Starcodes horoscopes for October 15 – 21, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for October 15 – 21, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We can be mesmerized by golden, floating falling leaves but may see the world through an intuitive, sometimes confusing, hazy-thinking drift as the Sun, Mercury and Mars aspect Neptune this week.

This haze can work for us or against us depending on how we roll with it. Maybe we just need some extra sleep and a nice walk in the autumnal sunshine. Our dream world can receive a real jolt from mars, like the effect of a bull in a bookstore, our dream images may be jumbled and alive, our psyche feel tossed about.

But Neptune can dissolve the old forms of whatever it symbolically touches; this week and next as active Mars squares Neptune, this ability can help us dissolve old angers and pains and bury the hatchet. We are offered this gift, this opportunity to let go of violence or tension caused by spiritual or philosophic differences, and empower those who once felt like victims, a shadow side of Neptune.

Venus is now retrograde in Scorpio and turning over the loam of our soul, working with the Mars/Neptune aspect to take us into the past for better or worse. They offer healing as so many people respond to recent teen suicides and reach into their past to share stories of their most desolate moments teetering on the edge, and the joy they found afterwards when they chose life instead.

From this square we may also be able to notice and let go of an old pattern of avoidance and find a new way to face our problem peacefully. Or find that our motivations, our old reasons for doing what we do, also dissolve, and now we need to search for fresh inspiration.

The Sun and Mercury are running together in friendly Libra and helping us find good words. But with Venus and Mars still in very private Scorpio, we may still need to keep some things to ourselves, conversation about what’s going on in the world is easy, conversation about what’s going on inside ourselves more guarded because those rivers now run so deep. But when the conversation does turn personal, it can dive deep into the wells of the soul.

The mood is generally thoughtful, compassionate if not particularly expressive, and we appreciate the self-sufficiency of others. But some people who define themselves by their anger may cling to it all the more fervently when they are asked to let go. If we’re ticked off we can think really nasty responses, though most of us are too kind and wise to speak them, we can watch this play out in some truly negative political campaigning. If we feel that vindictive whip come up in ourselves, it will pay to walk off the mood until we can refine our comments to pointed and incisive instead of mean.

Neptune can also speak of toxins, poisons, liquids, and waters, so watch for new evidence and anger around water pollution worldwide. Any energy we put into pollution control now will be useful as people are easily roused and unusually responsive.

The week starts out in the haze and cloud of imagination as Mercury and the Sun trine Neptune; we are highly sensitive, moody and impressionable midweek under a Pisces Moon, a great time to dream of those new directions. But the mood activates and our bodies want to move towards the end of the week as Mars trines Jupiter and the Moon grows full in Aries.

Friday, Oct 15: The mood is determined and a little difficult, but can change if we make an effort steer our attention as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Uranus. Practical metamorphosis possible this morning, meetings take work but bode well midday. Afternoon is more collaborative as the Moon enters Aquarius. Evening is sociable but not intimate, enjoy the group but people will need to process their work issues as they unwind for the weekend.

Saturday, Oct 16: Cozy up with familiar habits this morning. Balance community responsibilities with a personal need for free time as the Moon trines Saturn. Our timing can be out of synch this afternoon, so don’t take it personally if we don’t get the rhythm. This evening we won’t want conflict but would like to share experience and enjoy rich cultural fruit as the Sun and Mercury conjuncts in Libra. Politics and art mix, but save confrontation for another time.

Sunday, Oct 17: Overnight tension can leave us with strange dreams. We can feel the healing power of the collective in any spiritual or familial gatherings this morning, so let’s open the circle and gather together for good cause as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius. Include people but honor their boundaries, because our personal sense of privacy is still strong. Spiritual and philosophical questions test us to walk our talk this afternoon. Tonight, we need the safety to be a puddle as the Moon enters Pisces.

Monday, Oct 18: Like the fable of the Princess and the Pea, our inner sensitivities are turned up but have trouble keeping input in proportion as Mercury and the Sun trine permeable Neptune. Our intuition may be accurate, but our interpretation off, our imagination bursts with creativity but not with practicality. Pull out the art supplies but watch the tendency to filter the information coming in through hopes and fears. Don’t let feelings get hurt by other people’s prickles tonight; they’re probably just feeling self protective.

Tuesday, Oct 19: Take the path of least resistance to make the most progress. Impressions deepen and a new, if non-rational understanding opens–if we look for it as– the Sun trines Neptune. We can either just hang out and float, or we can work with this flow to manifest an aspect of our dream. Self-expression is enthusiastic but can go overboard; defend the underdog and listen through any drama for the real feelings underneath. Good advice is available from people with no agenda in our lives; ask for it and use it. If we can let a burden go, evening is optimistic as Moon conjuncts Jupiter.

Wednesday, Oct 20: If  we look for opportunities, unexpected events can bring positive changes this morning as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Uranus. Midday, the mood winds up, grows competitive and edgy; no one wants to lose as the Moon enters Aries. While it’s time to initiate new work, it may be best to be patient on an old problem. As we get started, let’s stay self-directed rather than get distracted in reaction to others’ paradigms. Hurt feels trigger us easily around dinner. Tonight, if the mood gets feisty, get out and get the energy moving as Mars trines Jupiter.

Thursday, Oct 21: Early delays can be irritating, but then a spirit of enterprise and adventure fills the air. We may be tired of behaving; if so, we need safe and creative ways to act out as the Moon waxes in Aries and Venus sesqui-squares Jupiter. It’s hard to talk about the deepest inner workings but we can make a scene about some lighter subject. We want to take action about what’s bothering us, but need to work with a short, if intense, attention span; we can easily overshoot the mark or drop the ball if we lose focus.

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