Starcodes horoscopes for October 22 – 28, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for October 22 – 28, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to work our compost, rake the leaves, clear out the detritus from last year’s flowers. Chew on our research until it turns into a paper. Dig out the old memories of pain, ache, frustration, of time alone to find the succulent roots of our strength in challenges overcome, and share that nourishing strength with someone who needs support. Get the yard and soul’s garden ready for winter as Mercury in Scorpio and sextile Pluto turns the mind inwards to digest.

We need room to think. Sometimes companionable silence is best as the Sun joins Mercury, Mars and Venus retrograde in focused Scorpio. We may have more curiosity but less interest in small talk, and choose to speak to less people but go deeper with each one. Scorpio likes to focus, so we can overload if we juggle too much at one time; it helps to keep life simple and take on one thing at a time, one conversation at a time. If we want to be heard, we have to choose our timing carefully to make sure our audience can listen. So many people are walking around with an inward look; while they are apparently available, if they were a taxi, the light on top would say “occupied”.

Scorpio broods, so we have to be careful where we put this focus. Some old splinters, old relationships or relationship patterns can eat away at us until we just have to say something, but it may not be productive. In present relationships, the tendency will be to lean way in or way out, to obsess on our beloved or withdraw into ourselves; both patterns of connection or individuation are fine, just hard on any couple when they’re out of rhythm.

But this deeper work is upstaged first by today’s wild Full Moon in Aries which brings our energy up but call also bring out a self-centered streak. It’s not that we don’t value our relationships, but at the moment we need to respond to our own inner voices first. Aries wants to instigate, but will it be a business plan or a rumble.

After the Full Moon we need to recharge under an earthy, tasty Taurus Moon. The material world needs our attention, so let’s tend to the stuff of the world and feed the senses with fall tastes, touches and smells.

Over the weekend and into next week we can feel a few conflicting requests from the stars and need to find our balance. One message asks us to just get comfortable and find a new playfulness as Mars enters Sagittarius. Another message asks us to look at what we do for comfort and check to make sure it’s really working for us; it reminds us one definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We need to compost what doesn’t work and fertilize what does as active Mars squares intuitive Neptune as the weekend begins, and then trines change-instigating Uranus all next week.

Mars square Neptune can help us let go of unproductive or played out feelings but can also trigger us to forget what we’re doing but get busy anyway. Escapist habits can really get in our way, and cause minor mishaps or run-ins with authorities. Later in the week we can feel the gears shift as Mars trines Uranus then enters more exploratory and forgiving Sagittarius, let’s be ready to help steer the changes.

Friday, Oct 22: We have to do what we have to do today, and are willing to shake things up if needed as the Moon waxes full in Aries. The mood is impatient, alive and resistant; we don’t want to need anyone’s help. If our tail twitches this morning, it pays to breathe deeply and calm down to avoid accidents. We may be fed up with some delay but still have to act for the long haul; keep up the pressure instead of rebel or walk away. Powerful conversations, hidden clues, penetrating inside come in broken flashes this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Pluto, but it’s hard to see the big picture. Wild evening as the Moon is full at 7:36 PM MDT; the wolves howl; find safe ways to howl along, but sleep may encroach earlier than planned as the Moon enters Taurus an hour later.

Saturday, Oct 23: Rest. Move slowly and let the wells refill, have breakfast in bed and feed the senses. Communications glitches can bother us early on as the Moon opposes Mercury and Venus, we’ll understand more through touch and action than through words. It may take effort to focus this afternoon, but will produce results where we can. Low-key puttering helps, problems unknot slowly if we have patience; rather than confronting them, let people approach tangentially. Comfort and security are prioritized this evening. All is calm if secure; jealousy can twist tails, so don’t go there.

Sunday, Oct 24: Will power is strong and solid, not so much feisty as unwilling to back down; avoid clashes if possible. We may feel a strong desire to do something, anything to improve the situation, but can flail around about what. If people need to speak up about what’s bothering them, let them talk rather than resist, then put them in charge of the solution. Mars trines Uranus and loans us ingenuity, commitment, and the needy we need to tackle physical problems but can make us intransigent on the emotional ones. Play it safe late night as Moon opposes Mars makes tempers itchy and accidents more likely.

Monday, Oct 25: We thought of great ideas over the weekend, and now we need to put them into action. Start off right this morning as Mercury conjuncts Venus. Don’t get too cheerful but do praise what’s going right; we may be private but need to feel our efforts are valued. Passive aggressive response probably otherwise. Creative compromise possible, intriguing midpoints found early on. Afternoon is disjointed; our efforts can run on skew lines so coordinate and persevere.

Tuesday, Oct 26: Compare and contrast, see both sides of the coin; it’s a good day for dialogue and meetings under window of mental flexibility consider all sides this morning, decisions come later in the day. Although it’s tempting to take in or say too much, we are sufficient for our day if we don’t bite off more than we can chew as Mercury sesqui-squares Jupiter and Uranus under a talkative Gemini Moon.

Wednesday, Oct 27: Disjointed day; people may speak in contradictions or not live up to what they said, and it leaves us lethargic or depressed as Saturn sequisquares Neptune. We may feel confused or mixed on an important subject and so get emotional, but that could clear the air as the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto this afternoon. People get crabby and self-protective if poked, clam up about their vulnerabilities.

Thursday, Oct 28: If there’s tension around some emotionally charged practical issue, common sense won’t help; it’s all about acceptance and safety underneath. Extreme views are both expressed and resisted as Mercury challenges Uranus, but are probably more indicative of their mood than their belief system, or of a desire to bait someone into reaction. Consider smiling and backing away instead. Frustration is likely in the morning, communication improves but is still guarded midday, but our hearts can warm up tonight as the Sun counts Venus, if we can just let go of a need to prove our point.

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