Starcodes Horoscopes for October 9 – 15, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for October 9 – 15, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Moods and energy levels that rise and fall like a leaf on the autumn wind this week, as our minds have a chance to calm down but our hearts get restless. It’s time follow through on the plans we instigated recently, we need to put in some steady work on our long range goals right now.

But we also need to strengthen and nurture our relationships and let our hearts catch up on some major emotional processing as Mercury leaves the busy sig n of Virgo, enters more sociable Libra, and squares deep and intense Pluto. Venus echoes this pattern at the end of the week, as it too enters Libra and squares Pluto.

These Pluto aspects can leave us feeling haunted, wondering of we have made or are making the right decisions. It could also ask us to let go of something we hold dear in order to move on, or remind us that as we stand at a crossroad, we have to let go of on path in order to follow the other. We may feel discouraged or stuck, feeling like we will never make the progress we want. Memories and feelings can bring our attention to the people and things that are no longer here and leave us sad. Some of us will lash out because it hurts and others will be moved to action, even to compassionate heroism, though most of us will just feel a bit moody.

But let’s not get stuck there. Even as discouragement or sadness wafts through, a lovely Sun-Jupiter trine buoys us up and helps us turn to the future possibilities. How far we’re tossed on the winds depends on the blustering of our conditions and our ability to remember that we are not just this tousled leaf, but also the deep roots underneath.

Once Mercury enters peace-loving Libra for the next few weeks, we’d really rather not argue and will tend to tune out people who come on aggressive or confrontational. Instead we’re encouraged to see each other’s point of view and may develop extra appreciation of a well-spun word. We want a little sweet-talking, a compliment or soft words spoken over the pillow with Venus now in Virgo and oppose Uranus. We’re particularly turned off by a critical love or friend, so speak the truth, but do it diplomatically.

We can use this restless Venus to get creative or go revel in the fall colors. We seek beauty and fairness; we get upset at the world when it feels unjust and upset with our house if it feels ugly. Redecorating the outside helps us reorganize our psychological insides.

Relationships can take the strain, the grass can look greener on the other side unless we feel appreciated, but where we feel valued and fed, our hearts soften and deepen. Keep an eye out for new contacts but don’t blow off old friends, it may be=2 0the relationship is stale not the person, and just needs a fresh perspective.

Early next week Mars forms a work-energizing sextile with Saturn just as Venus conjuncts Saturn. Form follows function, and we need to follow our intentions. We can be helpful and still put the bulk of this industriousness towards our own long-term goals. But we have to jump-start this inspiration; if we begin, the sextile carries us forward.

Venus conjunct Saturn can make our love life feel like a lot of hard work, but we’ll bond well over our work. It also encourages new collaborations and networking, and supports litigations, mediation and contracts.

Midweek, our relationships improve with attention as Venus forms an agreeable sextile to Mars enters her home sign of Libra, then squares Pluto. If we make our offerings and don’t take anyone for granted, our network warms and strengthens. Let’s smile when we walk down the street.

Friday, Oct 9: Last minute changes can work in our favor if we’re awake enough to direct the flow. Nail down details and polish the resume while Mercury’s still in Virgo. Don’t take personally a low-level existential grumbling. Around dinner our whimsical craves a change of scene and topic as Venus opposes Uranus and Mercury enters Libra. New connections are just waiting to be found.

Saturday, Oct 10: Put a sudden discontent with surroundings to a good use. Nest, redecorate, and work on a collective project to make the world a more beautiful, fair, or peaceful place as Sun trines Jupiter and Mercury squares Pluto. Check on sad friends. Our conscience is calling, our heart is singing, we can walk the beauty way.

Sunday, Oct 11: We may feel overwhelmed by too much recent input and need to turn inwards to metabolize and rest this morning. Later, take care of domestic problem as the Cancer Moon trines Uranus and conjuncts Mars. Dinnertime, it’s much easier (but less productive) to be impatient with another person’s progress than our own. Later tonight let egos tango not bullfight.

Monday, Oct 12: With a little tact and appreciation we can make progress as Mars sextiles Saturn, Energy and discipline can work together, and heroics are possible. If we’re interested in their life, they will find us fascinating.

Tuesday, Oct 13: Self-promote, publish, broadcast, fundraise; don’t waste the articulate and extroverted vibe as Jupiter turns direct after many weeks retrograde under a Leo Moon. We need to work at love, and work at what we love as Venus conjuncts serious Saturn and both sextile Mars. Good relationship skills will reap benefits later.

Wednesday, Oct 14: It‘s so easy to nitpick when people don’t live up to our dreams of their potential. But it’s far better to water the roses than harass the weeds as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Pluto. We can bond through helping, so many are dealing with some vulnerability, but are we really helping them or are we avoiding an emotional risk ourselves. Tonight, stay honest and equitable.

Thursday, Oct 15: Balance one another’s needs, balance political perspectives; we’re asked what is fair in love and war as Venus enters her home sign of Libra and squares Pluto. Our heart can ache: for love, for art, connection, for something or one who is missing, something just beyond our reach. Let the feelings flow and know it is existential, let the ache inspire art and compassionate action. Open the heart instead of holding the nearby frail humans responsible.

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