost, and excavate a closet, a memory, or a soul. Towards the end of the week some blockade breaks open; when the dust settles, we can feel a new stability and support return.

Friday, April 27 is nervous, exciting; a critical turning point as the Virgo Moon forms a grand square with Mars/Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter. Pay attention to health, work-reforms or self-improvement questions. Breakthroughs or breakdowns, endings and beginnings; be kind to the nervous system, gentle to other’s anxieties. It’s too easy to fight, to see the chaff and ignore the wheat. Check in with your intuition regularly. Explore new concepts, make adjustments. Experiment rather than decide; change aesthetics not friendships. Make no long-term emotional decisions if possible; build a working hypothesis and check it out again next week. Watch impulsive reactions and fast comebacks tonight don’t be late as Mercury semi-squares Mars, great for debate but watch the sharp edges.

Saturday, April 28 it’s hard to please anyone this unsettled morning; find a core of eccentric contentment and offer to share it instead. Stay cool if nerves frazzle and efforts are disjointed and interrupted; focus on how, not when. Ingenious but uncooperative. Disappointment or impatience around noon softens and socializes, time for a party late afternoon as the Moon enters Libra; sparks of all types fly this evening. Drive, flirt and handle fire with care as Mars conjuncts Uranus; it’s time for improvisational creative collaboration.

Sunday, April 29 cuddle in bed as long as possible; make peace, reweave recently–tested connections. Be gentle and come to a new understanding under a friendly Libra Moon as Mercury challenges Venus. Utilize this new cooperative energy to take on a logistics frustration, clean up after a party or encourage a job or purpose search as Mars inconjuncts Saturn. Notice a subtle, but enduring shift in power or position, both in politics and in friendships. We may need extra rest tonight; feeling like a bow after the arrow’s shot. Ahhh.

Monday, April 30 letters and olive branches, emails and overtures as the Moon make supportive aspects all day. A competitive edge asks us to put our best foot forward to be included in further plans. Friendly when appreciated kindly, stubborn as a mule when pushed. Mars squares Jupiter and can alter the course of war, either call a ceasefire or escalate; it’s our choice whether the war is with a neighbor or nation. Venus gives us the imagination to change the course of life, love and the pursuit of art tonight as it trines Neptune. Good for all traditional May Eve fertility celebrations. Let the magic in.

Tuesday, May 1 magnifying glass can intensify the Sun’s rays until it burns, our magnified emotions can do the same as the Moon heads into Scorpio, waxing full early tomorrow morning. Potential for real confrontations, don’t bait wild animals or people who can act like one. This is a shamanic, powerful, symbolically loaded time, the depths of our psyche come up to be dealt with; find the gold and let the dirt wash away. Trust issues abound, though some are just being private, not secretive. Some problem may cause us to ask for assistance just when we want independence. If forced to cooperate to handle a shared problem, be as gracious as possible, the long-term outcome may be surprising.

Wednesday, May 2 a Full Moon at 4:09 am MDT leaves us resonating, dreams run deep and wild stirring the deep creatures of our soul even if we don’t remember them. Moody and distracted, territorial and possessive; don’t take the bone from the dog or cross boundaries unless vitally important. Unfinished business needs work. Notice a new determination to continue some deep and private transformation.

Thursday, May 3 our minds can go to squirrelly places this morning as Mercury challenges Pluto; tend the day’s problems, knuckle down and do the work, but do not give up nor read too much into the future. Honor an ambient sense of loss, let it flow through rather than attach to it. Mood shifts later afternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius, the horizons brooded agenda forgiveness can soften our hearts. Time to take a break and get a fresh perspective, beloveds need to get away and talk to strangers.

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