Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 18 – 24, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 18 – 24, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Spring fever at is finest as the weekend begins, we feel our oats, want to see beauty and spark off one another, use this charisma to encourage any friendship, but don’t wake up the jealousy demons. Revel in the spring wheeling and dealing, social and business and forgive many of us for being distracted, there are some wild turn of events going on.

It’s a very cuddly few days; love up dog, cat, lover, child. Because underneath this are some of the most intense, pivotal aspects of the year; many of us will need a hug, to celebrate or to help us cope, or both as situations come to a head and new ones arise, and even ordinary days can feel fraught with importance. Just in time for Tuesday’s presidential primaries. We have a Grand Trine forming between Sun and Mercury conjunct, trine both Saturn and Pluto, and a Grand Square forming in Cardinal signs between Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.

We enter the heart of the fertile planting season as the Sun joins Mercury in down-to-earth Taurus on Saturday, rich earthy mud readies for our flowers and our new loves, ready for our new ideas through the end of the month. As they enter solid Taurus they trine stabilizing Saturn, for a sane, stubborn and traditional flavor. We’re not thinking as fast as we were a few day ago, but we will remember everything.

Our humor gets earthy, our senses want to be fed, indulged. We want more stuff. We can see also see the reflection of the divine within the stuff, see spirit in every growing shoot, every quacking duckling, and can bring our attention to practical ways to help our first Mother, the ecosystem.

But we can get stuck in the mud or entrenched in an idea if we stick our heels in, we really don’t want to be rushed. And we’re not shallow, though we may be easily distracted by beauty, even more important is the desire to deal with real issues, to understand and be understood as Mercury trines Pluto. We’re searching, and not just for our spring playmates, but for missing pieces, whether it’s a piece of our soul or a lost scrap of information, or a person or item we’ve misplaced. And we have every chance of finding it as we spring clean.

Yes we’re more stable, but stable doesn’t always mean sunny, Sunday and into next week, stormy weather broods under a Full Scorpio Moon as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Mars opposes Jupiter for the rest of the month, leave us unusually determined, territorial and quick to react, especially around issues of home, food, and the protection over personal and familial safety, Wild weather, electrical switches or shocking news can throw us off; let’s stay grounded and keep it steady. Feelings can brood and sway as if our heart is a gyroscope unbalancing. One theory states Buddha was born on this Full Moon, he was one who understood the intoxicating power of desire and who had the concentrations and determination to move beyond.

Don’t poke jealousy or territorial behavior, it ferments easily under this earthy, possessive Taurus energy; we need to know that our people are in our corner, or else. Once ignited, passion is strong and musky, so remember to feed the fires of relationship. We get hungry, so feed the senses with experience, not just food.

As the week begins we may find our trust and integrity is tested under that empowering Grand Trine between Sun, Pluto and Saturn, it has Machiavellian undertones. Even loving people can be stiff-necked and determined. Do not underestimate the importance of decisions that now need to be made. It’s a very willful time, so easy to get ourselves into a wrestling match without noticing how we go there, so let’s use this concentration and determination carefully. Watch for dirty tricks in the primary, not so much by the candidates, but by people with vested interests behind them. Listen for some truly profound statements on the news and in the meetings. We all have power; let’s use it for good.

Midweek, though some of us will just enjoy skipping through spring weather, we get a dynamic few days and need to take advantage of it. Technical ingenuity and physical enthusiasm abound, so take the lead and follow through as Mars trines Uranus. We’re still stubborn, but more experimental, still don’t want to agree with the opposition but are much more willing to explore a new approach and find a way share results. Use fresh humor to lighten up recent blustering, but do not make light of real damage. New ideas are preferred to old ways; just don’t push us to accept. It is hardest to just sit still, or wait on someone else’s plans, so find a way to make patience work.

Relationships can get stuck in a tussle unless we keep our sense of humor this week. It’s easier to get along with friends than with beloveds; an air-clearing fight won’t change minds but can increase honesty as Mars forms a T square with Jupiter and Venus. The spark of opposites attracting and resisting; watch the temptation to fuss with one another just to have an intense interaction. Don’t try to hurt, our memories are elephantine. Be imaginative, find something more fun to do together; acceptance and spontaneity will be seen as an act of love.

Friday, April 18 is friendlier and more even keeled than it has been for a while, take care of people and get ready for the stormier weather coming. We have unusual powers of persuasion, slower but more penetrating thought forms, ready to dig for an answer but willing to be kind along the way. It’s a good day for new beginnings, for serious meetings where deep thinking and kind intentions are needed; interviews, investigation, or just curious gossip. Lost flotsam returns as Mercury trines Pluto and Saturn. Sociable evening, drop the work and rebuild connections, enjoy the grace notes of life, pardon a moment of social awkwardness late tonight as the Moon opposes Venus.

Saturday, April 19 a day of strength and power; move a wall, build alliances, cooperate but watch for a temptation to manipulate or impose will in appropriately as the Sun enters Taurus and forms a Grand Trine with Pluto and Saturn. We can feel our inner strength like the deep tap roots of a tree. If there’s a sleepy moment this afternoon, let it be Saturday. Don’t sulk if there’s a restraint on frivolity and spending as Venus semi-squares Saturn, watch a tendency to test love. This evening our relationships need all the reassurance and trust they can get as the Moon waxes Full.

Sunday, April 20 broody dream and musky morning as the Moon enter Scorpio and opposes the Sun before dawn. People just seem to need extra drama or a good excuse to get some time alone. Don’t poke people they will sting. Strong slow determination, deep contemplations; some of us will use a challenging Mercury–Uranus transits to change our mind or find a creative stroke of genius, and others just to worry. Watch the temptation to say something shocking just for fun, it may lead to misunderstandings.

Monday, April 21 determined energy with a perverse edge. That Grand Trine in earth signs takes about power brokering and fresh determination, it is sane and strong, but ruthless. Intentions are declared; keep an eye open for strategic moves made, but don’t mistake them for the dark mood that comes from ambitions without a clear place to go. Watch the desire to manipulate for the sake of having an effect, and use the determination well. Evening opens up possibilities.

Tuesday, April 22 life speeds up, activities accelerate, technical ideas percolate as Mars trines Uranus and the Moon enters motivated Sagittarius and offers a more generous heart but still pragmatic vibe; most people still want to know what’s in it for them. Pragmatic travel plans or organizations steps open in the aperture of our plans. A busy day; information flows tonight.

Wednesday, April 23 we can get so busy that we’re hard to work with, like independent molecules whirling around, bouncing off one another versus interacting as Venus, Mars and Jupiter form a T-square. This can be intriguing and flirtatious to some, and irritating or tense for others. A chance to really square off with glee, but let’s as if this will further. Keep on track but keep a sense of humor; see the flirtation in the argument. Animals, and our own wandering animal nature, need attending,

Thursday, April 24 honest expression, cheerful exasperation, all our independent eccentricities are showing and we’ll love those who accept it. Mars opposes Jupiter ups our pugnacious factor, offers a chance to either escalate an argument, or to release it. Macho energy abounds, muscles want to be used, and our inner hero needs a place to be proud. A healthy challenge is essential to avoid unnecessary confrontation, if people get difficult send them off on a quest.

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