Starcodes horoscopes for September 11 – 17, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for September 11 – 17, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Venus softens our hearts and offers  us the good will and camaraderie needed to handle some otherwise challenging times as it opposes Jupiter and  Neptune for the next two weeks. This Venus encourages us make extravagant displays of how we feel, whether we’re in love,  angry at the regime, or bored with the teacher; our feelings, and even our displays can stray into the melodramatic. Just as Mercury retrograde increases the likelihood for misunderstandings.

Sometimes we can use this melodrama as a distraction to cover even deeper feelings. We just have to watch that we don’t get lost in a story of our own imaginings. Our hearts may want to drift off into never-never land, but that can make life back here less interesting in the long run. If we find ourselves day dreaming of a new love, we may need to look at our old marriage and see what needs work. If we dream of a new job, we may need to search for a way to take it out of dreams and make it so. Dream, but keep the dreams on a long leash;  pour love on the friends, but do it without strings or assumption trailing. Just see what is worthy in others and they will return the favor.

The volume will be up on all emotions this week, just as two intense aspects bring up the big issues of our times. This catalyses an unpredictable time and can magnify  our desire to break from business as usual as Saturn quincunx Neptune and opposes Uranus just as Pluto turns direct after many months retrograde.

If a real rebellious streak makes cooperation a challenge, let everyone have their voice to decrease the pressure.  As this aspect echoes from last election day through next spring and perfects again this week, it repeatedly challenges the old systems, for better and for worse. This week can trigger off longstanding power struggles or simmering rebellions, though  most of us will just watch from the sidelines. If a situation gets really challenging, step back but don’t go away; people will be more cooperative next week.

Structural problems can also become apparent, like cracks in a bridge or building foundation, or as a break in chains of command. Tectonic plates can get restless. And we may need to figure out what needs to be rearranged about our work before we can proceed.

As the weekend begins, we may hear too many words and not all of them are wise as the Moon runs through verbal Gemini while retrograde Mercury semi-squares Venus. We’ll try to talk pleasantries and can spin  stories, but could get stuck in the past , just as the Sept. 11 anniversary rolls around. Play it safe when in doubt.  As Pluto turns direct it clears the way for future progress, but while the gutters flush we can see a back up of sewage, both psychic and literal. Things surface from the dark corners and behind the scenes power brokerage now becomes apparent

Sunday and Monday an existential homesickness simmers under the Cancer Moon, so check in with old friends and familiar places and don’t ask people to extend themselves too far right now. Avoid critique, it’s really hard to take fairly at the moment, we need to know our people are behind us. Don’t test loyalty, but notice who’s solid and who isn’t. If we reassure others as much or more than we need ourselves, we’ll all be ok. Stomach and digestion need simple fare and kindness as they may act out under stress.  Domestic policy, ours and our country’s, are up for review.

Midweek, we want to trust and love but may get stuck in our blind spot. Our judgment gets clouded, so consider not spending any money. Give the imagination something to do so it stay out of trouble and doesn’t build projected castles of love or of fears. Serendipitous meetings abound if we can stay in the moment and not imagine more than is actually there.

Disappointment can be our own fault, fallout from assumptions, but if someone responds to it with a real flash of anger, get out of the way and give them room to salvage their pride.  As Venus opposes Neptune, let the daydreams remind us of what is possible, and then climb out of other clouds to walk there. This can be a wildly creative, sociable and fun time if we can add the common sense and check our facts.

Towards the end of the week, hang in there over an unsettled, tough few days. Our worry machine can work overtime, so if we get tough news, let’s take it with a grain of salt and a wait-and-see attitude; it may be exaggerated. Confirm all facts. We can feel nothing is right, everything wrong and we may as well just go eat worms, acutely aware of what we don’t have or easily depressing ourselves with a litany of problems. We really need to stay here, look for what we do have, love the beauty found in small patches and not make any sudden moves as the Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo and opposes Uranus, while thoughtful Mercury squares brooding Pluto and retrogrades back into Virgo.

Logic seems important but will tend to be skewed. Electrical matters shock. The faster we work, the more we have to do; we need to slow down and work smarter. Frayed psyches may be restless and need support. Our natural routine disciplines can help; faith, patience and meditation further.

Friday, Sept 11: We’re emotional vibrating as Venus opposes Jupiter. Old power issues can stir the coals, and we can either talk them out and improve the situation under a Gemini Moon, or  break open the scar tissue as Pluto stations midday. And opening, a possibilities for assign of relief as the afternoon creates an opening. Nervous mutterings tonight, too much can be said, find another way to release tension.

Saturday, Sept 12: Energies are scattered and sociable this morning but deepen into our heart this evening as the Moon enters Cancer. A series of early events can trigger off the main work of our year as the Moon squares Saturn and Uranus. A deep sigh,  soft moods, homesickness or self doubts later afternoon as the Moon opposes Pluto, and these can provoke real conversation tonight.

Sunday, Sept 13: Strange between-the-worlds day, unexpected free time can give us an opportunity to either mope or to reconnect with odd corners of one’s life. If there is something that needs fixing, do so. Later in the day a cranky decisiveness can make us less tolerant if our home, or its occupants, are not behaving as we’d like. Negotiate rather than snap.

Monday, Sept 14: Our hearts and our self-esteem may be feeling vulnerable and need healing this morning, but can improve mid-afternoon as the Moon enters Leo. Midday we may need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone, get visible and speak up as Mercury challenges Jupiter, but need to speak with intention and not just with nerves. Don’t demand attention during a tense streak around dinner, shine on others and they’ll shine back.

Tuesday, Sept 15: A totally unrealistic streak can leave us drifting on fantasy island under a Leo Moon and as Venus opposes Neptune and quincunx Uranus. Watch out for  projected troubles or total illusions and enjoy the show. Creativity flows, so get the kids to paint sculpt or write poetry about what they’ve learned to integrate. Watch the emotional demands. Tract logistics carefully as we’re  easily distracted. Tend to the sore-hearted.

Wednesday, Sept 16: We can dream away or cuddle in our own cocoon, but tend to interpret news or interpersonal messages through the filter of our hopes and fears. It’s hard to really see clearly as the Moon and Venus conjunct and opposes Neptune.  The harsher edge of reality can grate on our nerves later as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Pluto. We see the cost of our daydream and need to decide if it’s worth it. Critics try to rip the dream, some of them have a point, others are just irritated because they are loosing power.

Thursday, Sept 17 could be a day of confrontation as the Sun conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus. Comeuppance, a cold splash of water, brings us face to face with our limited beliefs; we have to confront the critical voice both inside and out, and decides where we need to push through outdated thinking and where we need to wake up. Each piece needs to be sifted individually, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, and know the work is worth it.

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