Starcodes horoscopes for October 14 – 20, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for October 14 – 20, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Tempers swirl with the winds, so we can expect blustering storms on the campaign trail, but don’t need to invite that attitude to our dinner table. Halloween approaches, the winds pick up and bring in the cool scent of autumn while the week’s astrology brings in challenge and charge. Let’s get grounded and ready to make the most of sudden opportunity hidden in the challenges.

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The weekend starts under a wild and howl-worthy full Moon in Aries, a full Moon that brings out our inner adolescent, our desire to act out and rebel. Mercury opposes Pluto, and we see the power of words. We can also battle with our own discouragement and depression and may need a change of scene two clear our palette and come back to what truly matters to us.

This full Moon can turn up our temper and snappy comebacks. We speak out. It can also turn up our inner desires so we can’t ignore them, so we remember what lights our fires and gets us motivated, what gives us health and energy. A moment of spontaneity, a chance to hear our inner calling, can do us a world of good.

This need for authenticity and spontaneity continues as Venus leaves brooding, potentially resentful Scorpio and enters honest, outspoken Sagittarius on Sunday. While this Venus can help us forgive and find the humor in our situation, we’ll need this more relaxed, freewheeling Venus in Sagittarius to deal with an intense Mars-Pluto conjunction on Wednesday, a tempestuous aspect that can amp up our bravery, willfulness and won’t power. It can help us tackle a task, but it may cause some people just to tackle randomly, and engage in a fight for fight’s sake.

Life can take on a Star Wars quality, the (Mars-Pluto) force is with us, but will we use if for good, or for the dark side. This fresh determination comes at a time of questionable judgment as informative Mercury, arbiter of the consensus thinking process (and now in egalitarian Libra), opposes erratic, electrical Uranus next week and can shake things up. This opposition can bring shocking news or sudden irrational decisions, problems with electrics and transportation, and can also just make us generally nervous. Expect an escalation in the outrageous comments in this year’s political scene.

Now this combination of a full moon in impulsive Aries with Mars conjunct Pluto force as Mercury first squares Pluto and then opposes Uranus loaning erratic thinking and rationality could produce some truly volatile events. It can help us break out of a rut or reverse our opinions, but be wary of snap decisions. While most of us will direct this into positive channels and can make interesting changes in our lives, though we may have to negotiate a few small skirmishes, this lineup can fray already fractured psyches and add fuel to conflict already in the works.

And on a pragmatic level, storms of all types can break down infrastructure and make communication and travel difficult both over the weekend, and through Wednesday. If the bridge, road, or electrical wire looks sketchy, stay away.

So towards the end of the week, let’s keep our eyes on problematic tension points, take the time to think through our decisions and their logical outcomes, and use our willpower and force for good. And above all, stay safe.

Friday, October 14: Energy builds under a waxing Aries Moon, though we can use it to confront a problem rather than confront one another. We have energy and can concentrate on what interests us, but may have an unusually hard time dealing with rote or boring tasks. A levelheaded Mercury-Saturn sextile helps us direct this energy with sanity midday, though the Moon calls us to howl tonight. Make is safely wild night.

Moon trine Venus 1:13 AM, Moon enters Aries 9:08 AM, Mercury sextiles Saturn 12:46 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:33 PM.

Saturday, October 15: This is a tricky and volatile full Moon, we can use the energy to accomplish and change if we harness our discontent constructively. Be kind to one another during a wave of depression or discouragement or worry this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury and both square Pluto. If feeling overwhelmed, break down the mass of problems and do just one thing to make a difference. And then another. Pour this energy into a one-time project and get it done. But don’t expect progress on the same old same old. See the problem clearly as thoughtful Mercury squares Pluto, but stay hopeful; consider staying away from volatile situations or be willing get in there and help. Think through the consequences before confronting or making long-term decisions.

Sun opposed Uranus 4:43 AM, Moon square Mars 4:54 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:46 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 7:52 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:19 AM, Mercury square Pluto 8:29 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 9:11 PM, Moon opposed Sun 10:23 PM.

Sunday, October 16: We can feel tired, overworked, like we’re crashing from five espressos this morning, because we are dealing with the post Full moon crash and the fallout of yesterday’s aspects. Make this a day of rest, grounding, healing, adjusting and adapting as the Moon enters earthy Taurus and brings us back to our bodies. We may feel the physical toll of recent efforts, our gardening our physical plants are nest and our bodies need attention.

Moon enters Taurus 9:04 AM.

Monday, October 17: We can be a little slower off the mark this morning, may want to indulge our senses and have a delicious breakfast first, particularly if we feel drained or overextended by the weekend. It’s good to stay grounded and embodied this week because so much is going on. The pressure of Mars as it approaches Pluto can push us and leave us depressed if we don’t feel momentum building. Volatile situations build up pressure. But if we can get the ball rolling, begin to move on our important work, we can feel the satisfaction of momentum building comfortably.

Moon sextile Neptune 12:07 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:39 AM, Moon trine Pluto 8:46 AM.

Tuesday, October 18: A burden lifts and energy shifts as Venus enters more upbeat Sagittarius and the Moon enters verbal Gemini. We can talk about what’s bothering us, communicate, file briefs and get the word out, and this can take some of the pressure. It furthers to communicate with diplomatic but radical honesty.

Venus enters Sagittarius 1:00 AM, Moon enters Gemini 8:29 AM, Moon opposed Venus9:09 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:10 PM, Moon square Neptune 10:46 PM.

Wednesday, October 19: Issues come to a head and declarations and decisions are made as Mars conjuncts Pluto in determined Capricorn. Watch out for pushy people, sidestep and diffuse where possible, save confrontations for the essentials, but let’s not be pushed where we do not want to go. Strategize, organize, and manifest. But use will power with compassion and empathy. Keep the long game in mind and sidestep unnecessary tension. It may be necessary to hear other peoples’ discontent; we don’t need to take it on, but they need room to express and feel heard.

Mars conjunct Pluto 5:22 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 5:39 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:58 PM, Moon sex tile Uranus 8:49 PM.

Thursday, October 20: Look for change of minds, change of scene, change of mood as Mercury opposes Uranus. This unsettled nervy day can make us feel insecure or uncertain as the Cancer Moon calls for more protective circumstances. Adjust in ways that are not defensive, but are protective of soul and hearth.

Mercury opposed Uranus 1:48 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:16 AM, Moon enters Cancer 9:28 AM.

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