Starcodes horoscopes for September 6 – 12, 2013

Starcodes horoscopes for September 6 – 12, 2013

by Heather Roan Robbins

Get to work. That’s what we’re told today by Sun and Mercury inindustrious, nervy, Mercury-ruled Virgo. September is prime time for all thingsthat involve thinking, planning, mapping, expressing, or moving as Mercury, thegreat communicator, appears to move fast and won’t go retrograde until Oct 21.

We can find the right words and execute our plans swiftly andefficiently. Because our competition, and people we disagree with vehemently, arealso getting busy, it is important to speak up and act on all things importantto us. Events happen fast once a plan is in place, so do not dilly-dally.

Notice labor news and place job applications. If we want to promote ourwork, let’s let them know how we can help them solve problems and improve theirwork. While this energy may be a fabulous way to start a semester, we can getin trouble if we get stuck in our heads and separate our head from our heart. Ourminds may be working over times, so to keep them out of trouble, and prevent theunproductive Virgoan habit of worrying about worry worrying, we need to keep giveour brains something worthy to chew upon. Let’s also choose to lean into thecompassionate heart of Virgo versus its critical edge. Be kind with oneanother, and kind in one’s introspection. Keep the mind, body, and soulintegrated, and this Virgo energy works for us.

We may not be able to move forward as quickly as we’d like as Mars and Saturnsquare (peaking Monday, but felt throughout the week) because we cannot geteveryone to agree (as we’ll tend to split opinions along generational or politicallines) or because the technical end needs to be hammered out, but the delaysmay prove helpful in the long run, helping us build more solid foundations andprevent serious mistakes.

Today, edit less and do more; move plans forward in a positive and concreteway under the Virgo Moon and as the Sun sextiles cheerful Jupiter. The moodshifts pleasantly as the Moon enters sociable Libra in the evening and lingers thereover the weekend. Be very careful about criticizing people this weekend, trusttheir own self- analysis is working overtime; keep the critique pointed at worldevents, and speak up. That Mars-Saturn square will help us get work done, but canalso make it feel like we have to choose between what we want and what we needto do. Work through practical frustrations gently and evenly, and find ahealthy compromise.

Mercury enters sociable, fairness-seeking Libra on Monday and opens upthe conversation. But next week some difficult aspects will stir our hearts. Venusenters Scorpio on Wednesday and deepens our feelings. It is passionate andfocused, but can bring out a possessive, resentful, territorial streak andbring up revenge fantasies in response to old sadness. Just as we’re facing ashow-down in Syria and just in time for the 9/11 anniversary; this could bedangerous. It helps to have a place to put the feelings, a reason to cry; find healthyways of expressing feelings so they do not turn inwards and brood. We beginsome very deep personal work.

As Mercury enters egalitarian, peace-loving Libra on Monday, Venus entersbroody, determined Scorpio on Tuesday, along with this week’ Mars-Saturn Square,our country as a whole is asked some bigger questions about our responsibility(Saturn) as a guardian (Mars) to encourage what is or is not fair (Libra) forall. Discuss.

Friday, Sept 6: Stop dithering and get to work this busy morning. Let’s justdo something towards our priorities and not worry how perfect it is; we tellthe world we’re ready with our efforts and this message will be heard as thewaxing Virgo Moon conjuncts Mercury and quintiles Jupiter. Help people overcometheir self-consciousness (a Virgo problem) and succeed one step at a time. Beon the lookout for information or action which needs swift response midday. Themood mellows at the Moon enters Libra midafternoon. Dinnertime is sociable,people want to analyze their work and their week, but with a lighter touch.

Saturday, Sept 7: What beautifies our world? Feel a search for something to improve thesituation, whether it is a view, item, decision, or experience. But the longingis more for of the soul than it is of the flea market as the Moon opposeseccentric Uranus and Sun sextiles Jupiter. Savor any peaceful, beautifulmoment, store extra warmth and joy deep in the heart for the winter ahead. Later, a familiar melancholic pattern stirs asVenus challenges the healing asteroid Chiron, but we can re-pattern our experienceif we stay equally fair to all involved, ourselves included.

Sunday, Sept 8: Notice a bittersweet ache of the heart for the fading leavesand parting wisps of summer, for a lost love, more sleep or a more peacefulworld as Venus quintiles Pluto under an idealistic Libran Moon. Emotions beginto swoop and dive this afternoon, our heart-waves roll as the Moon conjuncts Venusthen enters Scorpio. We share woes of the world, and can feel the emotionspouring through but do not have to identify with them or lame them on ourbeloveds. Be a stabilizing force in the local world.

Monday, Sept 9: While Mercury shifts into graceful Libra and Mars squaresfrustrating Saturn. We long for a more egalitarian,peaceful world, but will disagree on how to get there. We’re getting seriousnow, getting down to something core, but it may not be comfortable. Watch wherethe mind goes, as it can dive into his deep end; research somethingfascinating, rather than let it obsess on faults. Explore a mystery and lookfor root causes, consciously look for the hidden potential in the situation.Laugh at, but doubt, the inner running snarky commentary. If a beloved lookssullen, back off until they are more comfortable; pain makes us mean, but wereally don’t want to upset others.

Tuesday, Sept 10: Procrastination beckons. An aimless quality filters inwith few aspects nudging us, which can leave us self-involved unless we chooseto move forward. So many efforts are up in mid-air; use this time to followthrough (rather than initiate or dilly-dally) and make sure good things happen.Frustrating small issues or odd disagreements can slow us down, but we can usethese moments to work through karmic entanglements, and to make sure ourefforts are done right the first time.

Wednesday, Sept11: Challenging crosswinds require honesty, kindness, and firm boundaries asthe Moon enters frank, enthusiastic Sagittarius just as Venus enters broody Scorpioand sharpens our memory of everything that has ever gone wrong. We may long forsomething just beyond our reach, because, honestly, we need more time alone thanwith the object of our dreams. Also watch a tendency to react to past wrongs;create rather than retaliate, and hope others do too. Mercury quincunx Neptunereminds us those subtle things, like the power of art and prayers make adifference. It also warns us to be creative, but not loose (tempting as it maybe), with the truth, because the distortion will be found out.

Thursday, Sept 12: Watch the karmic kickback; assume whatever we put out willcomeback threefold as Mars squares the moon’s nodes. It may be tricky to worktogether, as people are a little unsettled and tactless under the SagittariusMoon, but cooperative effort and loosely organized teams of independent actionwill accomplish much. Use a new level of honesty kindly, and let people havetheir personal privacy while they work through a fresh crop of feelings.

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