Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 20 – 26, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 20 – 26, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Momentum is building, whatever seeds we planet now will grow, so lets make it constructive as the Moon waxes, the Sun enters fertile Taurus, Saturn turns direct, and mental Mercury makes empowering trines to the astrological arbiters of the social and professional world, Jupiter and Saturn.

Look for movement on an event or effort that began last summer when Saturn was last at 18 degrees of Leo, slowed down, or got complicated in December as Saturn turned retrograde, and begins to shift now that Saturn ‘s back at 18 degrees of Leo. Check in with any slow-cooking they need fertilizer now.

Although the Sun in Taurus is usually a nice, steady time, this year our electrical and nervous systems run an unusual amount of voltage as energizing Mars in watery, high-strung Pisces conjuncts electrical Uranus. Mental Mercury is in impulsive Aries, which gives usual bravery, but poor impulse control. Watch for stress-induced bad decisions; if someone seems white around the eyes like a nervous horse, help them consider possibilities before they bolt. Expect to see a continuation of accidents and explosions in the news, though most of us will be just fine, and a new sense of stability can return that may have been missing last week while Saturn appeared stationary. The Virginia killing was a recent and very sad version, most of us will feel a much milder form of this stress, but the insulation feels threadbare on nerves and electrical circuits (the internal and external version of the same force) for one more week, leaving some wired, others tired, and a few without email.

All this week, as last week, Venus and Mars, the two planets of emotions square off, Mars conjuncts erratic Uranus, and mood swings can be intense; they are better cared for and stabilized rather than analyzed; they aren’t logical, honor them and let them flow by.

Meetings, whether a hot date or a fascinating new work connection can be productive as long as we let everyone have their say this weekend as Mercury trines Saturn and Jupiter. We’re not really interested in the lighter social fluff, but want more substance in our conversation, focus on tougher subjects. We’d prefer no-hassle, steady effort and cooperation, want to know the situation is win-win but we can argue with tenacity or negotiate a hard bargain if we need to. Follow up on budding opportunities quickly. Listen for pronouncements of intentions, political, personal and professional, and new rules concerning safety or security.

We may be feeling unusually tender and defensive under a Cancer Moon and as that Mars-Venus square perfects. Gender differences magnify, which can be lovely when we’re getting along, but easily clash unless keep our hearts open. Relationships can feel volatile, striking up suddenly and under unusual circumstances – or straining at the bit. Self-protection and an unspoken vulnerability can bring out an argumentative undertone in love or work It’s tempting to take a step back if the going gets rough but we need to let them know we haven’t gone far; abandonment issues will run close to the surface. Watch how fast people soften and calm down with honest reassurance.

Towards the end of the week, temporary narcissism can make a few of us unusually demanding, and we all may crave stimulation to let us know we’re alive. Some difference is brewing for a showdown by the end of the week, let’s play it safe and not make it in our life, or let it define us. Pragmatically, watch for continuing water damage, seepage or leaks, especially around electrical equipment.

Friday, April 20 text messages and emails buzz, gossip, news flashes and mediation effort keep us humming; be open to wild cards on the wings of words. Speak soft words to a beloved as the verbal Gemini Moon conjuncts Venus. Unsettled midday; Moon squares Uranus could bring short-term disappointments. Afternoon brings more constructive conversations as the Moon sextiles Mercury and Saturn, and loosens into a social, nervous, wild-edged evening, which can tempt us to unwind way to far; sleep, may be elusive.

Saturday, April 21 brings a sane and thoughtful morning; we may feel tired, or with heaviness of spirit, but imbued with strength and determination as Mercury trines Saturn and the Moon opposes Pluto; it’s time to be the grown-up. Make overtures in the morning, we soften back into our own world, want to nest, heal and regenerate later as the Moon enters more domestic and moody Cancer. If security worries nibble us, it helps to say little and look for the bigger picture; express generosity for those who need more that we do as Mercury trines Jupiter. Chew on important ideas and comfort foods on this sensitive, introspective night.

Sunday, April 22 instigates surprises and changes; expect some static as the Sun semi-squares electrical Uranus. Watch for misplaced equipment or information, or misused data, or an attitude that rocks the boat. This is a fast-moving aspect, most problems we can wait out rather than confront directly, so ask what action is really constructive. Our needs differ wildly and may clash with one another; our definition of what’s fair may be the issue and spark passionate reactions. But generosity and radical acceptance creates enough room for both, and inspires a deep gratitude. Earlier tension can help us connect to our intuitions or imaginations tonight to solve the problem as Mercury sextiles intuitive Neptune.

Monday, April 23 we’ll probably pretend we don’t know what they’re talking about if emotions are poked this morning, but can move gangbusters practical level, with real opportunity to close a deal or finalize a project. Pragmatic communications work, don’t take crabbiness personally; the afternoon is more sociable and outgoing, overblown even. Most will become expansive, but some people get more self-absorbed as they agitate; we’ll tend to act out rather than talk it out as the Moon enters expressive Leo as the Sun challenges Jupiter.

Tuesday. April 24 bravado covers insecurities, notice social warmth but political intransigency. Differing positions can intensify and agitation can override intuition unless we let the dust settle before making an irrevocable move; think before email. Agree to disagree where possible, egos need to be stepped around for efficiencies sake. Don’t stint with honest appreciation, and hold the ground without fanfare where needed. Enjoy a sociable lunch, just notice the strategic undercurrents; late tonight is warm, binding

Wednesday, April 25 heaviness in the morning, we may seem to bump into one another rather than cooperate; possibly some heavy thoughts weigh on us and need our attention as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. If our authority is tested, we have to gauge carefully where to hold strong vs. where to diffuse to avoid ego wrestling. Midday, work around a sleepy or confusing spell, afternoon opens more opportunities; expansiveness is good public relations Notice a warm, creative wind.

Thursday, April 26 intelligence and practicallity can help us balance underlying tensions, sudden, but heartfelt decision can precipitate changes so stop and think it over for 5 minutes before proceeding. Watch a tendency to criticize the ones we love to unconsciously create emotional distance because we’re feeling prickly and self-critical, or to fight amongst the same team instead of taking on the real opposition. The critical voice is strong in the culture. Superficial answers won’t work, uncomfortable investigations pursue. Define the problem clearly and stay on target. Let questions help engage the material, and garner positive attention. Excitement is in the air as Venus squares Uranus.

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