Starcodes horoscopes for September 4 – 10, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for September 4 – 10, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s really honor the spirit of Labor Day, take a break from our work and deal with a wave of emotions under a Full Moon in Pisces. We can use this time to find our center and catch up with ourselves before the fall work rush and before Mercury turns retrograde on Sept 7.

As September gets under way, the closer planets line up in a fairly nice, personal, if easily defensive array while the outer planet aspects push us to continue with this year’s big evolutionary changes. Mercury, now in tactful, egalitarian Libra encourages niceness; we want laws to be fair and are willing to hear the other side of the story as long as we’re not emotionally triggered. Venus in Leo adds flair to our back to school and a little bling to our walk but can make our egos a bit touchy; we hate to be ignored,  but if we pour on the love to those near and dear, they will be more supportive to all we do.

Mars in Cancer tends to increase our self-defense if criticized, as a person or as a nation, even more so than usual when the Sun is in Virgo. Virgo always calls us to review ourselves, check what works and what doesn’t; since we’re already doing this appraisal, we’d rather nobody does it for us.

As this weekend begins, things may not go as planned, and we may get a quick review of all our emotional issues as the Moon waxes full in Pisces, conjuncts Uranus and opposes Saturn, but if we hang in there, be honest with our self and kind to others,  great changes can occur.

Early next week a fresh, impatient wind blows. We may be motivated, but have trouble getting much of anything done.  Moods flare and pass quickly; tempers and weather can be unpredictable and reactive under an Aries Moon and as Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks. This slows us down, challenges business as usual, and sends us back to finish unfinished business. But it also gives us the energy to enjoy ourselves if we managed to take a few days off for the holiday. For the travel post holiday travel, schedule in extra time just in case.

The fall work season supposedly begins next, but we may be off to a slow start, we may suddenly find it easier to trip, miss appointments or loose keys. Relationships can feel strained by misunderstandings unless we keep our sense of humor and prioritize understanding and give up being right. Meetings can be as slow as molasses, and electrical equipment grows poltergeist.

For the next few weeks: Expect the unexpected and enjoy the slapstick. If we hear something we don’t like, let’s confirm what we heard before reacting, or be ready to apologize later. If our mind gets stuck on a past memory, let’s review it with fresh eyes then lay it to rest. Slow down and build more time in the schedule, take a spiritual retreat or interview a relative, finish work in progress or haul an old manuscript out to rewrite.  Use the rest of the month to review and get ready to forge ahead at the end of the month.

Towards the end of week: Slow and gentle does it, complex logistical situations take finesse and patience, which should not be mistaken for stubbornness. Steady, easy pressure, determination with the ability to dodge and weave around problems is needed under a Taurus Moon and as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune.  Be solid in the face of a minor disappointment, it’s probably clearing the way for something better.

Friday, Sept. 4: Brings a high tide of emotions under a Full Moon in Pisces;, our brains and our hearts illuminate different worlds, we need to integrate the two, not choose between. Unexpected difficulties in the morning test us as Venus challenges Uranus, but some of the surprises may be worthwhile.   Leave-taking or challenge midday needs our stability. Be very nice to squishy feeling tonight, the words are only a very small part of communications. Forgiveness, mythic forgiveness, is key.

Saturday, Sept 5: Do not use guilt to manipulate, everyone is doing their best no matter how is seems as the Moon opposes Saturn. Transformation manifests this afternoon as the full Moon conjuncts Uranus. Let go of   an old form with grace, celebrate rather than resist the changes. Opinions and bravado return to night as the Moon gets wild in Aries.

Sunday, Sept 6: Early morning defenses can trip people in to reactionary words; notices their honestly mixed feelings, but let them have privacy on the unvoiced feelings, as these are a work in progress. Impatience midday as Moon squares Mars, a flash of me-first attitude passes quickly if it doesn’t spark a fire. Delays begin to pile up, so allow extra time, and move carefully if emotionally charged. Take an opportunity for healing around difficult feelings tonight as Mars aspect Chiron.

Monday, Sept 7: Love and frustration, lots of both as the Aries Moon trines Venus while Mercury turns retrograde. Hurry up and wait. Nerves can inflame, so don’t strain sore muscles. Progress is internal versus external, or not in a form we expect. Storms, human or atmospheric, may be a doozy if they get started. Travel plans need extra room and a good book, but may be loaded with unexpected opportunities and not just for karmic exercise. It is dangerous to push the river. Pick up personal agenda tomorrow, relax today; find something special and personal to do that there is normally no time for.

Tuesday, Sept 8: Our patience returns as the Moon enters Taurus, but some arguments that began yesterday may pick up stubbornness unless we choose to let it go. If someone seems attached to their misconceptions, let life show them otherwise. We can’t get the point across, but we can examine our selves for the same. Adrenaline quiets down; an air of disappointment is just a tough re-entry. Tonight returns to old friends or old emotional issues.

Wednesday, Sept 9: Strange interpersonal dynamics can be a little disappointing at first, we’ll need to be mature even when we feel like acting out as the Taurus Moon squares Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius.  Misunderstandings or wrong turns can hurt our pride, but if we just look for the truth and don’t get miffed, we can straighten them out easily. If someone’s not ready to talk, they’re probably not keeping a secret, but just need time to digest and understand. Any familiar routine helps us steady ourselves underneath the waves. Energy may be low, so pace efforts and schedule in some down time.

Thursday, Sept 10: Breakthrough about the past; chance to understand what was blocked or to repair a misunderstanding if we get our ego out of the way. On another level- pleasant sociability gives us as chance to mend with a web of words, we’re not really saying anything; we’re just exchanging good vibes as the Gemini Moon trines Mercury. Transportation is easier later in the day. Old paths work better than new.

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