Starcodes horoscopes for October 2 – 8, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for October 2 – 8, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

Learn to love slapstick this week, enjoy self-deprecating laughter, and laugh at others only with sympathy. Mercury is retrograde through Oct 9th, but this last week of the cycle the stories add up; the little technical snafus, odd mistakes, and assumptions that slow us down, or bring out our unintentional inner clown and test us. It will help with the echoes of recent tragedy and hard work.

The problems may be generally less dramatic but even more annoying this week, and will need extra patience. Though there are still opportunities for a buildup of psychological and atmospheric pressure from recent aspects to erupt in localized storms, as the recent eclipse, the ongoing retrograde Mercury square Pluto, and oncoming Mars opposed Neptune echo through our collective world.

If we lose our sense of humor or compassion, Mars in Virgo can make us a hard on ourselves, we can castigate ourselves for the small mistakes, wish we’d be at a different time or place, or get irritable with one another in the process. Venus enters Virgo by the end of the week, joined by a Virgo Moon and reminds us that perfection and improvement is a process, a journey.

Forgiveness, starting with self-forgiveness, is essential. Encourage one another that success is found in the understanding that comes from experimentation and not necessarily the right answer. We may want to be focused on something that we want done just right, we have the ability to see what needs to be done and can start corralling ourselves in that direction, but need to keep our sense of humor, and our sense of “process, not perfection” firmly in place , or we can get irritable.

Friday’s nervy and verbal Gemini Moon can leave us a little scattered and distractible, as if we’re juggling a few to many irons in the fire and mixing our metaphors in the process. The weekend asked us to curl in with one another and not try to run efficiently, but nurture any frayed personal connections, and handle any emergencies with neighborly support. Nest, cook, and wander through apple orchards; comfort foods further.

Early next week we can get self-involved and run around restlessly but without a clear directive. Mars opposes Neptune and can help us met melt old outmoded angers and ambition, but can also stir arguments around dishonesty, religion, and fossil fuels. We may feel more vulnerable or permeable, our immune system all little wishy-washy. This aspect can also spark storms and stormy seas or sloshing coffee cups; damage through water, liquids, or oil that is out of bounds. Stay dry.

Midweek could be eventful, we feel the torque of power dynamics and may feel like things are of life-and-death importance, though only very few of them are. We may feel pressure to make a decision, but may find that if we delay, the situation decides itself. We need to sort out what really needs our attention, and where it would be best to wait until we have more information.

The energy shifts on Thursday as Venus and the Moon conjunct in Virgo, we can be more loving, affectionate, even self-deprecating in our compassionate forgiveness of ourselves and others. If we can’t get into our heart and encourage one another, we can get into a prickly mindset and feel really irritated by even the smallest slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And they will sling. Keep the heart open.

Friday, Oct 2: Morning may bring confusing signals. Communication improves midday, though it stays staccato and interrupted. We are versatile, work best in a scatter pattern, but may feel spread too thin. Tonight, a change of scene furthers as the Moon sextiles Uranus. It really helps to laugh under a nervy Gemini Moon.

Moon square Neptune 2:57 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:16 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:06 AM, Moon sex tile Uranus 10:30 PM,

Saturday, October 3: The mood is pleasantly social this morning. Our concentration can be terrible if were trying to bring something to completion, but we can make progress as we buzz about. It’s a good day to cross pollinate from one farmer’s market to another. The mood turns inward, grows self-protective and a tad needy as the Moon enters Cancer around dinner. People are more self-protective and a tad needy tonight. If communication fades late tonight; smile more and say less.

Moon sextile Venus 11:18 AM, Moon enters cancer 6:21 PM,

Sunday, October 4: Spirit feels close this morning, as the Moon trines Neptune, but so does a pillow; waking up may be hard to do. Midday, as the Moon squares the Sun, don’t take peoples’ lack of cooperation personally, we’re working on skew lines. People get their feelings hurt easily, so let’s be warm even as we follow our own light. Tonight we can tune into a soul melancholy as the Moon opposes Pluto.

Moon square Mercury 12:27 AM, Moon sex tile Mars 4:59 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:08 AM, Moon square Sun 3:06 PM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 3:41 PM, Moon semi-square Venus4:21 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:13 PM.

Monday, October 5, 2015: Our uncertainties swirl this morning and because we have ambiguous feelings, it’s hard to get momentum going. Odd little side accidents occur if we are not clear and committed, so let’s find a place a simple, quiet place of clarity and move forward with confidence, or hold still and learn more before proceeding.

Moon square Uranus 5:04 AM, Moon semi-square Mars 10:25 AM, Moon semi-square Jupiter 8:29 PM

Tuesday, October 6: This could be an eventful day; confidence rolls back in as the Moon enters Leo but may cause false moves. Our minds sharpen as Mercury sextiles studying Saturn, but egos and strong opinions add torque. Notice power plays and don’t choose not to engage. Move towards wisdom, not reaction. Storms of all ilk are possible; know when to batten down the hatches and when to bask in the sunlight.

Moon enters Leo at 2:30 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:23 AM, Moon sextile Venus 5:55 AM, Sun square Pluto 8:14 AM, Mercury sextile Saturn 4:57 PM, Mars opposed Neptune 8:52 PM

Wednesday, October 7: Make sure everyone feels appreciated, comforted, heard, and organized after recent difficulties. Soothe egos and strengthen connections rather than push ahead; time spent repairing relationships, with a little self-indulgence on the side, will be a good investment. Our teams will be ready to push forward next week. Hearts are a little squishy tonight; we can easily take offense if we feel ignored.

Moon sextile Sun 5:39 AM, Moon semi-square Mercury at 10:19 AM, Moon trine Uranus3:10 PM, Sun semi-square Venus 7:35 PM.

Thursday, October 8: Right before Mercury turns direct tomorrow, Venus and the Moon both enter Virgo, conjunct, and ask us to take a loving inventory of ourselves and our situation. Not to be hard on ourselves or others, but to sympathize and celebrate the healing, and look for the adjustments and improvements we can make right here in this moment. Mercury stationary makes it hard to get traction, but these aspects allow us to edit, renovate and assess.

Venus enters Virgo 11:29 AM, Moon enters Virgo 1:50 PM, Moon conjunct Venus to p.m., Moon semi-square Sun to 18 p.m., Moon square Saturn 5:18 PM

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