Starcodes horoscopes for October 23 – 29, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for October 23 – 29, 2009

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by Heather Roan Robbins

Clouds roll into our moods if not our landscape as the Sun enters Scorpio and sextiles Pluto this week. The ambiance is moodier, broodier, but more willing to deal with the hard stuff as long as our privacy and boundaries are respected in the process. Interruptions will not be appreciated It’s time to sharpen our tools and get down to work. We can enjoy a new ability to concentrate but need to watch out for a certain ruthlessness; if someone decides their job is to flay the opposition, they’ll do it as efficiently as another might bring in the last crops or write a final report.

As the weekend begins we’re asked to take responsibility for the effects of some previous decision, not as a reason to blame ourselves, but to put the reins of our life firmly back in our own hands. Sudden adjustments or changes in circumstances can shuffle the deck and we need to respond as Mercury quincunx Uranus. Power plays out on a big scale. A musky undercurrent can bring a primitive edge into our dynamics; attraction, jealousy or other primal tweaks to our thinking can influence our decisions. Let’s get conscious of these undercurrents, feel them but not let them run the show.

Early next week the vibe is determined but open-minded as long as we don’t feel directly confronted under a stubborn if socially-responsible Aquarius Moon. We may feel friendly, but somewhat disconnected from the people nearby, or torn between the private side of our life and our larger responsibilities. We may even feel a little passive; if it isn’t broke, why should we fix it, it’s easier to just criticize from the choir. But it is time to tend those larger responsibilities. But while we’re all bench-pressing boundaries, don’t make plans for others unless asked to do so directly, even if it seems like the helpful thing to do.

Towards the end of the week, the moods shifts as leaves fall, winds and moods moan as Mercury enters Scorpio; the Moon enters deeply-feeling Pisces and opens the portals to our interior landscape; we become more introspective and subjective. If we want to know how someone feels, let’s watch what they do rather than ask them to say. Some people will fixate on balancing a check book or tiling a bathroom as relief, it doesn’t make any demands on their feelings and gives the subconscious time to process. Others will worry, write poetry or paint their way through this swamp of feelings. Art therapy helps, so work on the Halloween costume or pour the heart into a radical act of compassion while Venus trines Jupiter.

Where we feel safe and all participants are ready, the time is now ripe to explore tender feelings. Just keep expectations low and acceptance in the hip pocket; acting disappointed reveals we have unfulfilled expectations and can shut down other people’s efforts while acceptance encourages connection and healing.

Friday, Oct 23: Review dreams for healing clues as Mercury trines Chiron overnight. The rest of morning we see what’s been left undone or what did not work so far as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. Avoid manipulative people. If a strange grumbling mood slows the afternoon, focus on the work at hand and beware of pointed comments cloaked as humor. Don’t try to work things out tonight, share something positive and reconnect first.

Saturday, Oct 24: Chores loom, but don’t use them to brush aside important relationships, they need attention while the Sun sextiles Pluto. If some life situation feels confusing or under-fed, step back and get a more holistic perspective; the details won’t make sense without context. Practice and experience pays off; our creative imagination can blend with pragmatism and ability to form a graceful solution as Mercury trines Neptune. Tonight, speak with eyes, touch and action; let words be just a gentle river.

Sunday, Oct 25: Signals cross easily this morning, have patience. Good ideas this sociable afternoon, we’re friendly if not intimate. If people share stories but don’t really want to be asked questions, accept their boundaries. We’ll tend to be cheerfully contrary, but take personal offence when others disagree. Suggest, don’t push.

Monday, Oct 26: Don’t take snarkiness personally this morning, it’s Monday and a touchy Moon opposes Mars. If minor issues throw us off balance, let’s not try harder, but instead slow down, get back on track, then proceed. Some trigger can tug us between our need for independence and a longing for allies. Plan meetings later, we play better with others and are more willing to look at the future as the Aquarius Moon trines Venus tonight.

Tuesday, Oct 27: If we can get over our ambiguity between individuation and collaboration, and be ourselves while working together, then real magic can happen as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune and inspires a glimmer of transpersonal reality. Go on a journey of the soul, search for a vision or guidance then put it into action. Creativity and effort can flow together and Halloween costumes come alive. But we have to be honest with ourselves and know what’s worth backing and what is temporary and escapist.

Wednesday, Oct 28: Don’t poke; people become more private when they need to back away from emotional overload. Emotional expectations escalate yet it seems harder to meet them. Practicality helps us find terra firma under confusing or swampy conditions as the Moon enters hypersensitive Pisces while Mercury enters Scorpio and sextiles Pluto. Trust is paramount, but don’t test it now. Solve a mystery with the curious mind; but seek to understand people with the heart.

Thursday, Oct 29: Pour on calm, quiet, respectful friendliness to diffuse a reactive day. Spiky, temperamental responses cover vulnerability. Wars start if toes or egos are stepped upon and defenses escalate in response, allergies and immune systems irritate easily; we’re well defended as the Sun squares Mars. Minor awkward or clumsy moments get worse if we get self-conscious, but get better with patience. Channel pent-up feelings into muscular accomplishment, chop wood or do a major workout if peeved. Listen for murmurs about work, moves towards the next chapter as Saturn enters Libra.

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