Starcodes horoscopes for October 20 – 26, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for October 20 – 26, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Know justice, know peace– no justice, no peace: that’s a Libra motto.  The week starts out with the Sun and Venus in egalitarian, equilibrium-seeking, ugliness-avoidant Libra, and Mars joins them on Sunday. Together they urge us to want beauty, love, and maybe a little flirtation around the edges. But most of all they ask us to search for what is fair and equitable, and leave us painfully aware in its absence. With both Venus and Mars in Libra we may avoid a decision and we’d really rather not fight. But when we do, we’ll do so directly and for good cause.

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On a personal level, Libra pulls us towards peace, romance, and candlelight, and leaves us uncomfortable with unnecessary confrontation. So, with Venus and Mars in Libra now is not a good time to take a beloved for granted, but it is a very good time to balance the time each person feels loved, listened to, and appreciated. Where we feel unloved or unseen, we can get really cranky.

Mercury and Jupiter are in Scorpio and tend to make us play our cards close to our chest. This Mercury encourages us to think deeply, probe, be curious, even suspicious, but we may not necessarily want to talk about it. If the other people don’t know what’s wrong, we may not want to get vulnerable by speaking about it. Penetrating conversations can explore deep topics when we really feel safe, but we won’t want to just talk lightly on the surface. The Sun joins Mercury in Scorpio on late Sunday and the mystery thickens.

Jupiter wants to free us, and entered Scorpio on October 10, just after Hugh Hefner died and just as the Weinstein scandal broke. Jupiter here has encouraged many of us to seek the freedom of telling dark old stories, Scorpio stories, of harassment and sexual abuse, the ordinariness of having to defend ourselves. This we can talk about, but don’t push for more details than the storyteller is comfortable sharing at the moment. This whole year, while Jupiter transits Scorpio, the public may pursue the conversation as to what is sexual freedom, what is juicy and tantalizing, while still liberating in an honest egalitarian way. How do we exchange energy without leaving anyone oppressed or abused.

Venus and Mars in Libra keep the emotional energy flowing and can bring a kindness and fairness to the subject even as Mercury in Scorpio can sharpen our tongues and make our minds more incisive, particularly as Mercury forms aspects to rigorous Saturn and imaginative Neptune this week.

A Sagittarius Moon on Sunday through Tuesday returns a sense of humor and outspoken directness, and takes away a little of the Libra intact. We are encouraged to get out in beautiful fall weather and explore unfamiliar neighborhoods. On Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon in Capricorn asks us to get more rigorous and get our work done. Watch for investigation of recent political machinations, we may suspect the motives of those who seem to be pushing and pulling on the chess pieces. This is a time for follow-through; take ideas that we’ve been talking about, and put them into practical action.

Friday, October 20: We want a mystery. We’ll talk in depth on important topics, but don’t waste our time with trivialities under this Scorpio Moon. We can understand some new facet of our psyche’s quirks this morning, if we’re willing to look, while the Moon conjuncts Mercury. Use this afternoon’s perceptiveness with care, and watch for a defensive backlash if someone feels poked. Let people off the hook tonight; we may want to hide in our escapism, or be willing to dream together but, may feel too raw to expose our inner worlds.

Moon conjunct Mercury 5:23 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:14 PM.

Saturday, October 21: We all need to follow our inner lanterns and listen to our soul’s demands. We may need time alone or stay busy to distract our conscious mind so our unconscious can metabolize recent events. If offered the opportunity, face a fear and bring light to a dark corner with Mercury so close to Jupiter. Some may want to run with their illusions, others want to see what’s truly there.

Moon sextile Pluto 4:22 AM, Moon trine Chiron 8:24 PM.

Sunday, October 22: We shift out of our depths as the Moon enters upbeat outdoorsy Sagittarius and Mars enters peace-loving, or passive-aggressive, Libra. Interaction is easier, collaboration more comfortable, people just may want to spend time hanging out together. This afternoon, though, it’s easy to accidentally back into an argument as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Halloween beckons as the Sun enters Scorpio tonight.

Moon sextile Mars 5:35 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 5:55 AM, Mars enters Libra 12:28 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 1:29 PM, Sun enters Scorpio 11:26 PM.

Monday, October 23: There’s a frivolous streak, a much-needed one in a serious week as Venus quincunx Neptune. Watch out for emotional assumptions; whether we assume they love us or hate us, we’re probably wrong, but what a wonderful day to let our imaginations roam. Good friendships feed our soul just by their presence, but work deadlines seem ephemeral.

Moon sextile Venus for 14 a.m., Moon square Neptune 5:16 AM, Venus quincunx Neptune 2:11 PM.

Tuesday, October 24: Bring that imagination back to work today as the Moon conjuncts hard-working Saturn and then enters Capricorn. Mercury trines Neptune and strengthens our imagination and intuition; we need a spiritual perspective. We may feel unusually permeable on the psychic realm; if we feel an odd mental static, we may be picking up thoughts like a leaky radio station. Find out more information before jumping to conclusions.

Moon conjunct Saturn 5:54 AM, Mercury trine Neptune 9:55 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:44 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:12 PM, Moon square Mars 9:14 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:08 PM.

Wednesday, October 25: The Moon is uncomfortable in industrious Capricorn; we intend to express ourselves through what we do, and have a more difficult time understanding the subtle layers of our feelings. But the Moon only makes positive aspects and so it encourages us to get on with all our practical work. If uncomfortable, work through it. If happy, stay on target.

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:41 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:55 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:45 PM.

Thursday, October 26: On this hard-working day, there’s an opportunity for a liberating moment today as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and the Sun conjuncts expansive Jupiter. But is that liberation as an enlightenment, or as nothing more than nothing left to lose, or some light-fingered removal of a beloved object. Everyone’s perception of what is right and what is necessary differs, so let’s define our terms before proceeding, ponder so what burdens to let go and free the soul.

Moon square Venus 10:05 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 4:49 AM, Sun conjunct Jupiter 12:09 PM, Moon square Uranus 11:22 PM.

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