Starcodes horoscopes for September 18 – 24, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for September 18 – 24, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

We feel pressured by decisions, deadlines and work as the weekend begins, pressured to hurry up and get serious as the Moon, Sun, and Mercury all conjunct Saturn. Just as Mercury retrograde gives us the contradictory message to slow down and learn from the past. So let’s deal with what’s on our plate now (and that will be plenty) and stay open to future possibilities but postpone long-term decisions and declarations until October.

We will need to put in some solid work this week towards our pre-established goals and complete unfinished business, and may have to get back into contact with old friends or connections in the process. Any progress we make will help us avoid a hovering depression that threatens to descend where we feel we’re spinning our wheels and getting nowhere, thanks to that pressure from Saturn. Bones may ache, teeth need attending to, and restrictions are easier to see than support at the moment. But if we can’t work where we want, let’s work on our flower beds.

Before we push ourselves, it’s time to relax over the weekend; friendships can really come through if we have faith in their intentions and accept their offerings rather than micro-manage what we want as Venus conjuncts the Sun, enters Virgo, and trines Pluto. Some challenge can jog our perceptions and help us reprioritize as it reminds us not to sweat the small stuff. Be ready to loan a shoulder to cry upon. Check on those in challenging situations.

Venus and Mars are now both in more introverted and intimate signs, Virgo and Cancer respectively, and this brings our feeling inside, deepens our inner world. We may need more time alone and may feel more but show less; still waters run deep. We maybe unusually aware of untruths or delicate around criticism, defensive and easily hurt. Best to make our feelings known and let them figure out what to do about it. This can be a deepening and healing time in relationships, if we’re kind and real with one another, though it may be harder to break into new territory or whip up a wild party.

Early next week, emotions intensify the Moon enters passionate Scorpio and Venus semi-squares Mars. We can feel the friction and push-pull in relationships; we don’t have to fight to enjoy making up, but may need to push off on one another. Sparks fly, sparks of love, hate, political debate, and metal to metal. Our point of view seems so clear to us that theirs is hard to respect, but let’s get efficient rather than scathing. Scathing is only a nasty defense that tells the world we’re triggered.

This energy intensifies but also cleans up on the Fall Equinox, Sept 22 as the Sun enter Libra, it may be important to speak clearly and without drama in a tenuous relationship as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Decisions are revealed; those that are long overdue may bring relief, but those that are brand new may be unwise and need reassessment. Publishing, transportation, and even breathing may feel temporarily restricted; fresh air is a good thing.

Midweek a release of tension can bring a breakthrough about the past as the Sun in Libra squares Pluto under a Sagittarius Moon just as Mercury opposes Uranus. This potentially triggers a flip- flop of opinion or reversal in condition, but this may change yet again in a few weeks.  Mechanical trouble and an odd, jerky clumsiness when we‘re in a hurry can lead to complications. Kids can’t sit still, dogs want to roam, and our minds nag us to get on with it, ready to jettison something we’ve been carrying for a while. We want to take action to get away from something uncomfortable, but have to make sure we do so wisely and don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire.  Let’s consider what bring us real freedom.

Friday, Sept 18: Adjust when problems arise mid-morning. Serious responsibilities require we keep worries under control as the Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjunct Saturn. Clear the room for what matters. Moods soften around dinnertime as Moon enters Libra, though bittersweet melancholia wafts later as it squares Pluto.

Saturday, Sept 19: Sleepy morning, social afternoon; reinforce friendships now and ease frayed relationships. Let people share their impending concerns; oxygenate the darker corners. If evening flashes impatient as the Moon squares Mars, cool it rather than bring it to a boil.

Sunday, Sept 20: We can meet life’s demands even if we’re not so sure. We’re looking for meaningful connections this morning but may have unusually high expectations, and need to see others clearly, not just as an end to our means as Venus trines Pluto. Thoughtful solitude or quiet camaraderie needed tonight as Moon enters Scorpio.

Monday, Sept 21: Respect different points of view, particularly between men and women as Venus semi-squares Mars. Snappy comebacks or sharp-edged critiques are tempting, but can sand edges; walk softly and stick to the work at hand. Patience today pays off later in the week.

Tuesday, Sept 22: Mercury conjuncts Saturn and helps us concentrate, or obsess; if worrying, give this mental tractor beam something worthy to chew upon. Interruptions are resisted. Doors open where we steer towards the positive as the Sun enters Libra this afternoon.

Wednesday, Sept 23: Be careful. Our thinking gets wacky and our moves abrupt, question sudden conclusions and move with grace today as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius as retrograde Mercury opposes electrical, erratic Uranus. This can push us out of a rut, but we need to make each move a meditation, not a reaction.

Thursday, Sept 24: Nervous and erratic; fact-check and take heated issues out of the realm of opinion. Get in the body and move, work off nervy energy. Give complicated situations a chance to breath. Check back on recent conversations to make sure all was understood.

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