Starcodes horoscopes for September 25 to October 1, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for September 25 to October 1, 2015

blood moonby Heather Roan Robbins

The leaves begin to swirl and storm clouds hover near the edges of our heart in this moody, atmospheric, and sometimes technically difficult week. Thoughtful Mercury retrogrades back to square Pluto and brings our wandering mind to stare at the gray walls of our discontent. It furthers to have a productive obsession.

But this mood isn’t purposeless, and depression isn’t the point, though we may need to give ourselves room for an occasional moody swamp, and if we have some unfinished grieving to do, now is a natural time to pull those thorns.

Motivating Mars just entered analytical Virgo and now squares industrious Saturn, increasing our critical capacity (just watch political reporting begin to hone its edge) but this can make us hard on ourselves. It’s tempting to look back (especially with Mercury retrograde through Oct 9) at what we or others could’ve or should’ve done differently. There’s no point in this exercise; instead think about how to handle it next time. Shame or blame is not the point, learning and growing our repertoire is.

Mercury retrograde does not necessarily increase the number of accidents, but it increases the bizarre nature of the accidents that occur. Accidents of mistake mistaken identity, confusion under duress, strange mechanical failures, or just the way we misplace our coffee cup off the edge of the desk. Mercury retrograde square Pluto can increase the severity and intensity of the accidents. So play it safe, keep eyes open, and when a situation gets tense or the driving gets strange, slow down and listen with the body as much as the mind, because our physical awareness may know more than our brain, and panic can bring our least efficient self forward. Dance with the circumstances and be safe.

Of course we can work more benignly with this lineup; Pluto encourages us to research, look under the rocks and to talk at a true and profound level about things that really matter. It may be time to speak our truth and make binding agreements. We can also use this aspect’s ingenuity and obsessive streak to solve problems or think fast when retrograde Mercury complicates our life with strange little challenges.

So it furthers to have something to focus upon, a productive obsession. If our mind begins to obsess unproductively, we can redirect it, just like taking a breakable object away from the toddler and giving it a something sturdier to chew upon. Our minds don’t need to obsess on tender, delicate situations or old problems (but may want to), so take that away and give it something tasty but sturdy to chew upon.

This weekend begins in a tender emotional place, and the tender feelings can make it harder to deal with logistical snafus. We can get distracted by our internal processing, so be extra careful when handling knives, fire, or power tools. If we do get frustrated, let’s stop and listen to our heart, then return to work with fresh focus.

On Sunday night a full Moon in Aries and lunar eclipse, called the blood Moon because of earth’s red shadow on the Moon, catalyzes change. Eclipses can hit the reset button, they act like astrological acupuncture, and so what was stuck may come loose. It could be a night to howl about.

Eclipses, the intersection of the orbit of the Sun the Moon and Earth, fall in cycles; there is a partial solar eclipse on one side or the other of those lunar eclipses. This eclipse is a part of a series of four eclipses from 2014 and 2015. This line of four eclipses, called a tetrad of eclipses, can happen a couple of times of century (we have eight of them in this coming century) or they may skip a few centuries.

There are a few odd preachers who have run with the concept of the blood Moon is bloody, have noticed that a few times when these eclipse cycles happened on near Jewish holidays and saw trouble in the Mideast. But when one looks back at the history of the Mideast, it’s hard to find a time when there is not trouble there, on closer inspection any such predictions don’t really pan out.

Usually the changes precipitated by eclipses are like ripe plums falling, something that is ripe and ready to precipitate and just needs this nudge of energy to take it over the edge. We feel this pattern for weeks before and after an eclipse.

Early next week look for hints of the new cycles forming after the reset button hit. We may still feel rebellious, but this kind of twitchy attitude can break us out of a rut. Midweek the mood slows down, grows thick, but if we take our time all will be well.

The week ends under a basically kind, sensual and stubborn mode with both the Sun and Moon in Venus ruled signs, but with occasional heart-heat and an accident prone edge. Just stay tactful no matter what happens, because it’s easy for misunderstandings to snowball. Work towards the moment where everyone in the room feels heard and content.

Friday, September 25: Morning is potentially unsettled with shifts in power dynamics as Pluto turns direct. We may feel little weepy mid-day as the Moon enters Pisces, not up to or interested in confrontation. Push through resistance another day. Mechanical frustrations are probable later on as Mercury squares Saturn, but we can sympathize with one another and find a responsible way to do what we want. Consider resting rather than parting tonight, we’re a bit squishy. Hugs help.

Pluto turns direct 12:57 am, Moon semi-squares Pluto 10:26 AM, Moon enters Pisces 1:43 PM, Moon opposes Mars 2:29 PM, Moon squares Saturn2:39 PM, Mars squares Saturn 7:11 pm.

Saturday, September 26: Sleep in this morning or act from the heart, dream sweet dreams as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. A soft generosity and tenderness lets kindness beget kindness early on. Keep expectations low as people may lose track of time easily. The mood stays dreamy but laced with doubts. If people are prickly, wonder where they are feeling vulnerable. Tonight, offer empathy from personal experience.

Moon conjunct Neptune to 10 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 5:38 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:32 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 7:22 PM,

Sunday, September 27: Our hearts can feel unusually raw and sensitive this morning but we toughen up and feel braver by midday as the waxing Moon enters feisty Aries. Feel an urgency to talk, even through interruptions or at cross purposes as Mercury semi-sextiles Jupiter. Edit if possible, as it’s easy to say too much and still not feel heard. Talk less and do more this afternoon as the Moon trines competent Saturn, and be ready to howl on the full Moon eclipse tonight at 8:50 PM MDT. Self-expression is paramount tonight; impulse control is down, make no long term decisions now. This is an opportune moment to release what you are ready to release (and may do so, whether you want to or not). Relationships take ascendancy tomorrow.

Moon enters Aries 1:28 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Jupiter 2:21 PM, Moon trine Saturn 2:38 PM, Moon opposed Sun 8:50 PM.

Monday, September 28: Look around and assess what changed over the eclipse, what has ended and what begun. Although we may be feeling sparky, it’s time to try and balance our needs and the needs of our relationships, and believe it is possible to do so, even if were not sure how. After a lonely or thoughtfully impatient moment this morning, look for bravery and enthusiasm, with a few socially odd moments later. Tonight we may be impatient with routine and need to mix it up, love a spontaneous moment. Don’t expect others to do what they always do, and certainly not what we want them to do; this may be more interesting.

Moon opposed Mercury 4:31 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:55 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 7:29 PM.

Tuesday, September 29: Nervousness can make people say undiplomatic things as Mercury semi-squares Venus. If we’re a little twitchy, let’s find a place to a safe place to let the temper spikes if needed and avoid having to clean up messes later. Use bursts of energy in between lazy spells to binge clean or work. Impatience can confuse us; we may be trigger by a minor irritant but need to look for the more fundamental issue underneath.

Moon trine Venus 1:44 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 9:47 AM, Moon enters Taurus 12:56 PM, Moon trine Mars 5:51 PM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 9:18 PM.

Wednesday, September 30: Mercury conjuncts the Sun today in Libra and they both quincunx Neptune, if we can speak from our heart we can speak in a clear and balanced way and further our mutual understanding. If we feel unbalanced, let’s just shut up, because our thinking process can be eclipsed by our emotional charge and we may speak or decide injudiciously. It’s a good day for touch, massage, yoga, the joys of embodiment, with both the Sun and Moon in Venus –ruled signs. Also- our hearts may be a bit tumultuous and need the comfort. Even the animals may be feeling cuddly. We can get irritable late tonight if something hits us sideways.

Moon sextile Neptune 1:14 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:14 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 8:38 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:53 AM, Sun quincunx Neptune 9:04 PM.

Thursday, October 1: Although the mood can be generally cuddly, watch for sparks and truculence under stress as stubborn and willful Mars challenges Uranus this morning. Some inner tension and can restrict impulsive actions and bring a tendency to make selfish moves in the name of self-protection. To move past that, balance the needs of everyone in the room. Please drive defensively as mechanical problems or accidental conditions can complicate things though we may see more side swipes then head-on collisions. Stubbornness continues through dinner, but communication improves late tonight.

Mars sesqui-quadrate Uranus 3:37 AM, Moon square Venus 4:33 AM, Moon enters Gemini 2:03 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 3:53 PM, Moon square Mars 9:30 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:07 PM.

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