Starcodes horoscopes for September 25 – October 2, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for September 25 – October 2, 2009

By Heather Roan Robbins

This week begins with a thoughtful mood, hard work and some frustration, but ends as the knots loosen. Mercury now retrogrades close to hard-working Saturn, which keeps our nose to the grindstone just when other factors tell us to forget efficiency, it’s just not working, so chill and retrospect. And we’re moody because the two planets that  paint our emotional tone, Venus and Mars, are now in the thoughtful, introverted, usually friendly but easily defensive signs of Virgo  and Cancer.  Gracefully, Mercury turns direct by the end of the week, and after a turbul ent straightening-out phase, we begin to move more smoothly into the future.

All this week unsettling Mercury-Uranus opposition asks us to keep our mind open and be ready to shift; some unsettling perspective, opinion or mindset that arose in mid-August when Mercury first opposed Uranus, churns now and will begin to settle or produce results after the first week of October when Mercury tags Uranus once more.

Shocking news could be a catalyst, and conditions take longer to evolve than expected. Outrageous comments and opinions are broadcast that just beg to provoke. But this commentary  can actually trigger an opposite response than desired, because while we may be considering options, we’re not feeling terribly cooperative.

This aspect is also great for trying on radical changes before we actually do them, whether we’re moving a piano or reforming the health care system; let’s consider all possibilities, really envision the consequences, and proceed in October with the best option.

Under this aspect machinery can break down in unusual ways and need extra respect. The internet can feel like a tangled pot-hole-filled urban road.  Accidents occur easily, we trip and fall or stumble, send the wrong email, or drop the vase whenever we let our mind roam.  So back up files and make life a meditation, stay in the moment and stay safe and happy.

This weekend our introspection or  review of  the past can bring a breakthrough and help us understand some key component in a new light as the Sun in Libra squares Pluto. It’s hard to talk much, but we can make real progress in a practical way if we take our time and do it right the first time. If we rush, all measurements will be off and our judgment questionable. Handle work in progress; finish painting the porch if the pain is already chosen, but be very careful with the ground cloth.

Early next week, notice any quiet but intense effort to manipulate, they may really think they’re doing a favor or know how it should be done. Ask that intentions be put on the table and all contributions treated with respect; willpower is just fine if it is clear and respectful. If no one owns up, it may pay to be elsewhere. We do know what needs to be done, but that very knowledge can leave us feeling tired, making it hard to start, unless we can be willing to just put one foot in front of the other and see how far we get.

Mercury stations on Tuesday and the energy fields can get turbulent or knotted up before they straighten out. But by the end of the week we can see the beginning results from recent work, feel a new groove beginning. And by the end of next week, the collective nervous systems begin to settle and action proceeds on the new decisions.

Friday, Sept 25: The mood is strangely restless but aimless, great for a long walk in the woods or a rambling conversation, but hard to focus or complete. People tend to work at cross purposes, not exactly in conflict, but easily irritated and not in tandem as the Moon squares Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn early on. Unexpected reversals need our agility. Late afternoon brings focus; we push through the last hour of the work week as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto. Avoid a last-minute manipulative or sneaky effort. Later, we need to process work, but let’s not waste time thinking about what should have been20done, ask instead what can be done next week. Address an deeper loneliness or world-weariness late tonight.

Saturday, Sept 26
: Don’t start anything new, but do to finish what’s been left undone.  Organize the past, sort photos, tie up loose ends, complete projects and throw out old food. Socializing is best done while working on a common project, just avoid setting off mutual control issues and don’t try to organize how the other works; set mutual goals and let each reach them in their own unique way. Evening is spacey, keep it low key and regenerative.

Sunday, Sept 27: Discontent can be constructive if we put it to good use, but it’s tempting to be discontent with one another rather than discontent with mediocrity. We can be discontent with the delays, or with our brain sludge, but it won’t do any good. Let’s do what we can, not hold the mood against each other, and be patient with the rest.< /FONT>

Monday, Sept 28: Negotiations creep to a halt, so work on team relations, don’t worry about deep understanding but focus on smoother systems and camaraderie under the Aquarius Moon. Morning is slow off the mark, and afternoon creates an opportunity for mutual support. If evening is nervy and unsettled, do not jump to conclusions; a hot bath and a good laugh help.

Tuesday, Sept 29: The day starts rough as Mercury takes its station, timing and judgment are difficult, misunderstandings and missing parts are revealed. Be hopeful, they are now fixable. Discouraged mood midday is fleeting, take care of the problem at hand and don’t extrapolate about the future. The mood opens up late afternoon as the Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Neighborliness feeds us tonight, pack behavior increases for better or worse, communicatio ns begin to blossom and we share responsibility.

Wednesday, Sept 30: Morning is confusing with mixed signals but great imagination as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. It’s all about healing the lines of understanding, ours as well as theirs, we need to take responsibility for our own misunderstandings this morning, really peer through the fog and see more clearly. A limit or need must be declared in a clean and fair way this afternoon, we need healing around our Mars issues. Tonight, catch up with oneself; emotions need to be experienced, not analyzed, as the Moon heads into Pisces.

Thursday, Oct 1: Challenging conditions and a certain emotional fullness, uncertainty and vulnerability may make us less wiling to share our inner worlds this morning, and less willing to take personal risks as the Sun challenges Neptune under a Pisces Moon. Critics pretend logic but are wrangling fear.  But more objective far is finally making progress, practical solutions can be found to working conundrums as Mercury sextiles Mars. Unsettled feelings tonight as we pick up and echo each other’s moods, look for the quiet in deeper waters.

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