Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 11 – 17, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of April 11 – 17, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

A car’s combustion engine produces dynamic energy, but it needs a good system to turn the little explosions into propulsion, and a driver with good reflexes and clear direction to take it to an interesting destination. This week a T-square between Sun and Mercury in Aries, Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn acts like one hell of a combustion engine; so get the systems in place and get ready to drive.

Mars rules the sign of Aries and is the key action trigger of this T-square, Mars symbolizes our athletic ability our boundaries, our oomph, it’s also the ability to think fast on our feet, to make bold and surgical decisions and to know when to cut losses and move on. Right now we can cut off more than we need in the name of staying safe, and have to watch for this knife-happy approach; while it may be time to trim the fat, watch for unnecessary surgery, for slashing budgets unwisely, or for a temptation to cut a difficult person out of our lives unnecessarily.

Mars also speaks to our immune system which may be unusually reactive this spring; it pays to breathe fresh air whenever possible, far away from pollens and people that irritate. Mars symbolizes our macho side, our manly man within whether we’re male or female. Right now it’s in the normally careful, defensive rather than offensive domestic sign of Cancer; we may feel that the best defense is a good offence. Whether bulldog or border patrol, we mark our territory. Our resistance multiplies exponentially wherever we feel our boundaries are ignored or argued over, like the Chinese in Tibet or Americans in Iraq. Or a relative who has more advice than assistance to offer.

This t-squares between three strong planetary personalities (independence in Aries corner, ambitious determination in the Capricorn corner and Cancer’s protection) can really get us going. On a tough day, this Mars-Jupiter makes the fire bigger, the storm wilder and brings on the firepower in war. If one sharp word sets off a retaliatory response from an ordinarily sweet soul, don’t jump all over them, slow it down and figure out what’s really bothering them instead. But don’t rub it in, as we don’t want our vulnerability exposes for long. The headlines will tend to make an emergency out of any disagreement.

Our reactions tend to inflame easily, but so does the momentum of any plan and progress we choose to launch right now. Our engine is building steam, let’s consider carefully where we want to go and have a blast getting there.

The sign of Cancer rules the home, hearth, domestic policy, food, digestion. While Mars is in Cancer for this prolonged stretch, and in the crosshairs of Sun and Jupiter, home financing, repossession and the effect of bad loans on the housing marked and so domestic economy has become our national trigger point. Riots over the sudden climb in food prices and supply are beginning to foment around the globe. This is the perfect time for action. We have the opportunity here to take Aries initiative reorganize (Jupiter in Capricorn loves to organize). Or we can waste time by just amping up the sense of urgency until we’re forced to take action.

In a smaller more personal form, it may be time to reorganize the home, but each of us may have a different view about how to organize, and we’re ready to go to bat for our concept. Let’s see if we can keep the energy experimental and try everything on for size, actually hear one another’s plans before we attach to our own, and see if we can find a synthesis. The forth coroner of the square, the way out of the T square energy, is Libra, the balance, fairness and equality as we work together.

Friday, April 11 such mixed feelings, we’re pulled inwards and outwards at the same time and it can make us cranky unless we can move beyond the illusion of the tension between us and them. It helps if we don’t apologies about what we need, just take care of ourselves and then we can expend ourselves without resentment. Some time alone helps us reach out later. Deal with technical difficulties and the strange details that people use to protect themselves midafternoon, tend to legal and logistical decisions. Stay cool and flexible around quitting time, think safety around all transportation, and watch impatience late tonight.

Saturday, April 12, spontaneity helps us regenerate more than anything this morning. Watch tension midday; avoid choosing between needs, create room for both sides or take time alone as the Sun and Moon square. Spacey, wandering afternoon tripping though memories and through the winds of our internal motivations, share the internal stories as a way of holding hands. Reorganizing garden and home can be a way of reorganizing the soul. Tonight we seek healing company, those who understand us and share a dream, energy picks up late as the Moon enters Leo around midnight.

Sunday April 13 for the next few days, big events can blow into operatic productions, little things expand to fit the stage because we hunger for something grand and wonderful; a bigger mountain, a brighter show. Watch a tendency to say too much, promise too much, but maybe the promises we make now will call us out of the ordinary as Venus semi-squares Neptune. Look for a fresh touch to romantic visions, a spiritual connection, just watch for potential misunderstandings. We also can wrestle with a lazy streak, excitement and indolence call us in either direction as the Moon enters extroverted Leo and Mercury squares Jupiter.

Monday, April 14 it’s a great day for job interview or to launch a book, we’re ready to be seen ready to share a vision as Mercury sextiles Neptune. Keep tempers cool during the some ego frustration midday, if we don’t get what we want right away, let’s work with what we’ve got. Authorities twitch their hands on the reins, they want to know the lines of command are working; give respect where it’s due, cooperate where essential and save the inner rebel for important boundaries.

Tuesday, April 15 it’s a good time to knuckle down for last minute taxes or any other logistical tangle, but don’t bite one another’s head off while pulling it together. Just get the work done; generally our minds are laser-like; fast, intense, accurate for the most part, able carve many things at once. Just aim carefully and don’t launch off on the wrong foot. Temper comes out as criticism as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn.

Wednesday, April 16 our diagnoses is clear, we can see the gift or the problem and speak up as the Sun conjuncts Mercury, but we need to keep compassion in gear and watch the competitive motivation. Nail down the details of the plan now while people have a better grasp of facts than usual this month. Stress can hit our guts; eat cleanly, and know when to chill.

Thursday, April 17 we’re less hotheaded but more determined as Mercury enters Taurus. Romance is sparky but sensuous, do not ignore beloveds, and don’t argue just for the sake of intense engagement. We’re going to go our own way anyway, so let’s celebrate individuality as a way to make connection more fulfilling. As long as we can give and take all our negotiations have potential as the Moon enters Libra. If an object or person is missing this afternoon, look tomorrow. Don’t believe temporary discouragement tonight as the Moon squares Pluto, take care of the concern, but don’t project it into the future.

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