Starcodes Horoscopes for October 2 – 8, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for October 2 – 8, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Change, adjust, adapt, rinse, and repeat; be light on the feet and ready to respond. Take advantage of opportunity, duck the punches and be ready to offer help as Mercury, now direct, opposes Uranus and conjuncts Saturn this week for the third time since August.

In mid-August, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, a few days later it opposes Uranus, and then entered Libra long enough to square Pluto. On Sept 7th Mercury turned retrograde and backed over these points again, and now that Mercury is moving forwards against the zodiac, it rams into them one more time.

The first pass brings up the issues, the second one chews on it, but progress is hard to see, and the third pass often brings resolution, at least for this cycle around. Confrontations, projects, technical difficulties, transportation or communications boondoggles that began in August, got worked on but not resolved in September, soon will have hope of getting somewhere.

Mercury rules the mind, and with this astrological stress on Mercury, some people’s psyche has frayed, or shown its cracks. The news has been peppered with stories of messy family murders and melodrama along political party lines. We may have worried about a friend whose mind or soul felt worn or delicate. This week may bring evidence or soul splinters out into the open, and this can give us room to heal in the weeks to come.

Confrontations, projects, problems, irritations, technical difficulties, transportation or communications boondoggles that began in August, got worked on but did resolve in September, now act out but finally have a hope of getting somewhere. The health care debate inflamed in August, stalled out like a stationary hurricane in September, and has a hope of making progress later in the month. I personally hope that our car, whose engine seized mid-August and who lived at the mechanic’s throughout September, will finally be fixed.

Mercury also rules movement, movement of information, people, or things. As it hits this Saturn-Uranus opposition (this year’s defining aspects) for the third time, things become unstuck, for better or worse. History seems to pick up speed and our plans unfold faster than we though possible. We see movement on stuck legislation, but also movement of stuck tectonic plates. Saturn governs our foundations, traditions, work, that which we build upon. All of those Saturnine issues have the potential to rock and roll this week. Most of the movement will be for the better, but we need to stay alert for earthquakes both metaphorical and literal, and see how we can help ease the changes towards the positive.

As the weekend begins, some issue we thought settled stirs up and stay in flux for the next few days. But underneath we can feel solid ground of competence and real relationship; trust the deeper connections and the ability to adapt, and don’t attach to the shifting surface.

This weekend is willful, direct and passionate, but wise underneath if we slow down enough to feel the quieter voice. The Moon is full in fiery, direct Aries as thoughtful Mercury opposes change-inducing Uranus. Expect the wild and unexpected, and often the funny. Venus and Mars are in the responsible signs of Virgo and Cancer and so encourage us to think before spouting off, or we could get carried away. We want to make others happy but have to follow that inner muse.

Discontent or excitement can help us make a decisive break from some past behaviors; we can either just rebel, or break out of a rut and take great steps towards the future. The difference will be our willingness to take responsibility and think through the consequences.

Deadlines and decision loom towards the end of the week. Every word we say seems to have more weight. Conversation becomes less light and fluffy but more full of debate and technicalities. It is time to get down to the nitty-gritty and invest effort into our future as Mercury conjuncts enduring Saturn. If we get depressed or discouraged, it pays to give our brains something to really chew on. Or step back and look at how much has been accomplished so far, even if it means looking way back at our evolutionary timeline. It’s been a while since we were cozy equals with amoebas and mold-slime; we are making progress.

Friday, Oct 2: Pay attention to the emotional undercurrents, it’s all done with sensitivity and nuance and little slights. Instead of echoing nerves and fears, try radiating healing at kindness and approval and watch how others soften. Midday awkwardness is not personal, just self-protective as the Moon opposes Mercury. Night is subdued and thoughtful as the Moon opposes Saturn; if depression hovers, remember we’re floating in a collective soup of feelings. Honor the feelings but let them flow, and get some rest.

Saturday, Oct 3: We’re in a contrary mood; if we can sleep late, we’ll be up early, if we need to get up, our body will demand rest. Laziness hums unless we’re inspired or unsatisfied as the Moon enters Aries and squares Pluto. Question any destructive inspirations, like a sudden urge to deconstruct a part of home; take on only as much as can be chewed. Don’t take a dare or take the bait, fight only when essential. Look for safe wildness and something to be passionate about.

Sunday, Oct 4: Unsettled vibes offer a lesson in karma; what goes around comes around. Unpredictable conditions can change at a moment’s notice; we want to take action on something that really matters. Urgent demands tug, some real, some just willful, as Mercury opposes Uranus and Mars trines Uranus under the Full Aries Moon. Radical views, ingenuity, technical problem-solving are good, but avoid electrical interruptions. Danger and opportunity; extreme decisions may be just right, but chew well before implementing.

Monday, Oct 5: Morning is irritable as the Aries Moon squares Mars; just don’t say it unless it’s useful. Leave people alone while their tail twitches or they appear distracted. Some people will take action on a dramatic decision, but most of us will feel better if we mull a bit longer. Later afternoon slows and deepens the momentum the Moon enters sensual Taurus, endurance to continue whatever we began.

Tuesday, Oct 6: This can be a day of gentle endurance in the quiet corners, slow and steady.  But it complicates where we need to balance differing opinions or work under a tight time schedule. No one is swift on the uptake, but they are listening. We resist anything that smacks of manipulation. Tonight we soften and look for the love as the Moon trines Venus.

Wednesday, Oct 7: A slow, determined morning opens doors midday; reach out as the Moon trines Mercury and Saturn. People may not be feeling generous with resources but will be so with help and collaboration; good ideas will find support. The conversation picks up as our brains find more room when the Moon enters Gemini; use a lighter touch tonight.

Thursday, Oct 8: Important discussion, contracts signed, declarations; listen to what people say today, they mean it as Mercury conjuncts Saturn this morning.  Make overtures about work or jobs. Serious but ambitious plans as the Moon, Sun and Jupiter form a grand trine; we can see the farther horizons and the bigger picture this afternoon if we look ahead.

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