Starcodes horoscopes for October 13 – 19, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for October 13 – 19, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Friday the 13th, known to be lucky for some, unlucky for others; we can choose how we want to react to the day. As far as astrology is concerned, we always have choice. Every astrological aspect has a positive expression, a pragmatic form, and a challenge. Like a river, we can’t stop the aspects, but we can direct which way that river flows. A positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger.

It can be harder to find the hidden sunshine when difficult aspects tap dance right on our chart, but a positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger. Which is why a good astrologer will always provide you a range of experiences for any may any astrological pattern.

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Over the last few weeks we had some very difficult aspects that shook up the headlines, but many people could and did use them make positive changes. This week we have some lovely aspects that support both sanity and change, but some people can use even these to create trouble. It’s our choice.

The Sun and Mercury in are now in Libra and encourage us to search for love, make peace with one another, seek equilibrium and social justice. We really appreciate people being nice to one another and it will scrape our sensitive nerves more than usual when people are not. These two planets oppose change master Uranus this week, an aspect they form once a year, though usually not so tightly together. Uranus encourages us to break out of a rut and try something new and fresh, stimulate us to change our minds and tackle current information if we put it to good use. If we resist change, we can find ourselves having to think fast and adapt on the run anyway. This aspect can keep us moving and the extra danger of wind changes or unexpected twists of fate to already dangerous situations. For most of us this Uranian energy just leaves us tired or wired, or just ready to be done with one gear and shift into another.

A gregarious, generally cordial Leo Moon on Friday and Saturday encourages us to pry ourselves out of our usual paths and interact, reflect with others. Everybody may need a little extra attention under the Leo moon. Venus enters her own artistic, creative, longing for connection sign of Libra on Saturday and can help let us let go of a recent critical edge and reach out to one another. Mercury and Mars both aspect Chiron, the asteroid we associate with healing, this week which encourages us to compare what we’re going through now to problems we’ve experienced before, remember what we worked last time, and help us figure and how can we apply that hard-earned knowledge now. Whether we’re recovering from a hurricane, fire, scandal, health crisis, or an old emotional pattern, the trick will be to actually learn from our past.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday and as Mars forms an irritating in conjunct with Uranus. Old resentments can flare, so keep an eye for safety and know when to back away from a confrontation. Our attitude and focus sharpens and we’re asked to look in to the next layer deeper within ourselves, deeper within the problems in our society. Curb snappy rejoinders or quick anger flares, sparks to start a fire, and are usually just an effort to ease our own discomfort by seeking blame. That won’t really get at the issues that need work.

Thursday’s new Libra Moon encourages us to start a fresh cycle in relationships, first by assessing what we appreciate and then assessing what we need to do differently to create different outcomes. Start a membership drive or community outreach. This is not time to fault find others, but to choose new ways of interacting, everywhere from our love life to our political policies or community collaborations.

Friday, October 13: Notice drama, some headlines will be operatically real, others just a melodrama. Feel the tension between unfinished workloads and a desire to get out there and socialize; if we toggle between the two of them, or socialize as we work, we can get a lot done as Venus finishes its stint in Virgo. It’s easy to bond over criticizing, easy to feel righteous or indignant, fun even. But our bonds grow deeper if we share our heart and our enthusiasm instead. It’s a great night for an art opening or creative fundraiser.

Moon enters Leo at 12:41 AM, Moon square Jupiter 1:43 AM.

Saturday, October 14: This is not a day to stay home and do chores, though we want to make the world beautiful as Venus enters Libra, beautiful in mind, body, and spirit. Morning stirs up some melancholic reviews, an assessment of recent damages inspires action. Midday can be practical and intriguing, strangers can meet across a crowded room. Tonight, we need something fresh and different as the Leo Moon trines exciting Uranus, but can feel our nerves winding up.

Venus enters Libra 4:11 AM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 7:48 AM, Moon sex tile Sun 2:33 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:10 PM, Moon sex tile Mercury 11:06 PM, Moon trine Uranus 11:27 PM.

Sunday, October 15: We may be ready to change our minds today based on the impact of recent events as review and after reviewing our own personal history. Something feels like it is lacking as Mercury opposes Uranus, and it can electrify our nervous system, change our plans, or just help us change our minds. As Mars opposes Chiron we may feel the need to tend to an old problem and see if we can make a difference.

Mercury opposed Uranus 1:51 AM, Moon enters Virgo 5:18 AM, Mars opposes Chiron 6:27 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 7:14 AM.

Monday, October 16: Notice last night’s dreams, which can follow us into our days as the Moon opposed Neptune last night. Let’s reassess what was possibilities we are willing to take on and re-conceive of our self as more competent while the Sun sex tiles Saturn under a busy Virgo Moon. Don’t waste time worrying about how others are handling their responsibilities, let’s take concrete steps, no matter how small, towards the work we want.

Moon opposed Neptune 2:31 AM, Sun sextile Saturn 5:13 AM, Moon trine Pluto 11:44 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:23 PM.

Tuesday, October 17: Get serious today Mercury enters Scorpio. It furthers to have something to buckle down on and complete. If we don’t feel were making progress we can get furious quickly as Mars quincunx Uranus. Watch for an accident-prone patch if ticked off, find a constructive outlet for a critical spirit and suspicion that is atmospheric. If it we have completed a recent assignment, it’s time to assess our next goal.

Mercury enters Scorpio 1:58 AM, Moon opposes Chiron 3:02 AM, Mars quincunx Uranus 4:02 AM, the Moon conjunct’s Mars 5:26 AM, the Moon enters Virgo 11:34 AM, Moon conjunct’s Venus 7:56 PM.

Wednesday, October 18: Healing, rapprochement, reach hands across the aisle as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and approaches the sun. Make alliances and get to work. Bittersweet longing for more peace and love, more beauty and fairness will make bring out the cynicism in some and the desire for connection and others. Overtures of cooperation are deeply appreciated. But we’ll resent quickly if we feel our sincere feelings are being traded upon for another person’s benefit.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter 2:54 AM, Sun quincunx Chiron 6:05 AM, Moon square Pluto 7:02 PM.

Thursday, October 19: Change in thought creates change in action or change in identity as the Sun opposes Uranus. Some can make radical shifts, for better or worse. Let’s contemplate what good changes we want on this vibrant new Moon in Libra.

Moon opposed Uranus 1:04 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 1:11 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 7:40 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:40 PM.

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