Starcodes Horoscopes for October 29 – November 4, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for October 29 – November 4, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Halloween, or Samhain, which translates as ‘summer’s end’, the heart of Scorpio season, when we burn away the dross of the year before heading into the long dark of winter. This year an extroverted Leo Moon over the Halloween weekend helps us face our fears as we call up our wilder alter costumed personas and dance with the skeletons, and symbolically sweeten the future as we give sweets to the children knocking at the door.

With Sun, Mercury and Venus retrograde all in intense Scorpio we can really feel that intense and inward turning momentum. Luckily motivating Mars has just entered restless, upbeat Sagittarius. While we can still feel our tail twitching with occasional Scorpionic irascibility and look underneath the rocks with Scorpio’s penetrating curiosity, this Sagittarian Mars can give us more hope, a feeling that we can do something about what we see.

The present Scorpio mindset loans us intelligence but can cloud our thinking with our desires and our phobias. Scorpio also can loan consolidate our needs; we forget about the big picture but begin to crave one person, place or thing, as a way of experience all our unmet needs, but this can obfuscate what we really need to do to be satisfied.  Hint-it’s not more chocolate, or the inaccessible crush.

This Scorpio energy bring all our talent and attention to bear for better or worse; an artist gets lost in painting, a child in an imaginary game, a lover in their beloved; but we can lose sight of anything outside our small lazar of focus, and inside that point, whatever we experience can feel infinite. While this is great when we’re meditating or partying, it’s hell if we’re focused on a problem. And If we try to do too much at once and scatter our focus, mistakes  can multiply like mice in a cornfield at harvest time.

We recently saw how devastating this has been to desolate teenagers, the suicide rate for those who felt trapped is so sad, and need honoring this day of the dead. This tendency to focus on the problem or the past can flash at us this weekend as Mercury semi-squares Pluto, and impulse control can be a problem as the Sun sesqui-squares electrical Uranus. This is not a place to vote from, or to decide whether we live, die, or move to Albuquerque. But it may be a call to take a moment and honor our losses rather than get lost in them.

If we feel stuck, or know someone who is, we can use Sagittarius Mars medicine to help. Take a walk in nature, as both movement and connection with nature can cure what ails us. Listen to other international news as a cure for the election news blues. And remember that whatever it is, good or bad, it too shall pass.

Friday begins self-protective and home-focused under a Cancer Moon, but shifts after dinner to extroverted Leo. This weekend a party makes good sense, we need a productive use of our inner drama. Let’s play it to the hilt but watch for troubles of excess in any direction. Saturday is the peak party night, later on Sunday the mood shifts with a series of Pluto transits, appropriate for Halloween; we need to honor our memories and look into the dark corners. The present living world can feel distant.

Early next week it’s time to see the details and get work done. Opinions are as thick as leaves we kick swirling around out feet, but the stars ask us to put aside extremes of feeling and opinion and look for objective facts to decide. Towards the end of the week we see new ways of working together.

Friday, Oct 29: Morning is moody but positive, we want to feel safe and take care of ourselves under the Cancer Moon. Digestive systems and food issues vibrate with our feelings. Follow a wave of generosity early on, make constructive changes midday as the Cancer Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter, then have a blast tonight as the Moon enters stubborn but sociable Leo. Say yes to that invitation even if you don’t feel like it until the last minute.

Saturday, Oct 30: Our introverted and extroverted inclinations are both intense and can wrestle with one another unless we make creative compromises, time-share with solitude and in the mix as the Leo Moon squares the Scorpio line-up. Self-absorption can challenge relationships unless we operate from generosity and agree to take turns. We need to take responsibility for listen in our own needs and not getting mad that others don’t notice. Costumes liberate our inner diva while maintaining personal privacy, so go wild tonight.

Sunday, Oct 31: Communications can be an issue this morning, be patient trying to get a point across, and listen kindly. Confusions midday can make scheduling difficult but add glamour to Halloween festivities, we enter into the spirit of things as the Moon opposes Neptune. The veils are thin and imagination thick. Watch the candy, or stomach aches about 10 pm as the Moon enters Virgo. Early evening is festive; the evening grows more serious and mysterious as Mercury challenges Pluto, the ancestors are calling.

Monday, Nov 1: Thoughtful morning, though the mind can stick like a broken record, so our attention needs careful direction. The mood is a little paranoid and manipulative; trustworthiness is essential; be honest rather than offer something that’s hard to follow up as Venus sextiles Pluto. Investigate carefully any last minute political revelations or other mind games. Let caring show through practical moves.

Tuesday, Nov 2: Complex filaments of connections, inner tensions, and conflicts between instinctive responses and honorable behavior. Find good ways to relieve stress. Some people need help just getting out of the house, but then take strong action once on the move. The astrological symbols talk about reversals of fortune, but whose is up for debate as the Moon opposes Uranus later in the day. Expect the unexpected and stay tuned in.

Wednesday, Nov 3: Sad notes this morning as the Libra Moon squares Pluto, we have more energy to deal midday. Acceptance, new responsibilities, new allies beckon to us as Moon enters Libra and conjuncts Saturn. We may have more support and more tools than we thought. Serious considerations tonight; the soul needs to rest more than the body.

Thursday, Nov 4: Adjustments and new information challenge the status quo as the Sun sesqui-squares Uranus and Mercury trines Jupiter. If equipment acts up, don’t toss it, just work around it and try back later. Good new or breakthrough in communications likely later as the Moon trine Jupiter, we can see possibilities that were previously hidden. We need to unpack our mind; some mull, others need to talk over our life in detail, they may monologue more than converse, but will find it helpful.

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