Starcodes horoscopes for September 24 – 30, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for September 24 – 30, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The mood gets serious as the Sun squares transformative Pluto at the beginning of the week and conjuncts taskmaster Saturn by the end. People want to be taken seriously for what they can do; they need mediate a balance of power and process about work or their search for work, about school and other heavier concerns.

With the Sun in such heavy company and Venus and Mars running together in introspective Scorpio, we’ll tend to play our cards close to our chest, so don’t take our need for privacy personally. Many people will just be dealing with deep and evolving feelings as the Sun squares Pluto, changing, and it can be hard to share feelings in mid-molt. Something that worked before may no longer do so and now need our attention, or we may be responding to new stimulus. Children can seem a year older after only few weeks in school and resist assumptions about who they are now.

We’ll all be touchy about having our trust or privacy breached or anything revealed that makes us feel vulnerable. Our dreams can stir up the deeper layers of the soul and bring up any old voices that test our confidence. Luckily a sharp-edged, often self-deprecating, even morbid sense of humor can be a saving grace, poke holes in those old paradigms, and remind us to stay in the present.

This interior quiet is mostly non-nefarious, but keep an eye out for power struggles as the Sun opposes power-broker Pluto while emotional Venus and Mars dance together in brooding Scorpio. Watch the power wrangling from the UN meetings through the debate on fuel sources and their effect on our tipping ecosystem. We’ll feel this tension between polarized political candidates and in intense business negotiations. And possibly within ourselves between conflicting desires.

It is a good week to think about the nature of power.  Let’s ask how we can step outside of the struggle of right and wrong and out of the whole paradigm of power-over one another, and explore instead how to feel empowered and how to encourage that self-determination in others, whether we feel tension in the family or in the political arena. This tension can challenge us to remember our own empowerment in the face of life, death, and difficult people.

The weekend begins in fluctuating energy and intensity under an Aries Moon, Sunday and the early week we are more earthy, need to get down into our body and recover, get cozy and practical as the week begins. Take care of resources, winterize home or fix a garden. But watch out for an obsessive, possessive grip; keep it loose and spacious.

It’s time to get down to foundations. Literally, mudslides or other moving ground movement can be a problem; if plumbing problems in the basement or cracks in a foundation arise, deal with them immediately. In turn, we can work on improving the foundations of our hopes and aspirations or the foundations of our spiritual practice. Get down and dirty and work it from the bottom up.

Friday, Sept 24: Yesterday’s high energy Full Aries Moon can leave us a bit fried today, like we drank too much espresso the night before. The buzz continues: energy fluctuates and unusual doors are briefly open, so follow through on all new opportunities. If we’re fed up with some delay in our life, we need to be proactive but not shoot ourselves in the foot into the process; act in the moment but play it for the long haul. Evening is spontaneous and willful, we are energized by doing something we really want to do, but may not want to be polite.

Saturday, Sept 25: We might as well sleep late; early morning edginess softens if we are rested. Leave off the chores list and do what inspires this morning, hard work is easy if it is our idea. Minor mishaps say it is time to switch gears this afternoon. A haunting edge encroaches as the Sun squares Pluto later; our souls need some divine touch. The mood warms as the Moon enters Taurus, but loneliness or melancholy cloud one side, and strange power plays haunt another. Something formerly stuck rises to the surface mid afternoon.  Getting real with one another will feel easier than trying to be light and social.

Sunday, Sept 26: Broody, potentially socially awkward morning. Take an opportunity of honest forgiveness. Small problems can potentially irritate. Sensuality soothes. We may feel unusual attached and not interested in sharing, so don’t push. Meditate on the swirling primal feelings, reach past them and find something to care about in the best of ways as the Taurus Moon opposes Venus and Mars.

Monday, Sept 27: Early morning brings new clarity, so keep ears one and listen for an unusually honest judgment as the Moon trines Mercury. Midday is more difficult as information logjams or stuck traffic can make it feel like we’re missing an opportunity. It just requires patience and flexibility; work on what can be done rather than insist on the original plan. The evening feels more relaxed, and laughter can help us find a solution.

Tuesday, Sept 28: On this practical, idealistic and competent day we can negotiate with the best. Feelings run deep under a light-hearted river of words as the Moon enters Verbal Gemini, people tend to hide behind their story; we get more information by keep in them talking than asking pointed questions. Look for the unspoken story as well. Make overtures now while we’re ready to process, but don’t push for conclusions. Our brains may get tired tonight and need distraction.

Wednesday, Sept 29: The day has a strangely aimless quality. Some people do things that feel out of context or irrational. The reasoning becomes clearer later, and may be more psychological than logical. Take care of surface communications, go to the DMV, and deal with words that don’t have much emotional content. Meaning and words reunite tomorrow.

Thursday, Sept 30: On this complex day the mood runs on many levels. On the higher note we care for one another, see that their success is ours and nurturer each other‘s well-being. People will respond well to under-stated kindness but resist flamboyant gestures. The challenge is so much meanness but a self-protective ruthlessness and self-involvement that comes from feeling easily hurt and therefore suspicions. Don’t take too seriously mopey clouds of self- pity, but do listen to what needs comforting. Confidence can wobble; we may have to reassure investors or people who are emotionally invested in our success.

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