Starcodes horoscopes for October 27 – November 2, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for October 27 – November 2, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Ghosts walk with us this haunted Halloween weekend, though only a few of them might be visitors back from the grave. The veils are thin on this halfway point of autumn, traditional Celtic end of the year, but the ghosts that haunt us may be our memories, our worries, or a poignant awareness of our responsibilities.

Longer nights and drifting golden leaves often synchronize with melancholia at this time of year, under the Scorpio sun, and this year expansive Jupiter in Scorpio takes the year-end review even deeper, stirring memories that need healing, encouraging us to investigate deeper into political and personal mysteries. Just as the newly released JFK papers churn up so many unhealed, festering concerns in the American psyche, and the #MeToo campaign has triggered an outpouring of tough memories to be shared, validated, and healed, we may have our own hobgoblins raise their heads. And just like the country our job will be to heal the past while not getting distracted from the work of the present moment, to use this awareness not to re-wound, but to turn #Metoo into #NeverAgain.

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Scorpio rules the pelvis and organs of procreation and elimination, and since Jupiter entered Scorpio, Hugh Hefner’s death and recent news exposes have many people reviewing and sharing their experiences of unwanted sexual advances. Scorpio’s ruler, intense Pluto, is now forming a challenging square to the progressed Mars of America, Saturn is opposed America’s natal Mars and our country is dealing with the dark side of our Mars, rattling sabers and examining toxic masculinity. We also seem to find it hard to kick in our positive Mars, our leadership, protection, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our athletes, one of our Mars archetypes, ponder their saturnine responsibility to culture and country.

So let’s listen to our ghosts, whether they are haunting relatives or a more subtle form of history, hear them clearly, honor, respect, and learn from them. But don’t let them run the show. Take action to calm down the sword-rattling and toxic Mars. One of one purpose of Halloween is to face our worst fears and come to some peace with them before the long dangerous winter sets in. Then sweeten the future by offering sweets to the next generation.

This weekend begins reserved but friendly under a sociable Aquarius moon. Heart-centered Venus squares death-and-rebirth Pluto while thoughtful Mercury sextiles Pluto, so our ghosts never step far away. The communal Aquarius Moon encourages Halloween parties and collective Samhain ceremonies on Friday and Saturday. The Moon enters more sensitive Pisces on Sunday night and conjuncts intuitive Neptune on Monday, and our hearts grow more sensitive, our parties less wild, but our meditations and ceremonies deepen.

The Moon heads into combustible Aries on Wednesday as the Sun semi-squares Saturn and Mercury inconjunct Uranus. Some confrontations can simmer dangerously, not because of new information, but because nervous fingers twitch reactively close to triggers. Let’s manage anxiety and work to make wise decisions. Back away from any unnecessary confrontations. Some painful situation can actually help pry us out of old emotional patterns which no longer fit, if we choose to use them as a trigger to grow. Let’s talk to our ghosts, learn from the past, and bring our minds back to the search for a healthier, sweeter future ahead.

Friday, October 27: Theoretically, nothing should really bother us. But it does. The Moon now in Aquarius encourages us to see the bigger picture while Mercury in Scorpio approaching sextile to Pluto can make us painfully aware of the problems. Energy and enthusiasm infuse midday as the Moon trines Mars, while the evening brings sociability which swirls with emotional ghosts as Venus squares Pluto. Watch over lonely or grieving people, reach out to them. Unconscious emotional patterns affect us, a new awareness of misuse of power, of women’s position in the world, of loss throughout the world of loss potential loss, but this can shift into a potentially fruitful conversation as Mercury sextiles Pluto later tonight. Halloween parties can be great, but frivolity can grate on our nerves if we hunger for a little depth.

Moon enters Aquarius 6:58 AM, Moon trines Mars 1:20 PM, Moon squares Jupiter 2:30 PM, Moon squares Sun 4:22 PM, Venus squares Pluto 9:20 PM, Mercury sextiles Pluto 9:24 PM.

Saturday, October 28: The day drifts around. It furthers to putter, to wander; as the Moon makes no major aspects it may be hard to build momentum. Our psyches and interior work are doing a lot of processing, so it can help us give them room to just keep our hands busy. Don’t ask people to be emotionally attentive, we may wander together, but each alone in our interconnected solitudes. Evening brings a more sociable interactive phase, ready for a good party more than we are a good conversation. Drive safely late tonight.

Moon trine Venus 7:01 PM, Moon square Mercury 7:34 PM.

Sunday, October 29: an irritable, accident-prone edge as Mercury semi-squares Mars can leave. We can impulsively be impulsively reactive this morning, though soften as the Moon heads into Pisces late this afternoon. More ready for sensing the thinning of the veils and the thickening of imagination.

Moon sextile Saturn 7:01 AM, Mercury semi squares Mars 9:03 AM, Moon sex tiles Uranus 10:21 AM, Moon enters Pisces 5:46 PM. \

Monday, October 30: Sensitive emotions abound as the Moon in Pisces trines Sun and Jupiter. Be kind to one another and give them room to process, appreciate each other’s flights of fantasy and fancy, and this can be a gentle a beautiful day. Don’t push people past their comfort zone or in any way humiliate them for their imaginings. Look for new information around the vulnerability of people or places, but confirm all facts.

Moon trine Jupiter 1:54 AM, Moon trine Sun 7:34 AM, Moon semi-square Uranus 2:32 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 3:31 PM.

Tuesday, October 31: Happy Halloween, this is not it an efficient day, but can potentially open the heart door. Love the costumes and share the magic as the Pisces Moon trines Mercury and conjuncts Chiron. Let there be something healing in the costumes chosen, in the chance to face of fear or invoke a fantasy. Spend a moment with the memories of the departed with love and gratitude, honor the ancestors. Just don’t expect to get much done in a concrete practical way, as people will be distracted.

Moon sextiles Pluto 1:38 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:22 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:07 PM. Moon conjunct Chiron 3:34 PM.

Wednesday, November 1: Action re-commences as the Moon enters Aries, opposes Mars and the Sun challenges Saturn. Reactions to the misunderstandings and misconceptions earlier in the week can now provoke our challenging responses. People are ticked off easily, but may be speaking more from their nerves and from reality. Count to five before spouting off. There may be difficulty maintaining control, though some people will try extra hard. We can control ourselves, but not always the circumstances, and certainly not the people around us.

Moon enters Aries 12:42 AM, Moon opposes Mars 11:42 AM, Sun semi-squares Saturn 4:37 PM.

Thursday, November 2Emotions run high, old issues and ghosts walk with us, and it may be time to let go of old patterns which have prevented us from expressing ourselves with honesty as Saturn squares Chiron. Unexpected news can shift our perspective this evening as unsettling aspect swirl: Mercury quincunx Uranus while the Moon trines Saturn and conjuncts Uranus.

Mercury trine Chiron 12:36 AM, Moon square Pluto 6:18 AM, Saturn square Chiron 3:56 PM, Moon opposed Venus 6:30 PM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 7:02 PM, Moon trine Saturn 7:08 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 9:02 PM.

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