Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 25 – May 1, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 25 – May 1, 2008

 by Heather Roan Robbins

Our spirits grow tenacious. We can feel as gentle and determined as Ferdinand the Bull of childhood story fame, he preferred to sniff pansies in the sunshine, but if stung, would win the bullfight.  Let’s fight a pile of work, or for a cause instead of fighting one another this weekend as Mars, Venus and Jupiter continue to square off.

Long-standing feuds may simmer, but let this be a friendly rivalry between school teams or with our personal best and not get distracted by sibling or sibling-like rivalry with co-workers or friends. Though this week may be the perfect time to finally speak up and let them see our brilliant idea as mental Mercury sextiles electrical Uranus. Or time to return the faulty product or stand up for ourselves in some important and symbolic way, even if we won’t really change any minds. Watch the headlines, as community action will let us see which way the winds blow.

It is the sensual season with Mercury, the Sun, and soon Venus in tactile, cuddly Taurus. This Taurean energy can really enrich our relationships even if it’s also remarkably stubborn.  Our senses need feeding, and we can develop a cavernous appetite unless we find alternate ways to feed them, moving our muscles, seeing, smelling  the beauty of spring flowers, bathing in sunlight, birdsong, eating quality versus quantity. This tenacity is good for planting deep rooted crops of any kind, but if any relationship gets into a wrestling match, it may be best to take a break and think about what the other has said away from the squared-off chins and dug in heels.

And find a creative way to make up after the fight. Venus sextiles Neptune and encourages us to move beyond the tension with a little imagination and a lot of touch. This interesting combination of tension, tenacity, and creative inspiration can really enhance engineering or architectural work, or any place composition and competence need to balance.

Early next week, take the pressure off personal relationships under a friendly Moon in Aquarius; take it out to the streets or back to the tribe. Listen to a strong urge to get away from the desk and go splash in the water, but if the garden calls, weed rather than plant. We’re talkative, ready to explore new design, new approach or a radical view as Mercury sextiles Uranus, trines Jupiter, and square Neptune.

Publishing innovations, technological fixes; this is an excellent time to buy high-tech products or master a new piece of equipment. Imaginations run high, but let’s not get so carried away that we shift into fiction without even knowing we’ve crossed the barrier. Watch for unintentional deceit or weird misunderstandings, people will see our point and change their minds if we give them room to keep their pride intact and make it look like it’s their idea.

As April ends and May begins, we shift into a more intimate and sensual mode as Venus enters earthy Taurus, trines Pluto and Saturn and the Moon enters Pisces.  Let’s take a moment to grow closer to ourselves and so more able to grow closer to another. Bittersweet memories swirl as the wheel of life turns.  Our soul feels more vulnerable, our words are taken seriously; don’t say it unless it’s real.

Friday April 25 the morning can have a grim feeling; as if there is too much to do and so many deep concerns that distract us from all that work as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Issues of power, control, and competence simmer.  Momentum builds, but needs coordination, and many people are watching to make sure everyone is pulling their own weight as Mercury sesqui-squares suspicious Pluto; check in and stay involved.   A hopeful, imaginative Venus-Neptune sextile adds a softer sparkle and creative edge, encourages expression of hope and warmth this afternoon. Plans shift tonight as a more unsettle Sun-Uranus aspect shifts our gears.

Saturday, April 26 don’t try to sit quietly under the tree, someone will ask you to weed the garden on this industrious day. It may be hard to motivate, but we’ll all feel better if the to-do list has been checked off, and will have surprising stamina once we get going.  Do projects that delight the soul as well as the necessary tasks. Let’s do it ourselves rather than delegate, others may really need to sit in the shade. A competitive edge adds oomph to sports, politics, and conversation around the dinner table.

Sunday, April 27 confusing messages early on, let everyone check in with everyone after the first dust settles and realign priorities.  Tend to ritual and logistic in the morning, and then take care of people this afternoon when the Moon enters gregarious Aquarius. Mind-opening conversations tonight as Mercury sextiles Uranus, give ingenuity a chance to sparkle.

Monday, April 28, even though the morning is more scattered and diffuse than we’d like, once we get on track it’s a day of liberating activities, steady action which allows us to weave together various threads to make a whole. Just know that it may be a while before we really see where we’re going as Mercury moves into a square with Neptune for the next week.  Our minds speculate and can wander into to fertile creative places, ready to dream big dreams, or space out staring at the clouds. Be generous but don’t be talked into enabling behavior as Mercury trines Jupiter.

Tuesday, April 29 this mental fogbank lets us dream away but we can completely miss the signals or get lost in the haze as Mercury square Neptune, sextiles Mars.  It’s a great day to disappear into novel. If we can stay on track this line up offer enterprise working with imagination, a great time to pursue any imaginative project or spiritual practice.  But we need to pay close attention to the thin veil between fiction and reality and check all facts or assumptions, as many people will be lost in the fog.

Wednesday, April 30 unsettled feelings swirl together recent events and old memories, let us catch up on our personal homework. We see the energetic ramifications of what we’ve planted before as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces while Venus enters Taurus and trines Saturn and Pluto. Sit with it but don’t stew, process without attaching to the problem, let the feelings flow. Do not test love; know if someone is not there for us at the moment, it may be because they too are busy with an internal agenda, and not because they don’t love us.

Thursday, May 1 old friends and familiar situations help us stabilize our emotional gyroscopes as Venus trines, and Mercury squares, Saturn.  Let’s not judge another’s coping skills, but just find our own. Love and hope in the face of loss may be an ongoing theme; we may be asked for compassionate action to a major event or a lonely friend, or need to be there for someone in a tight space, and need to balance their needs with ours. It’s a day to practice the golden rule, and be there for others as we would have them be there for us, no more nor less.

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