Starcodes horoscopes for October 8 – 14, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for October 8 – 14, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The poet Rumi once said “Let a thousand wrangling desires become one Love”. With Venus and Mars in Scorpio, we can feel that thousand desires wrangling below the surface stirring up our emotions and nudging our unconscious into action. This week brings deep feelings, a review of the past and heavy but potentially constructive thinking.

On the surface our words and mind can bring an oasis of calm and purpose with thoughtful Mercury in open-minded, egalitarian Libra, conjunct the Sun and serious Saturn. We may have to work extra hard on our communications, technical glitches or the seriousness of our work may ask us to pay extra attention rather than just breeze through: this conjunction wants us to be a nice grown-up and do our work but don’t rock the boat. It asks us to get real. Dig up the past. Work out the details in the present and make solid plans for the future. But don’t be mean in the process.

It can also lean in heavily on our mind and depress us if we obsess on an old wound or the drudgery and obstacles in our path. If we find ourselves down in the muck, the best medicine can be to dive into that heaviness, look at it, talk about it, and share stories. Remember when we’ve been there before, what helped, and how we surfaced with new gifts. But let’s not leave anyone in there, in that heaviness, to stew alone.

We want to believe fair is fair with Sun, Mercury and Saturn running together in Libra; if an action does not feel right to us, does not feel equitable, whether at home or in the world, our mood begins to growl. We can all agree on this point, but what’s truly fair, across race, gender, culture, or just across dining table, may be a point of real contention. We can assume that because our perspective is true, theirs must be wrong. If we can drop that assumption and actually hear the other perspective without resentment, we may find a stereoscopic solution.

This line-up also has a really practical side, once we have a plan it can help us make it so. We may be called to attend to walls, systems, structures, teeth, bones, or the discipline of work, and may find it restful to concentrate on something so practical and solid. It can inspire us to work on something we find beautiful or fair, something that attacks the inequities and ugliness of our world or brings order to a disorderly situation.

Friday begins upbeat and competent, if a little drifty, then deepens as the Moon enters Scorpio for the weekend. This weekend we have the chance to dig deep and unearth the real reasons for our issues, or we can sling mud and blame others for our problems and miss this empowering opportunity. Dig in the garden and in the garden of the soul for the roots. Because each person is working on their own private internal agenda, however consciously or unconsciously, relationships can feel strained, tested, or at least in need of attention. Even if we can’t fully come to the surface to be there for another, we can practice good relationship skills and be trustworthy. And if we’re lucky, find something wonderful to share in the process.

We may feel an unsettled patch over the weekend and at the beginning of the week as Mercury forms some rocky aspects to Neptune and Chiron while Mars semis-squares Pluto. We may mean to cooperate, and probably will give lip-service to cooperation, but then may find ourselves doing exactly what we wanted anyway, or resenting our capitulation. Our attention can wander from our daily work to something more relevant to us, something that obsesses or fascinates us.

Mars semi-squares Pluto can sharpen a passive-aggressive edge or aggression from a safe distance. Political campaigns may ramp up the negative campaigning, but this will tend to backfire, even if the audience agrees with the nasty lancing, most will want relief and a higher road, to get above the fray instead of deep down into it. The undercurrents of old resentments or dangers swirl beneath the surface and will need to be dealt with diplomatically.

Midweek we want more practical and tangible solutions in the moment. A pragmatic approach can give us relief from the surplus of swirling emotions and squirrely people. To use the best of this line-up and avoid the worst, it helps to work on something we find beautiful or fair, something that attacks the inequities and ugliness of our world or brings order to a disorderly situation.

Friday, Oct 8:  A thoughtful, heavy, but basically sane and compassionate day; tough and serious decisions can be made and made with good judgment as Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Libra. We may feel old, or need to talk about the past or talk over something that has stuck in our craw for a long time. Work needs us to knuckle down and persisted to bring a goal to conclusion. The evening gowns musky and dusky and plum-colored as the Moon enters Scorpio; let’s not say it unless we mean it, and make sure we get the private time we need.

Saturday, Oct 9: Wake our curiosity or leave us alone. We don’t want light social games, so drop the pretense and be honest, but know anyone will be better understood if they are kind as well as real. Everyone needs time in their private cornered today, so if someone starts growing spikes, leave them alone for a few hours and check back later under this Scorpio Moon. Liquids flow, so check for spillage and water damage. Our imagination is rich, but tends to focus on woes and not joys, and can take us to some really wacked-out places if we don’t feel the ground underneath us as Mercury challenges Chiron and Neptune. Direct imagination exuberantly yet carefully.

Sunday, Oct 10: Do not rely on luck today; small snafus will tangle though big patterns will generally work out ok. Laugh at the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, keep the agenda loose and make the best of the moment. Respond if called upon to be there for a friend in need; some people are on a rollercoaster. Don’t try to fix them unless the imperative is clear; just hold the space for them and care.

Monday, Oct 11: Morning could be tough, so save the technical challenges for later in a more productive afternoon. We are urged to uncover something hidden and broken or excise something that needs to be removed– even if that’s just a misconception– as Mars semi-squares Pluto. But if this urge gets too generalized we can stab one another instead. Keep the surgery specific and kind and the work can be transformative. Afternoon lightens, laughter heals and we grow impatient with what‘s held us back.

Tuesday, Oct 12: If life feels like Improv Theater, take the cue and play back; the mood is restless, ready to travel or play hooky, low on concentration today as Venus challenges Uranus under a Sagittarius Moon.  People want a break from recent heaviness and so will try something new; they’ll be curious about change if it doesn’t feel like a trap. Get children, animals and grumpy moods outside and moving. Philosophical mood tonight helps us put recent events into perspective, if we choose.

Wednesday, Oct 13: An ache this morning sends us back to work, we need to knuckle down and nail down specifics today and put important pieces in movement. An emotional tightness can make us feel like our situation is too small; it helps to resist less, but stretch the boundaries and muscles wherever possible. People may not feel intimate or cozy, but if we prove trustworthy and strong in our own abilities, the coziness returns later. Follow through on responsibilities as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn, and finally sextiles Venus tonight.

Thursday, Oct 14: Some slow-working inner conflicts can leave us with mixed feelings no matter which way we go, but it won’t help to just hold still at the crossroads. It can help to do something logical and sequential or to tend to practical chores where we don’t have to decide. Micro- managing backfires and builds resistance. Personalities tug for control and can get nasty of they feel trapped, so be self-responsible but trust others to do their end of the job. We want our efforts noticed and taken seriously, we’d like sympathy for the hassles we face; take turns offering the sympathetic ear.

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