Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 24 – 30, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 24 – 30, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Like brash young animals or vibrant spring storms, this week’s mood runs friendly with zero patience; it’s direct, clear and open but can get stubborn and reactionary quickly if a situation starts to tip as Venus joins Mars in fiery Aries, and both square Pluto. Luckily the Sun and Mercury in earthy Taurus can soothe as it loans us solid Taurus determination and practicality, if we can slow down enough to feel it.

Venus speeds up our emotional reaction time as it enters Aries today; we laugh louder, fall in love faster and can hate in a flash. We’ll be more inclined to initiate than last week, whether it is a new business proposal or a new affair. Just don’t ask us to admit we need anyone. Our first reaction to any sparky interaction can be primal and intense; we may want to punch them out, shoot their head off, kiss their socks off or stomp off to the mountains by ourselves to prove we need no one. None of this is terribly mature, but it is rather honest.

We can feel so urgent about some issue in our life that it shakes the timbers loose. The Aries energy is live fire; heavenly inspiration in smaller doses, but can be a wildfire if it gets out of control. When people get difficult, (and they will) a militant solution may seem obvious, but only scratches the surface of the problem, whether we’re dealing with a misbehaving child or sea-faring pirate. The whole globe just needs to count to ten before we respond.

If we create just a little more room in our reaction time, our more evolved self can kick in the Aries bravery, clarity and directness instead. Then we’re cool as long as we’re talking and have hope for improvement.

But we can’t count on this in a crowd, global political hotspots (and personal emotional ones) percolating since a Mars-Uranus conjunction mid-April can now take fire quickly. War zones and volcanoes can blow up with too much fire or too little communication.

Because there is an underlying energy that is looking for a good fight, we need to keep an eye out for distracting tensions and choose our fight carefully. We can challenge our selves to a personal best, or to overcoming tough odds. If we are normally shy and retiring, this may be just the urge need to speak up and be counted. It may be time to right some old wrongs, but not if we waste this energy blaming the past rather than improving the future.

This energy is direct, but our path to our goals may not be. We can make a decision in a snap, instinctually, but may shift as suddenly back the other direction. We’re not vacillating, we’re zigzagging to keep pursuers off our tail. And making sure all advantages are seized.

Waiting is hard. If we’d rather gnaw off our hand than wait for a call, a job, an opportunity, it helps to do what we can to open doors, and then get busy with some other consuming project.

The weekend begins with the year’s most fertile New Moon in Taurus which can do wonders for our romantic life, or our creative process, if we don’t overload it with expectations. But for these that don’t have an outlet for its earthy fire, we can see drama on a primal scale.

It’s a good week to make changes around the house or in domestic policy, the Aries restlessness can be channeled into long-term improvement; move the big pieces now, finesse the details later.

Friday, April 24 brings a feisty, positive morning as Venus joins the Moon in Aries. Expect ingenuity midday as Mercury sextiles Uranus; stay mobile, we are decisive; we’ve just changed our minds. Get cozy later as the Moon joins Mercury and the Sun in Taurus this evening.

Saturday, April 25
is a most fertile and sensuous day, the New Moon in Taurus is the astrological May Day. Plant seeds with care and intention; it’s time to initiate or fertilize anything we want to grow, though it may be tempting to laze around and feed the senses instead. Keep it slow and steady today. Don’t seed a feud. A confusing, romanticizing Mercury-Neptune square can drag us into fantasy land for good or evil later on. Watch a tendency to over indulge tonight.

Sunday, April 26 implacable meets immovable; as long as there’s not friction, we’re fine. Steady, inspired progress where there’s agreement, but confrontations can become battling rams as Mars square Pluto. We do better if we have a concrete and physical challenge to face or a safe place to be competitive. Testosterone poisoning can make any interaction a territorial dispute. Communication improves vastly mid-afternoon as the Moon enters Gemini, but look below the rational for the real motivation.

Monday, April 27
it’s not easy to change course; we just need to talk out what’s going on. Orders are given whether they’re followed or not. Logistical difficulties, old confronts the new midday as the Moon square Saturn. Great ideas launched; trust fate to sort out practical from impractical, we don’t have to fight it so hard.

Tuesday, April 28
keep them talking, tempting though it is to act first and think later. Work with resistance to structure, chores or routines; we handle emergencies better. Rather than confront, encourage one another to step up to the plate. Defenses climb quickly if challenged, but we can turn this heat into domestic industriousness as long as we think it is our won idea.

Wednesday, April 29
edgy morning as the Cancer Moon squares Mars; many act as if the best defense is a good offense, it only escalates to engage. Midday confuses; assume difficulties are misunderstanding or crossed wires, and clarify. Energy levels are rocky and need soothing or stretching. Reconsider the day later tonight for a clearer perspective as the Moon sextiles Saturn.

Thursday, April 30
brings erratic responses or odd technical glitches early as the Sun challenge Uranus. We can feel the winds shifting; conversation scintillates, but our concentration suffers as Mercury enters Gemini and the Moon enters Leo. A whole new batch of contacts, resumes and connections unfold. Pushy conversations; be entertained but defer a decision until it is on fair terms.

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