Starcodes horoscopes for September 10 – 16, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for September 10 – 16, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The beginning of this week will look very different than the end of it. Look for transitions and transformation this week as the weather turns from summer to fall, leaves begin to crisp and blush, and planets appear to change directions. The internal weather forecast brings turbulence laced with still moments, tiredness with waves of occasionally intense, often conflicting feelings and a flood of information and understanding which lead us to a fresh approach and the next project by the end of the week.

Expect big changes this week as Mercury and Pluto turn direct after a long retrograde cycle. These planets are actually just going about their business spinning around the Sun, but from our perspective look like they’ve been backing up against the zodiac; Pluto retrograded April 8 and Mercury on August 21, putting some components of our life on hold while we went back to deal with unfinished business, or delved into an unusual and probably intense bit of karmic work with those near and dear.

Mercury is all about movement, movement of information, objects, people, and words. It’s been a challenge to write anything scintillating or get anything new moving quickly, slapstick increased(though sometimes minor accidents can be a good way of meeting people).Our words can trip up; we forget our lines or the punch lines come out before the joke. And if a misunderstanding begins, processing it can sometimes just seem to dig the hole deeper, better to just be kind, and straighten it out next week. The toughest point can be just as Mercury turns direct, which it does this weekend.

Once Pluto turns direct it speeds up our efforts to transform, but as it stations can flush out the darker corners. These two together can bring to the surface something hidden, like evidence, missing item, plot, or the consequences of an action we ignored. All that comes to the surface needs to be aired out before we know what it really means.

As this falls on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, this emotional abundance can spill into our memories and either bring a new layer of healing, or give some an excuse to abandon facts and stir up trouble. We always have a choice as to how we respond to the aspects, and every aspect has a positive and negative expression. This Venus/Mars/Neptune aspect can help us love our spiritual path, but some people use loving their spiritual path as an excuse for hating another’s.

The weekend begins in cloud of magical thinking and emotional overflow as the Libra Moon conjuncts emotional Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra, all trine dreamy Neptune. We may want a little romantic thrill and can get lost in our imagination if we don’t find together or in the bounty of art and compassion. We may go back to someone, place or thing we loved to stir the old coals or get a familiar zing, or find ourselves fantasizing about a person we saw passing in the street. Let’s bring the best of the past into the future, but leave the rest behind.

As Mercury and Pluto appear to hold still and turn around on Sunday and early Monday, keep the schedule light and simple and prepare for unexpected events.  Hidden feelings or intentions may come to light, and some of it may feel really crazy, so just take everything with a grain of salt.

It may take an effort to get conscious and stop focusing on what is wrong, missing, or not living up to our ideals and turn around to look at the next chapter instead, but that is just what we need to do as the week progresses, one chapter closes and another begins. Let any residual hurt or disgruntlement flow outflow away and bring the attention back to what we want to grow.

Friday, Sept 10: All’s fair in love and war, but is it kind, necessary, or wise as the Libra Moon conjuncts Mars and trines Neptune. Our hearts are easily stirred an easily lost in the clouds, our thinking can be foggy and abstracted. Let’s try not to get lost in the past and stay present to what we’re doing; accidents increase when we fuzz out. But we can let this delicious fog soften the edges of our life and help us imagine the next step.  More action-packed evening as the Moon conjuncts Mars, but make sure action is based on reality.

Saturday, Sept 11: Emotionally ripe but fairly inarticulate day; go deep, feel what they’re trying to say, and confirm details later under a brooding Moon in Scorpio. Darker emotions come up to be healed, but we can mistakenly think these feelings have to do with the story in front of us (rather than remnants of the past) and act way out of whack. Still, thoughtful, magical actions further, as does holding hands in quiet support. Emotional projection is lethal. Take it deep and process well tonight.

Sunday, Sept 12: Still waters run deep. Feelings are strong but Mercury is stationary, we get in trouble if we try to do too much or get too busy. We bond together emoting on shared ground, but can really feel lacking as we process a loss or sense of inadequacy as Venus sextiles Pluto. Large collective sighs. Do not get hooked on inconsequential irritations. Keep schedule simple and spacious, duck under the waves and hold still to feel the beauty in the quiet whenever possible.

Monday, Sept 13: Difficult early morning; find center before greeting the day. Good changes follow soon if we are cool while the energy shifts around us. Put safety first all day and avoid combustible situations; keep eyes open for a sudden opportunity hidden in an apparent disappointment. The mood lightens as the Moon heads into Sagittarius midday, laugh over recent mistakes and let the truth be abundant, soft and healing. Watch irritable impatience at dinnertime,

Tuesday, Sept 14: Regroup today and begin to plan ahead. Engage in strategic meetings all around, just use pencil instead of pen as needed information is still coming in and may require changes. Don’t rush the process. Not much gets accomplished, but misconceptions are corrected, tensions reorganized, and a light bulb goes off over our head.

Wednesday, Sept 15: The day is disjointed as the Sagittarius Moon squares Uranus, Jupiter and conjuncts Pluto. Keep conversations short and to the point, pay attention to non-verbal cues; efforts to understand pay off. Watch for changes in policy or direction. Eccentricity expresses midday; heads up for important new connections. Tonight we need to process and catch up with ourselves but have to watch a controlling streak. Crankiness needs sleep.

Thursday, Sept 14: We may feel strong, but stiff or tired muscles and weary souls need to be stretched and made flexible this morning as the Capricorn Moon squares Saturn. Do the hardest part of the work first; everything will feel better after that hump. Tackle bureaucratic necessities now and put a stubborn streak to good use. Inspiration flows into disciplined forms later. We can begin to figure out how to follow through on a recent idea.

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