Starcodes horoscopes for September 11 – 17, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for September 11 – 17, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

horoscope astrologyPull out that rapier wit and editorial pen this weekend, critique flows easily as we head into a new Moon with a partial solar eclipse in Virgo over Saturday night. We can rake ourselves over the coals and others along with us, but don’t have to go there. The strange paradox of Virgo season is we’re both unusually good at giving critique and unusually bad at receiving it. So before we speak up let’s assess if what we’re about to say is true, necessary, kind, and at the right time.

If we just feel like complaining recreationally, let’s find a safe place to vent to and let it go. There will be places in the bigger picture, away from friends and family, which need every bit of our critical thinking skills. We can tap into Virgo’s critical thinking skills to sift, sort, complete, and organize now before Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the week.

The energy and rhythm of our communication and our movement slows down as the week progresses, but events get bigger. We may feel flooded by feelings, overwhelmed by events later on this week. We may see literal flooding, or watch Europe be flooded by refugees, and there may be no clear path through complex events that call for our deepest levels of intuition and compassion as expensive Jupiter opposes Neptune, the planet of intuition and imagination, creativity, water, doubts, confusion, and deception. There’s just too much Neptune this month.

Jupiter opposed Neptune can also exacerbate our any escapist habits we have or throw off our diet or blood sugar and increase the craving for sweets. It’s a good week to make sure our diets are substantial and protein-filled to give ourselves as much nurturing as we can.

The positive expression of a planet or aspect is the cure for the negative expression of those same symbols. So the sweetness, compassion, feeling deeply connected at one the creative solutions offered by Jupiter opposed Neptune, and by Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Virgo, are the cure for feeling overwhelmed or uncertain.

Another facet of this Jupiter – Neptune aspect, we can develop a philosophy that is ungrounded and interferes with our daily life or use spirituality to justify our personal delusions, a pattern that so easy to see in another and so hard to see in ourselves. Where does our spirituality leave off and our illusion begin? The answer can be found in the Neptune call towards connection. Does the philosophy increase our compassion for all the ocean of sentient beings? Or does it create separation, which is anti-Neptune. Be wary of spiritual or religious righteousness this month and come back to basic human rights.

Early next week the Libra Moon helps us deal with people and make judicious decisions, support our network and our connections. Midweek the Scorpio Moon can take us on a tour of some of our dark places; we look for something to worry about. Some people will feel truly uncomfortable and focus the blame elsewhere, and this can be dangerous. We may have revelations of how bad a situation truly is, but can also use the Scorpionic focus to crank down on specific work and get it done before Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday.

Friday, September 11: This morning can leave us tired, emotional little sensitive but doing what needs to be done as the Moon squares dolorous Saturn then enters Virgo as Mercury bi-quintiles spacey Neptune. We may just want to puddle along with our feelings, and this can be a healing time where we stay close to our soul. Like America with our 9/11 memories, some old pain can be close to the surface; we can choose to heal another layer or choose to use it to sharpen our suspicions. Low energy but empathetic and creative afternoon, a nap calls to us. Tonight the energy opens up; we need to be able to complain about our week then share camaraderie as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Jupiter.

Moon semi-square Mercury 6:03 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:03 AM, Moon enters Virgo7:55 AM, Mercury bi-quintile Neptune 8:11 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:45 PM.

Saturday, September 12: The mood is skittish, a little nervy; we may want to be braver than we really are or intend to head out the door then feel recalcitrant. Honor both the needs to rest and renew, and the need to follow through on important social responsibilities. Watch a tendency to berate oneself; stay solution focused this afternoon as the Sun quincunx Uranus. A burst of later industriousness can help us turn the corner and make a critical difference. Tonight, our activities need to be healing or they may just leave us cranky. Critique sharpens later at the dark of the Moon, old complaints rise up but ask if it’s really productive to speak them.

Moon opposed Neptune 12:14 AM, Sun opposed Chiron 12:59 AM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 8:07 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:10 AM, Sun quincunx Uranus 11:17 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 10:39 PM.

Sunday, September 13: Something may have shifted overnight on that New Moon partial solar eclipse at 20° of Virgo. What’s changed? We may feel it more than understand this today as the Moon makes minor aspects, but be asked to make healthy choices. Redirect that low-level anxiety away from the faults of self and others and redirect towards the life we want to live. Relationship eases and we can breathe deeper and appreciate one another more this evening as the Moon enters Libra. Look for a way to equalize and unequal situations, to sympathize with those working towards a more fair and equitable world, and take time to see the beauty in the sunset.

Moon conjunct Sun 12:41 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:07 PM, Moon enters Libra 9:40 PM, Moon semi-square Venus 10:44 PM.

Monday, September 14: Confirm plans and appointments, follow through on unfinished business. We may feel slow and space see this Monday morning, our heads still little thick so cut everyone a little slack at the start. Do not lower expectations, because clear goals will help us find momentum, just let us pace ourselves. Irritations are likely midafternoon, but we don’t need to project them upon one another. It furthers to stop and find one thing beautiful, one thing to be grateful for. Let the moods flows through tonight. Instead of getting depressed of feeling overwhelmed, we can bring our thoughts in and start a list of specific tasks to help us feel complete, ready, and connected.

Moon quincunx Neptune 11:48 AM, Moon semi-square Mars 2:06 PM, Moon square Pluto11:10 PM,

Tuesday, September 15: Let’s start battening the hatches for the coming Mercury retrograde; tidy up loose ends, confirm reservations, check in with editorial teams to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Although people are in a fairly diplomatic and collaborative mood, we can feel the molasses beginning to creep in our communication style as everything begins to slow down and get a little sticky. Deal quickly but not casually with changes needed around noon as the Moon opposes Uranus. Pay attention for last-minute details that flood the mind just as were trying to go to sleep; take notes and follow through later.

Moon semi-square Saturn 2:51 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:33 AM, Moon sextile Venus5:07 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 12:27 PM, Moon sextile Mars 10:21 PM.

Wednesday, September 16: Do not jump to conclusions, people send out mixed signals and they need to be investigated further. We may feel unusually sensitive, both to other people’s comments and to allergies, but also to possibilities; but this layered on the confusion of Jupiter opposed Neptune can lead us to read personal rejection where it is not intended as the Moon enters suspicious Scorpio and makes only minor aspects. Our procrastination may fight with a feeling of urgency. Our heart may just not be in the details but on some intense transformative experience around the edges of our lives.

Moon enters Scorpio 9:42 AM

Thursday, September 17: Have patience! The energy swirls in place, the mood can be tempestuous but may have trouble making any progress as Jupiter opposes Neptune, Mercury retrogrades, and Saturn enters Sagittarius. What happens today may have long-term consequences but will take patience to unravel and see the effect. Flashes of the past need to be integrated in the moment as Mercury retrogrades, but we can’t quite see where were going as Jupiter opposed Neptune. Continue to let go of the superficial static to find the still quiet place within, and move steadily from this position. It’s all about the balance today.

Jupiter opposes Neptune 12:53 AM, Moon trines Jupiter and Neptune 1:48 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:51 AM, Mercury stations retrograde 12:09 PM, Moon square Venus 7:35 PM, Saturn enters Sagittarius 8:49 PM

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