Starcodes horoscopes for October 30 – November 5, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for October 30 – November 5, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins
While the Sun and Mercury burrow into Scorpio we burrow into our roots like animals preparing for winter’s hibernation. Scorpio season asks us to get serious in our burrow; winter is coming and it’s time to do our real work and make it through the long nights ahead. And if we can identify what we are ready to release, whether in our culture, soul or our closets, Scorpio helps us compost it, let it go and transform its energy into something more worthy of our life.

It’s time to bring our focus in, concentrate on the mysteries and grow stronger; time to examine our fascinations and look at our dark side, talk to the mysteries and walk with attitude. Our tongues have sharpened and sarcasm sits in our back pocket, any sullenness or jealousy lurking in the corners of our soul wants to jerk our chain.

Scorpio’s holiday, Halloween, makes a ritual out of dancing with the dark and eating candy skulls. Get the costumes and the rituals ready as the Moon enters Aries and adds an extra charge this year. Watch what happens when the masks go on; with Mars in dramatic Leo we’ll get wild once we’re camouflaged in our alter ego. Costumes help us express ourselves without getting emotionally intimate, and that can be a relief. That primitive wildness is always there, so bring it to the surface and direct its fierce energy to make the most of the long road ahead.

Let’s dance by the bonfire but keep it contained; fires and explosion could be a problem this year. Luckily, Halloween will give most of us a place to howl at the Moon with safety and impunity, but if someone needs to make a scene, stand back and don’t get splattered. Don’t try to shush them, the storm passes quickly if the thunder rolls but will explode if minimized or suppressed.
Early next week we’ll need steady effort under the Taurus Full Moon; our primal sides will show. If something doesn’t make sense, look to the animal needs underneath and watch the behavior. Philosophical differences are often not logical, they’re just a part of our identity, but maybe we can find common good without appearing to agree. Campaigning will tend to run more against an opponent than for a new idea.

Mechanical difficulties and human frailties will need a firm but responsive hand, so please don’t kick the engine or bully the spouse. We may run extra deep feelings this week, the current is powerful and beckoning where it’s kind as Venus in friendly Libra trines Neptune, but watch a strong territorial and possessive undertow and desire to push away from this possessive shore as both Venus and Mars challenge Uranus.

Our sense of reality may be tested next week, we may perceive a situation differently than the people around us, someone could try to pull the wool over our eyes, or an old escapist habit can tug at us. Our spiritual life can help us burrow beneath the turbulence to the calm, clear-sighted soul underneath as Neptune retrogrades. Meditation or a spiritual routine from out past can offer comfort.

Midweek the conversation heats up, let’s talk it out with focus and concentration. The mood is good for therapeutic investigation, just make sure the audience is ready to listen; their attention is like a lazar, intense but narrow, and flickers easily, so we really need check the mood of our audience before we spout off.

In a more subtle, but far-reaching astrological move, the taskmaster and teacher Saturn has just entered Libra and takes us to a new series of lessons. For the last two years, Saturn has been restructuring Virgo issues like employment and health care. Honestly, we couldn’t make this stuff up; history does a better job of explaining the transits than we could ever do. Saturn spends a few months in Libra, then bunny hops back into Virgo for a few more months before it leaves there for the next 28 years in July 2010.

As it enters Libra, Saturn begins a series of squares to Pluto, and this is expected to intensify the revolution we see in the work place and work force and in how we structure health care. New work possibilities are on the horizon, but the revamping is far from over. Employment issues may get worse before they get better between now and next fall, but watch for an important step in the right direction this week.

As Saturn enters Libra it pressures us to restructure partnerships, alliances and social justice relationships, and will intensify the call for the restructuring of marriage law and marriage equality. It will also add art to our architecture and ask us to get serious about our creative disciplines. We’ll be talking about this aspect for months to come.

Friday, Oct 30: We care, and share love and impatience directly. Tempers flare quickly as tender feeling clash with sudden willfulness. Don’t be baited into more trouble than needed midday, be honest rather than angry as some sadness or pain hurts while the Aries Moon squares Saturn and Pluto. Speak up, speak clearly, stay self-responsible and get out of there if the energy escalates. Restless fervor with low attention span tonight, party hop and watch out for those itching for trouble.

Saturday, Oct 31: Uncertain morning is laced with technical difficulties, check the wardrobe for malfunctions. The energy and children rattle around, restless to get on with some exciting event so we may as well get started early. Mid-afternoon, use down time to prepare for a high energy evening; sparks fly but most are good, run with the wild energy. Let children have as much safe leeway as possible and give beloveds a long leash at the party; we’re not looking for trouble but are looking for self-expression.

Sunday, Nov.1: We need down time, room to find and express ourselves even if this makes us appear selfish; self-absorbed is a better word. Towards nightfall the Moon enters earthy, easily entrenched or entranced Taurus as Mercury squares Mars. Creature comforts call to us, but we tend to disagree with anything and everything, just on general principles.

Monday, Nov 2: Peaceful people will tend to remain at peace under the sensual and nurturing Taurus full Moon, but the rest of us may want to rumble. Under the Venus in Libra, we don’t really want to fight, but stubbornness can itch our souls, urge us to prove our point as Mercury sesqui-squares Uranus. Strong feeling can make us want to jump in or jump back, but its best to hold our ground and explore options.

Tuesday, Nov 3: We tend over shoot the mark, oversleep and overeat as the Moon squares Jupiter this morning. Midday some recent effort begin to show results. Opinions become more pliable until finally the dialogue flows as the Moon enters Gemini tonight. We want to lighten up, but can get oblivious of other’s needs unless we pay attention.

Wednesday, Nov 4: Sharpened humor pokes, penetrating mind perceives where we turn the lazar of our attention as the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio. We have to be careful where we put this attention because we can burn holes with our obsession. Investigation unearths information but it may still be distorted, confirm facts before sharing. Keep the leavening of logic nearby.

Thursday, Nov 5: Talk it out as the Moon forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune. Enjoy a literate, more flirtatious touch. It doesn’t mean we want to take a person home, so calm down the jealous gremlins, it just means we need to connect. Make overtures and negotiate; if someone agrees, get it in writing before they change their minds
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