Starcodes horoscopes for September 15 – 21, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for September 15 – 21, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Expect an active, plot-filled week, with lovely bouquet-filed moments, potentially painful decisions, and wild story lines between. Two major configurations will keep us swaying between these poles, and an active Sun keeps the volume turned up.

First, mental Mercury conjuncts active Mars in Virgo and asks us to assess, critique and redesign the corners of our life. This conjunction keeps the winds moving and the blowhards talking, gives us perspicacity and confidence to question those who think they are in authority, but can give us a stomachache or bring friction to our relationships if we overuse our critical gift. We may have to think fast, or make a tough judgment call, but make sure the urgency is real before you decide.

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Our minds want something to chew on, and like a dog can start destructively chewing on ourselves or those nearby if we don’t have a worthy task. Teachers will need to dive into challenging new material because students will bore easily.

The second major planetary configuration tugs us in another more heart-centered direction. Restlessness percolates through our creativity, our romance, and our compassionate heart as emotional Venus in Leo, pragmatic Saturn in Sagittarius, and restless Uranus in Aries form a grand trine in fires signs all week.

We can naturally put our love and caring into pragmatic action, if we choose to tune into this aspect. The grand trine can help us conceive of new possibilities, start a chapter, read build destroyed home in a new improved format. If our life has gone through the ringer during the tumultuous aspects of the last month, it can help us adjust. If we’re working on new and improved relationship skills, this aspect helps us weave together affection and respect and change how we share romance which encourages a more dynamic stability. And if a relationship doesn’t have the seeds of dynamic stability, we may be ready to change the nature of that relationship.

Another ingenious aspect cooking in the back ground over the next few months can help us brainstorm some fresh technological ideas and over the next few months as expansive Jupiter moves into opposition with electrical Uranus. Where do we want our creative ingenuity to go?

After an insular Friday where we are deeply involved in our personal process, our hearts can lift over the weekend as the Moon heads into expressive Leo and Venus forms a friendly sextile to Jupiter. We may need to speak in hyperbole in order to explain how we feel. But if tempers turn, tongues can sharpen very quickly. If we grow impassioned let’s that make sure that what we say is true, kind, and productive.

We can wake up on Monday with a chip on our shoulder as the Moon heads into Virgo and conjuncts Mars. It furthers to have good work to sink our teeth into so we don’t just chew on people. We can turn edginess into assessment and diagnosis. Midweek offers us and opportunity for a new beginning with a new Moon in Virgo, Venus enters Virgo and Mercury opposes Neptune. It’s time to do some sorting, let’s contemplate what seeds do we want to plant, what we are harvesting, what do we need to do to fertilize our future.

Friday, September 15: People may feel a little self -protective, sore, or cranky morning, but an act of generosity can shift the mood around noon time as Venus sextile Jupiter. Our hearts soften, and we may be asked for an act of great compassion. Our expectation of relationships increases, which can either feed romance, or our misanthropy; it’s our choice. If we speak about our needs rather what we expect others to do, we can make progress. We need to express ourselves tonight as the Moon enters Leo, or can drift into drama.

Moon sextile Sun 6:59 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:18 AM, Venus sextiles Jupiter 1:43 PM, Moon squares Uranus 3:23 PM, Moon enters Leo 7:08 PM.

Saturday, September 16We can get it done today; no one wants to be ignored, so attend to one another in the process, but we can be very goal-oriented and focused as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Stay on target. The desire may be to move faster than is safe, so we just need to pay attention and watch our words. When things go right, they can go very right, when they go off track they can do so intensely. Tonight is a storytelling night; it helps to laugh loud and share the details of our journey.

Mercury conjunct Mars 1:01 PM.

Sunday, September 17This complex day can be all over the place emotionally, but really brings an opportunity for healing the heart and letting our close beloveds in a little closer as Venus quincunx Chiron. Though in the process, some of our old scar tissue can act up. It will be important not to second-guess another person’s path today, but listen to why they have made their decisions. Venus and the Moon trine Uranus this afternoon and we can celebrate camaraderie or desire to get out of a dysfunctional relationship. The mood shifts later to a more serious, subdued, nurturing, farsighted modality.

Venus quincunx Chiron 1:16 AM, Moon trine Saturn 8:17 AM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 2:36 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:33 PM, Moon’s trine Uranus 6:54 PM, Venus trine Uranus 10:26 PM, Moon enters Virgo 10:52 PM.

Monday, September 18: Communication is essential as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter, though what people talk about may be their worries and concerns, their anxieties and their critique. For the next two days, during the dark of the Moon in Virgo, we need to take a personal and professional inventory, assess, analyze, and investigate. But avoid abrupt decisions and keep looking for more information. Tonight, our minds may be really tired of spinning and need a break as the Moon opposes Neptune; dive into the imagination or spirit, space out and stare at the stars and let the hamster wheel of the brain slow down.

Moon conjunct Mars 1:48 PM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 4:32 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 5:19 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 8:46 PM.

Tuesday, September 19Self-analysis can be an art form, but only if we keep it fair and whole instead of faultfinding. Our minds work fast, but may not be realistic as it as Mercury opposes Neptune. In this spiritual, intuitive, but somewhat distorted frame of mind we can see things worse than they are, or see details at our proportion to the whole, and have to add that perspective with our bigger mind. Find spirit of the details, and decide what new chapter towards health and healing it would be good to start tonight on the new Moon around 11:30 PM MDT.

Sun opposite Chiron 1:32 AM, Moon trine Pluto 4:34 AM, Moon square Saturn 1:10 PM, Venus enters Virgo 7:15 PM, Moon opposed Chiron 9:49 PM, Mercury opposed Neptune 9:49 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 11:29 PM.

Wednesday, September 20: We may still be imagining things, but may have friendlier thoughts as the Moon enters more sociable Libra this morning. Social graces and social justice grow in importance; we can be painfully aware when something feels unfair or we feel unheard as the Sun quincunx Uranus. And truly grateful when all is right and we feel heard.

Moon enters Libra 4:05 AM, Sun quincunx Chiron 4:29 AM.

Thursday, September 21: A bittersweet autumnal moment arrives this morning as the Moon squares Pluto; release an attachment that is in the way of new growth. Honor but don’t cave into a moment of discouragement. If not sure what to do next, sit with the uncertainty and listen for new information.

Moon square Pluto 11 AM, Moon semi-square Venus 11:19 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 8:11 PM.

All times are MDT.

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