Starcodes horoscopes for October 16 – 22, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for October 16 – 22, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

If we’re willing to do the work, we get a chance to start over again in a key relationship this week. We need to be willing to shine and share our heart, willing to drop our baggage and own up to anything we did that wasn’t fair; instead, be a real friend and work towards a more equitable relationship.

This fresh start may or may not occur in the one relationship we’d like to work on, it may happen with friend or love, with another country or with our own soul, but the window is there. So let’s drop our assumptions about who or how, those only get in the way, and look out for any opportunity to reweave our connections as we head into the New Moon in Libra. It’s a good idea to nurture all relationships now while we get a break from the mood swings of early October and before the broody Scorpio season gets full underway.

Mars also enters Leo for the next few weeks and adds extra melodrama, if not necessarily depth, to whatever way we roll; it adds romance to the romantics, stubbornness to the intransigent and fireworks to the temperamental. With Venus and Mars now in sociable, extroverted Libra and Leo, isolation or invisibility can now feel painful. We can train friends and family with attention, withdraw when they misbehave and shine on good efforts. We want to see and be seen.

It may be harder to get people to introspect, so don’t necessarily look for in-depth understanding in relationship, but do find healthier ways of interacting. With Mars now in Leo, the harder life gets, the more we’ll need appreciation. Be will to shine and be generous with approval. Friendly, romantic gestures mean a lot, and taking someone for granted is now unforgivable. Rather than act out, let’s see if we can give and ask for appreciation in a clean way; honesty may make us feel vulnerable, but will bring better results.

Throughout the week, we dream and long towards a better world, a better job, love, body, or political system. We can choose to either just get depressed that we‘re not there yet, or we can do something about it. Let the longing pry us out of our comfort zone and initiate new contacts, write resumes, or reach out to collaborate; we now have a receptive audience.

Our ability to put words to our longing for a new vision is encouraged by Mercury in Libra as it sextiles the three-way conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron this week. This long-running triple conjunction is one of the year’s two defining aspects; Mercury focuses our attention, and the Jupiter line-up calls for the revamping of all Jupiter issues, like publishing, health care and other public support questions. Our ongoing national debate will intensify, but may now expand on the common ground.

This weekend the vibe is sensitive, heart-centered, easily discouraged by life’s rough edges, but fed by attention, art, caring, compassionate action as the Sun and Moon trine Neptune.

Early next week people are feeling sensitive, prickly, and passionate when motivated; keep defenses close at hand but don’t be the one who escalates. Know when to walk out or how to deflect; most of the spikiness will not be a personal attack but will be self-protection or ambition gone overboard as the Moon enters Scorpio and Mars quincunx Pluto. Some will use this incisive energy to dive deep into their souls. But most people will wear their own version of a “do not enter sign”.

This sensitive, guarded perception can be channeled into any deep work, research, surgery, excavation; the form will follow the focus. Let everyone work independently and meet in a few days to share notes.

Midweek, people are more cooperative but have a hard time concentrating; we need some comic relief. Even though a blockage is now removed, most of us need a break from pressure and so will tend to kick back rather than run with the ball. Don’t push, do laugh and tell stories; weave business into the bonding. Make travel plans, just watch a tendency to spend too much or think too big; realistic we’re not at the moment. Only agree to what can actually be done, and then surprise us with more.

Friday, Oct 16: Don’t withdraw this moody morning, be self-forgiving and appreciate people all the more as the busy Moon conjuncts Saturn, enters Libra and squares Pluto and then conjuncts Venus. Pour appreciation onto co-workers and beloveds alike as Mars enter Leo, being taken for granted only increases our willfulness. Tonight, engage in art openings or other plums of culture as the Sun trines Neptune; spirit flows and we need a gentle touch.

Saturday, Oct 17: A relaxed, friendly, low-key morning; we can just hang out, or we can use the gentle opportunities to nurture collaboration as the Libra Moon trines Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. Rudeness, anger and ugliness hurt. We’re sensitive, if a bit too tactful to hit the tough stuff; nurture rather than weed, paint rather than excavate. Consider investing in the arts. Put relationship on the front burner.

Sunday, Oct 18: Sandpaper scratches over yesterday’s smoothness; we may want to withdraw back into ourselves as the Moon enters Scorpio. Emotional intensity magnifies and develops a sarcastic edge. Basements, closets, caves, hopes and fears; we have to look under rocks today as Mars quincunx Pluto, and some snakes may crawl out.

Monday, Oct 19:
Morning shrugs with snarky attitude; silent warm-hearted consideration heals. Organize early, deal with people later. If we can get a chip off our shoulder, midday offers useful, creative ideas and a chance to repair broken connections. Keep comments straightforward and to the point; rambling only irritates. Serious power broking goes on behind the scenes, so stay involved in important decisions even if solitude is tempting.

Tuesday, Oct 20: Plan in the morning, act this afternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius and Mercury trine Jupiter. The mood lightens and people are restless but more receptive, so let’s ask what can we offer and how can we take advantage of any doors now opening.

Wednesday, Oct 21: It’s easy to slip into our interior reality and get lost in a dream world where all our problems can be solved by magical thinking or one where we slip into our worst-case scenarios. These emotional extremes will seem easier than the slow climb of mundane work needed to manifest the progress we need, but a moment’s escape kicking the piles of swirling leaves does the soul good. Find the magic in the every day and daydream with consciousness; direct attention to the adventure of life, not the drag, and keep morale up.

Thursday, Oct 22:
Understanding is so much more powerful that being right. What is it that we think we know, have a wrong assumptions about, and just need to let go before we can see what’s really going on. If the parts aren’t fitting together, let’s examine our assumptions and open up to a fresh view as Mercury trines Chiron underneath a truth-loving Sagittarius Moon.

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