Starcodes horoscopes for September 8 – 14, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for September 8 – 14, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s full steam ahead; just don’t run into a brick wall. For the first time since early August the stars are giving us a green light to forge ahead. Over the next week we can make clear assessments and follow with solid plans with Mercury moving forward and about to enter its own sign of Virgo, while practical Saturn, change-producing Uranus and diplomatic Venus all forming a constructive, creative, grand trine in air signs.

But we are not the only things picking up momentum. Storms, tectonic plate shifts, fires, politics, all build up speed and force. Most ever event since the recent Solar New Moon-Eclipse in dramatic Leo has felt over the top, beyond operatic. The sun has also been unusually reactive, a coronal mass ejection sent an intense X-9 class toward earth, and an active sun cranks up the volume on the astrological aspects, can leave us feeling fried, and is synchronous with an exacerbated pace of history.

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We’ll feel this particularly this weekend as Mercury lingers over the degree of the recent solar eclipse, the Sun trines Pluto, urgent life matters call our attention. The stars also call us to revisit, and work on problems that came up July 25 and September 1, and may have intensified around the August 21 Solar eclipse.

The momentum starts to pick up on Friday, and so does a rebellious tumult and a rush to get going, under an impatient, brave, if brittle Aries moon. The weekend brings a new practicality as Mercury enters Virgo and the Moon enters Taurus, both pragmatic earth signs. We’re prompted to look at the story of our summer, notice what we had to let go, what we learned, and what new karmic lessons we feel coming down the pike. And also, work on our health, it is a good time to look at our life habits and make sure they are in line with what we want out of our life.

As mental Mercury conjuncts, assertive Mars this next week they sharpen our critical skills, and allow us see what the problem is. This conjunction, along with a brave Aries Moon on Friday and Saturday, increase our ability to deal with emergencies, but can make us crave that level of intensity, it will be hard to do anything but focus on the worlds disasters, and hopefully, do something to help. We just need to keep the heart open instead of getting irritable with one another in the process. Storm stay likely, and strong, as Mercury is connected with wind and Mars with action, whether over water or fires. Transportation stays fraught with adventure and difficulties, even though Mercury is direct, until Mercury pulls away from Mars towards the end of the week.

Our individual momentum can also build up the speed, but hopefully not the destruction, of the coming hurricanes. Once we get going. A few difficulties can get in our way unless we develop strong goals and stay on target, either we can be stuck in inertia, so distracted by the world’s drama that we can’t concentrate. Some will try to get a move on with impatient anger or sheer gumption, but these approaches give us less control; we can over shoot, step on toes or drive straight into a wall. Let’s keep our heart open and put one foot in front of the other. Like priming a pump, once we get the flow going, it will be easy to keep it moving.

Early next week the mood is nervy, critical but communicative. We can feel spread too thin if our minds run everywhere. Listen to anxious thoughts, but don’t let them run the show. Towards the end of the week a new seriousness asks us to take a more mature approach, knuckle down and do the work as the Sun squares Saturn.

All times are MDT

Friday, September 8: Get a move on, just watch where you go. We’re feeling pushy under a fierce Moon in Aries, urgent, but let’s not push others, nor be pushed, into an unwanted place. Think about the consequences of words; people feel both a rough urgency to move and communicate, with a thin-skinned sensitivity; we can dish it out, but can’t take it. Reach out this morning as the Moon trines sociable Venus. Work around a pricklier guardedness at noon; let discouragement wash through and leave. Momentum builds, for good or ill, as the day progresses. Communication in all things is essential.

Moon trine Venus 10:30 AM, Moon square Pluto 11:48 AM, Moon trine Saturn 7:27 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:15 PM. 

Saturday, Sept 9: Show up for one another. Our emotional torque swoop wildly, and feel like gyroscope out of whack this morning as the Sun trines Pluto, but can level off if we can step into productive, healthy action. We think we want to speak our minds, but is it our minds, ego, heart or our anxieties that really wants to talk, as both Venus and the Sun aspect Pluto. Issues of life and death help us adjust our priorities. Tonight, tend to basic human needs; we want stability, comfort, and our senses want to be fed as the Moon enters earthy Taurus.

Venus quincunx Pluto 1:22 AM, Sun trine Pluto 3:45 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:54 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:52 AM, Moon enters Taurus, 10:22 AM, Moon trines Mars 3:15 PM, Mercury enters Virgo 8:51 PM.

Sunday, September 10: Assess the situation this morning, and decide then what needs to be done. Sadness lingers. Crankiness and discomfort seeps in, but can be eased when we feel like we’re getting somewhere. Our to-do list can suddenly expand as a fog clears and we see what needs to be done. And this can make us irritable uncle we get on with it. Have patience with belovedstonight; needs can clash around dinner time, but improve if we get back in sick tonight.

Moon trine Pluto 3:19 PM, Moon trine Sun, 5:53 PM, Moon square Venus 6:4 PM.

Monday, Sept 11: The weekends Pluto transits will keep this tough anniversary poignant. In the mooring-people nine dot know we will follow through on what we said, testing responsibilities. Nerves and conversation buzzes around noontime as the Moon enters nervy Gemini- a tinge of excitement for new work, but it can leave elope edgy later afternoon, accident or storm -prone. and wound up tonight. Keep talking, writing, don’t correct one another, but consider thinking about the conversation and making decisions anther day.

Moon enters Gemini 1:29 PM, Moon square Mercury, 3:54 PM, Moon square Mars 8:42 PM.

Tuesday, Sept 12: Who is on first, who is responsible, and who just pulls a power play; all good questions as the Sun, Moon and Saturn form a challenging T-square. Debate is in the air. Structural and organizational questions need work. It’s hard to find the facts we need to stay on target, we may be juggling just too many items and get distracted. Relationships of all types take work, but respond well to the effort. But later on, bits from the past become important, and old friends and contacts come through. Use the familiar systems, tried and true methods to simplify and stabilize the situation as Venus trines Saturn.

Moon square Neptune 10:52 AM, Venus Trine Saturn 6:49 PM.

Wednesday, September 13: This may not be an easy day, but it can be a productive one. Wrestle and hammer out logistics; like using our muscles, it feels good to get it done as the sun squares Saturn. People are not likely to say yes to a request unless it supports their work, so ask no favors. Offer support and comradery, sympathies and a sense of humor about shared woes. Avoid arguments about who is in control; people can start giving orders when stressed. Shift to work alongside instead.

Moon square Sun 12:24 AM, Moon opposed Saturn, 1:47 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:43 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:12 pm, Sun square Saturn, 8:58 PM.

Thursday, September 14: We may not want to take risks, and could feel territorial or worried. Some sense of risk or sadness can make us want to take care of our own and forget the bigger picture at the Moon opposes Pluto, but we may get a lesson in how our livelihood is connected to the greater whole. Care for one another.

Moon trines Neptune 1:31 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:50 PM.

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