Starcodes horoscopes for October 30 – November 5, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for October 30 – November 5, 2015

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by Heather Roan Robbins

Scorpio likes things intense and encourages us to be fascinated by mysteries. Samhain, Halloween, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, so many cultures honor this mysterious Scorpio holiday, the point halfway between fall equinox and the winter solstice when painted leaves fall and the reality of winter creeps in. The veils thinned between the worlds. It’s time to make friends with our beloved dead and listen for supernatural advice before we face the long winter ahead.

A playful approach often helps us face our biggest defense and worst fears. On this holiday we face our fears and fantasies by taking on their aspects. The culture accustoms our children to fearful imagery by draping monsters over the candy and tucking evil creatures by familiar front doors, to death by planting tombstone inform of the town library. We need to get friendly with the concept of death before we head into the long winter; these days it’s not such a big deal, we’ll probably make it through until spring but this wasn’t always something we humans took for granted.

Traditionally, in many cultures, it was a moment to commune with our ancestors and get their advice. And to remind ourselves that we will be remembered and loved even after we are gone. We can use this holiday like a Pluto transit, and ask ourselves, in this face of life-and-death, what is important for us to pursue this winter. It’s time to let go of the busyness of the fall the details of Virgo, the sociability of Libra, and use this Scorpionic focus to deal with what really matters.

All this week Venus and Mars beautifully conjunct in Virgo, near Jupiter in the pre-dawn sky, keep our emotions strong, our sympathy and critical nature cranked, our passions simmering in an introverted, earthy sort of way. But we may feel a little more subdued and introspective or self-conscious than usual this Halloween.

Friday will be the wilder party night of this holiday weekend with the Moon in witty and flirtatious Gemini, and while the Sun trines imaginative and intuitive Neptune. Though a Sun- Mars semi-square can sharpen our competitive streak and loan us an accident prone quality. Drive safely and swerve carefully around the passing ghouls.

Our costumes may be unusually detailed this year we may be more self-conscious and less wildly out there than usual for Halloween. The Moon enters emotionally-based Cancer for a more introverted, intuitive weekend, and forms a magical grand trine with the Sunland Neptune on Halloween for a truly thin-veiled, intuitive, if easily- spooked time. We just need to keep an eye on our mood swings, and give ourselves a safe place to go with a surplus of feeling. Consider staying home and sweetening the future by giving sweets to children and to the spirits.

Mercury enters canny, focused Scorpio on Monday and urges us past trivia to face uncomfortable truths. Our thinking process can sharpen and focus, which is excellent for people trying to concentrate on a project or taking a meditation retreat. It may inspire rapier-like commentary which will make campaigns entertaining, but can provoke us within family dynamics. Watch for some major last-minute political grandstanding as the Moon also enters Leo on Monday.

An interesting aspect on voting day, Jupiter opposed Chiron, tends to forces outside of our comfort zone and brings up old fears and wounds, some people may vote from their fear and others respond with courage of to bring in a better future. Notice where damage from past has made it hard to live up to our full expression as a culture in the present, and use this opportunity to heal old wounds. The asteroid Pallas Athena enters Capricorn and strengthens the role of the competent female in leadership.

By midweek, we’re back to work with fresh determination and a new understanding of the pragmatic logistics needed for our next phase as the Moon enters industrious Virgo.

By midweek the buzz and drama of Halloween and Election Day fade and it’s time to get back to work, but with a new understanding of the nuts and bolts of our next stage and with access to a fresh determination as the Moon enters Virgo, Mercury semi-sextile Saturn and the Sun sextiles Pluto.

Friday, October 30: After an introspective, easily distracted morning, the day is serious with funny streak, gracious with awkward moments. Maybe we work on our costumes and get so focused on a detail it’s hard to get out of the house. We get fussed easily late afternoon and may need to use our muscles in a good way as the Sun semi-squares Mars; let’s be careful we don’t trip over our costumes. But by dinner time and into the evening a wonderfully a fantastical and dreamy Sun-Neptune trine encourages us to let go of ordinary reality, a perfect evening ceremonies and Halloween parties.

Moon square Jupiter 3:48 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 6:03 AM, Moon square Venus 10:49 AM, Moon square Mars 1:23 PM, Sun semi-square Mars 2:44 PM, Sun trine Neptune 3:05 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:51 PM.

Saturday, October 31: We focus on the intangible as our imagination and intuition activates when the Moon enters sensitive, self-conscious, but deep-feeling Cancer and forms a flowing grand trine in water signs with Sun and intuitive Neptune. Our physical sensitivity increases as does our receptivity to impressions, art, drama, ghosts and ghost stories and the spirits of our ancestors. This is a magical holiday, but may be more introspective, less party-hearty than usual. Offer all praise and no criticisms to another’s costume. Because our digestive system is sensitive today, considering offering unusually healthy treats.

Moon enters Cancer 3:09 AM, Moon trines Neptune 3:42 PM, Moon trine Sun 5:42 PM, Jupiter semi- sextiles Juno 6:13 PM.

Sunday, November 1: Maybe it’s the sugar crash, maybe it’s the melancholy and cranky aspects, but the energy shifts inwards as the Moon opposes Pluto this morning. Early on in the day it’s all too easy to become miffed or righteous when what we’re really feeling is sensitive, easily hurt, and working to displace blame. Just feel the feelings rather than the martyrdom. It’s a day to domesticate and re-center within the home, self-care, balanced diet; and if we do, and evening is warm and sociable as the Moon sextiles Venus and Mars.

Moon opposed Pluto 1:53 AM, Moon square Uranus 9:52 AM, Moon sextile Venus 7:44 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:34 PM.

Monday, November 2: Mercury enters Scorpio and brings out our suspicious streak and desire to visibly upstage just before voting day. We can have flash, charisma, and a desire for a more exciting life as Venus conjuncts Mars. Some people will look for an argument just because, so notice those with a pugnacious sparkle in the eye. Sparks can flare into crimes of passion. If we have to wrestle, let’s wrestle with consciousness. With Venus and Mars conjunct it’s better to make love and war.

Mercury enters Scorpio 12:06 AM, Moon enters Leo 8:47 AM, Moon square Mercury10:05 AM, Moon trine Saturn 4:59 PM, Venus conjunct Mars 6:05 PM.

Tuesday, November 3: Election Day starts out rather tense and frustrated as the Moon squares Sun and semi-squares Venus and Mars. Differences can irritate ordinarily pleasant partnerships in the morning as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. We get barraged by information, much of it is hyperbole and probably inaccurate so let’s take everything we hear with a grain of salt and suspicion.  Early political results and a shift in mood can break the tension this evening.

Moon square Sun 5:23 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 7:25 AM, Moon trine Uranus6:46 PM,

Wednesday, November 4: Pick up the pieces, soothe egos, have a private hissy fit and about something that disappoints or irritates, and face the simple logistical difficulties that may have arisen over recent revelations. We need to analyze and organize, but note a lot of mental processing may be used as an excuse for free-floating emotion during the day. Own the real feelings underneath. A new sense of determined organization kicks in as Mercury semi-sextile Saturn and the Moon enters Virgo around dinner time. Lists help us move out of a pessimism or energy slump and into gentle action.

Mercury semi-sextile Saturn 5:55 PM, Moon enters Virgo 7:22 PM.

Thursday, November 5: And now what, that’s with the stars want to know today. Feel the need for a change as the Sun sextiles Pluto and Jupiter quincunx Uranus, but notice people don’t really want to talk about the theory or sweeping statements. We want to see and feel some tangible efforts instead. Show support and competence through taking a healthy and logical next step, through complimenting specifics. Let’s go very lightly on the criticism with one another, even if we have a good point; most everyone is in the reassessment process.

Moon square Saturn 4:35 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 6:11 AM, Moon opposed Neptune9:35 AM, Jupiter quincunx Uranus 3:01 PM, Sun sextile Pluto 9 PM, Moon trine Pluto10:26 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:34 PM.

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