Starcodes horoscopes for September 18 – 24, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for September 18 – 24, 2015

Free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

The weekend begins on the broody side. The energy swirls in place. Our quiet time can feel rich and productive, our meditation may be unusually deep, and spirit may feel unusually close. But we may carry worries and find communication challenging. There’s a lot of short-term static in the air for the next few weeks, but if we reach underneath that surface static we can sense some good changes coming like the salty whiff of a sea wind when we near the coast.

But for the next few weeks we may be called to deal with endings and beginnings or urgent events we hadn’t planned on that can really mess with our schedule. If so, we have to sort carefully; are we called to this apparent life-sidebar by our compassion or for the soul’s growth, because many of these events may make soul sense but not common sense, or are we getting distracted by other people’s circuses. When life gets busy and unusual events tug at us, let’s see if we can stand back, meditate a moment or take a walk around the block, and ask what’s really needed here. With just a short break away from the emotional dynamics, we can let the dust settle and make a healthy decision.

Because it can be an emotional time, and we may have to process some free-floating emotional sadness or find we have unusually strong (and potentially sweet) responses as our life’s events trigger past memories or send us deeper into the mysteries.

We’ll also see the rhetoric of power playing out in politics and probably at the corner bar, and may really need to chew on how we speak about the politics of power. Pay attention to the work or concerns that came up in early September, needs to be processed deeply now, and may resolve in a way that creates fresh difference in October. Mercury, the planet we associate with communication, travel, understanding and honesty is retrograde from 9/17 through 10/9. It also forms a challenging square to profound and troubling Pluto last week, retrogrades back to square Pluto this week, and then hits it again one more time as it turns direct in October, just before it opposes Uranus. (Mercury squares Pluto on September 9, September 24, and October 22 before it opposes Uranus on October 25.)

Mercury retrograde doesn’t need to be a scapegoat, it’s not an excuse to act out or be miserable, it just represents a pattern we need to work with and work around. Of course with Mercury retrograde it pays to spend extra time tracking keys, bills paid, confirming appointments and scheduling a plan B and C. Dust off the improv skills, because life may not go as planned for the next few weeks, it may get complicated or surprise us by being even better and deeper than we imagined. We may revisit familiar places and old emotional gestalts but need to remember that we can make more creative and mature choices this time.

And those new beginnings are just over the horizon. Saturn, the planet we associate with learning, work, restrictions, organization has just entered Sagittarius, the sign of travelers of the mind and body, education, and ecosystems, and will be there for over two years. This speaks of an opportunity to work towards healthy change in all Sagittarian issues: educational systems, labor law, international relationships, and our work with the ecosystem. With Saturn, the key word is work. It may be our business to travel, contact old friends in faraway places, or revive a dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Feel horizons expanding, and don’t be dismayed by the extra work needed to clear the path over the next few weeks.

Friday begins with some frustrations or delays under the Moon in Scorpio though we can focus our efforts if we try and are able to go unusually deep. The energy is more upbeat and humorous over the weekend. We may be impatient to travel with the Moon in Sagittarius but could find we can’t get there yet, the path is cluttered and the work needs to be done as Mercury semi-squares Saturn.

Early next week we need to buckle down and tend to either a sudden agenda that has arisen or to complete what we’re in the process of. People’s willpower grows muscular and their egos easily pricked as Mars sesqui-quadrates Pluto under the Capricorn Moon. But underneath the willpower is a soul urgency or sadness that may distract or motivate us.

Midweek brings our attention to relationships, to what warmth and affection can do, and even what miracles may unfold. So don’t give into a low level irritation as Venus in Leo trines Uranus and the Sun enters Libra. Our intuition may be unusually open around Wednesday’s fall equinox and as Mercury bi-quintiles Neptune, let’s bring our imagination to bear on issues where we’re really trying to open our hearts up to some guidance and receive clear signals for our next step.

A loss or an awareness of what we have to lose can help us work together as a community or group towards the end of the week as Mercury squares Pluto, Pluto stations and turns direct after many months retrograde, and Mars enters Virgo. If life gets tricky, look for allies and use the challenge on the table as a focus to weave the support needed. We could be tempted to withdraw to ourselves, but will find that these challenges are better handled together.

Friday, September 18: Soonest begun soonest done. Just be sensitive as to where to push and where to back off. Small glitches, stubbed toes, and apparent idiocy around us can make us cranky through noon time as the Moon squares Mars. Take that twitching tail out outside, away from irritations, and use the impatience to get work done. Or feel the call beneath the surface irritations to real compassion underneath. The mood lightens up and becomes more philosophical and open tonight, though still thoughtfully serious, as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Saturn.

Moon sextile Sun 12:46 PM, Moon square Mars 1:48 PM, Moon semi-square Pluto 5:34 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 9:31 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:40 PM, Moon semi-square Mercury 11:05 PM,

Saturday, September 19: We’re mobile and busy but may end up spinning in circles. Enjoy an intuitive, escapist morning and a warmhearted but meandering midday before and edgier evening. Decisions and adjustments need to be made tonight, but let’s make good ones rather than respond out of irritation or tiredness. It helps to move the body. Our mood will be calmer if we are physically tired tonight.

Moon square Neptune 12:52 PM, Moon square Jupiter 2:02 PM, Sun semi-sextile Mars11:17 PM

Sunday, September 20: Morning can be warm and talkative. Have a good conversation, it’s time to get philosophical and talk about why we do what we do. Work around some odd interruptions and syncopated rhythms, and explore reasoning, look for root causes and wonder where we’re going next. We may be physically lazy but our mental restlessness needs to chew even if we don’t come to any final conclusions.

Moon sextile Mercury 3:29 AM, Moon trine Venus 8:04 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:42 AM,

Monday, September 21: On this cranky, thoughtful day an ambient seriousness helps us deal with the real issues under a dour Capricorn Moon, but can make us take the world too seriously even in potentially lighter moments as Mars sesqui-quadrate Pluto. We may see a serious power play amongst old rivals, or find someone lashing out because they feel out of control of their situation. Whether we’re wrestling with serious issues, or just seriously wrestling, the push and pull of the day softens to more compassionate understanding tonight as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Mercury semi-square Saturn 10:38 AM, Moon trine Mars to 12 AM, Moon square Sun 2:59 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:32 AM, Mars sesqui-quadrate Pluto 2:51 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 851, Venus quincunx Chiron 10:56 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:57 PM.

Tuesday, September 22: Morning can be tough, the mood is heavy but we can be strong as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Mercury. Early discomfort can bring us to our hearts and help us think outside of the box. We just have to keep checking in with ourselves for validation, because even though people may feel responsive and supportive, their distractions may prevent that message from getting across. Use the Capricorn competence to tie up loose ends and clear the deck for tomorrow’s equinox.

Moon conjunct Pluto 6:04 AM Moon square Mercury 8:55 AM, Venus bi-quintile Pluto 9:14 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 10:15 AM, Moon square Uranus 5:12 PM, Venus trine Uranus 9:59 PM, Moon semi-square Neptune 11:25 PM,

Wednesday, September 23: Autumn begins at 2:20 AM MDT as the Sun enters Libra, and the more relaxed air sign vibe expands further as the Moon enters Aquarius near noon. Community gatherings further. The days around the equinox can open doors and help us get our message across, like a river lock opening and allowing a passage through, so let’s notice how can we open doors for others and work with the doors that open around us. Because Mercury is retrograde and coming to square Pluto, this may be more of an opening of understanding and empathy than an opportunity to leap forward. But what we facilitate now can influence the whole next season.

Sun enters Libra 2:20 AM, Mercury semi-square Mars 6:47 AM, Moon enters Aquarius11:51 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:33 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:34 PM, Sun sextile Saturn12:36 PM, Mercury by quintile Neptune 2:28 PM,

Thursday, September 24: Melancholia whispers. As Mercury squares Pluto we may feel a turning point with some issue or problem we’ve been grappling with. Our memories may sit heavily with us, we need to let some of them go, just as the trees are dropping their leaves, and send them to compost. If we feel frustrated, depressed, feel like we’re not getting anywhere, it helps to stay in the moment and put one foot in front of the other. Look at the roots of the problem and the roots of the strength deep beneath. Stay connected to people who have suffered recent lost in may feel stuck in the past; it’s a good day to process but not get lost in those halls of memory. Hold hands together tonight.

Moon trine Mercury 10:08 AM, Mercury square Pluto 4:26 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:04 PM, Mars enters Virgo 8:17 PM, Moon opposed Venus 10:01 PM,

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